Get to used to tacky movie/book stolen blog titles: Eat (SF sour dough bread) Pray (I survive the 12 hour flight) Love (will I ever find it?)


On your mark. Get set….

That is how I have been feeling for the past 6 months: simply waiting in anticipation for the gun to go off or the buzzer to ring. As hard as the journey to getting to this point has been, the next 6 days will be the ultimate test of endurance…this all coming from someone who nearly died after swimming 900 meters in a chlorinated swimming pool.

But aside from that, my Teaching Abroad Journey is inching closer to the actual reality of it.  No longer am I frustrated with the “when will I get there” and “should I even bother anymore.”Now it has all evolved into “what do I pack” and “how the hell am I going to survive a 12 hour flight in a middle seat of a gargantuan airbus without some serious medication?!!!” I’m now starting to rethink that idea of noise canceling headphones…and I just will pretend I didn’t see that price.

I have no idea who the hell would read some blog about an English teacher who spent 7 years in college and managed to pass Math 101 with a D, but if there is anyone out there with even the slightest chance that they too know the insanity that I have endured over the last 6 months, I implore you to feel better about yourself by reading about…myself.

Anyway my next 6 days involves visiting friends, packing, collecting files, packing, spending time with family, packing and spending the most amount of time with my Logan.

He’s my favorite thing in the entire world and I don’t know how I will survive without him.  Yes I just happen to be one of those people who are so obsessed with their dogs that when their dogs leave the room for a minute or so….you say “I miss him.” Or you don’t want to stay out too late because he needs you at home.  Or you dress him up in a coat when it’s under freezing despite being 55lbs (60 when he gets too many treats) and having a double coat. But other than that I am a completely well balanced dog lady.

This blog is actually named after him-he’s a white and black border collie/aussie shep mix-basically a border collie with a nub tail and thicker front legs.  I will miss him very much of every single day.  It is going to be very hard to say goodbye to someone I’ve known his whole life for an entire year.

Battling with missing Logan, I am trying to look forward to some down time in San Francisco prior to Korea.  I have always been a fan of sour dough bread and am looking forward to trying some out in the airpot.  While I won’t have a large amount of time there I do appreciate the ability to shower and sleep on a bed before embarking on sure to be the worst flight I will ever go on.

So that’s it for now: beginning the quest, my rant about my obsession with my dog, and trying to look forward to SF.

While the next few days will be a blur, I do find it somewhat therapeutic to write all this down-though as an English major I am refraining myself from editing this too much otherwise this would never be “published” and wind up being really boring an essay like.

Anyway I figure I should have a signature catchphrase like “Make it so” or “Get ‘er done” (probably not that) ….but I can’t think because I spent about 6 hours booking EVERYTHING. So until next time 🙂