An Unexpected Journey (through every emotion known to mankind)


10968334_10203844843821425_1180258026691436736_n[1]Well I have been in korea for a week as of yesterday.  A week ago I had nothing in my apartment-like I couldn’t even go to the bathroom because I had no TP (wtf). Now I am sitting…ok laying on my now comfy bed (thank you two layers of foam egg crate), well fed (and surprisingly well balanced) from a home made meal, and warm…ish.

As I await my friend Emily to whisk me away to laundry and a LOTR marathon I shall reflect on the past week.

Buckle your seat belts because…well as Treasure would say when i told her I don’t use a seatbelt.”we don’t want to have to scrape you off the windshield.” my best friend ladies and gentlemen.

so I guess we left off with san fran! the flight over was bad-6 hours on the plane with no food, hard ass seats and smushed into the window seat.  come to find we have landed in LA. in my mind LAX was bright and beautiful at least that is how all the shows make it seem. NOT! i was trapped in my terminal with one small food plaza and a pan pizza and an ice tea costing me 20$. oh hell no!!!

this i vow, I will never live in LA and I will never complain about anything costing a lot in baltimore ever again.

once that fiasco was short lived thanks to the modern family LAX episode (Lies!) I hopped a short ride over to san fran and wow. the first thought was….my ski parka was way to heavy for the 60 degree weather! i’m sure the locals thought i was nuts out in shorts and a light sweater for a night on the town but coming from 0 degree weather…well yeah duh!

so san fran.  I wish i could have seen you in the light.  I got to see where the reigning champs played (for those of you who seem to be confused as to who they are and what they are the champs of…clearly you might be following the wrong blog (ok ok san fran giants world champs baseball-see how nice i am)), the gravity defying hills, and some of those town houses that seemed to resemble a lot of 90’s movie/tvshows-charmed, full house, mrs doubtfire i’m looking at you.

In my mind SF was ok because yes while I did overshoot my stop by 15 stops, and had to take an expensive taxi home, I still could communicate and my phone still worked.  it was like a mini vacation but I had to remember that i was not going back home.

Fast forward to the next day…the airport…the huge ass plane.  Normally I think anyone’s emotions would have been a minefield of WWII. However I had already been out of it leaving BWI so somehow, I was calm and collected.

Walking past those business class seats made the little green envious monster pop up because damn they were nice.  My seat was the next cabin behind business about the fourth row back and smart me I “checked in” the night before and wound up with a middle aisle seat.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: if you ever had the choice to sit anywhere on a 3-3-3 plane choose the middle three and choose the aisle-not only is it an aisle but the middle person has the choice to make you or the other person move when they want to get up, and trust me everyone is getting up.

It was surprisingly comfy! Right away warm towels, a toothbrush and paste bag, givenchy socks and blankets, a pillow, headset…i mean i have been to resorts and hotels but I have never seen service like this…unreal.  This kept up the entire trip-you felt like you were in first class the entire ride. water and OJ ever hour, two really good meals, trash collector…and so many movies i didn’t get to watch all of them.  I did however manage to watch : 2 episodes of downton abby, 2 modern family episodes, mutant ninja teenage turtles (don’t ask), mockingjay, and another one i forget.  I wanted to watch like three others (maze runner how could i forget you) but IRONIC there wasn’t enough time in the 13 hour plane ride from heaven.

Landed and easily went through customs but then the hassle came-carting 100lbs of baggage…and three suitcases.

I managed to find the shuttle to my hotel and come to find…it would be the introduction to the rest of my new life in korea.  Bed hard as a rock, heat in floor no central air, no carpet, and plebeian bathroom.  If only I had known what was going to come.

The next day picked up and whisked away to my school where I met my principal and co teachers.  Then they took me to my new apartment…aka what i saw as hell.  I didn’t want to be rude and I can live with small but….not only is it old but it’s korean old. AKA heating in floor, hot water heater that doesn’t work so well, no AC, bed on floor every fear come true.

My new shitty place combined with a sudden overwhelming amount of loneliness I put my sheets on my bed, crawled in and sobbed for an hour.  I thought to myself I may never get up or out of the this bed-literally I was sinking into a depression.  I fantasied about ways I could leave-call a cab, buy a plane ticket back home.

All I can say is luck or God or both.  Lucky I had met Emily this summer at our teaching class.  Lucky I kept in contact with her.  Lucky I was moving right near her in Korea. If it hadn’t been for Emily letting me stay at her home I might have never come out of that room again.

She knew that had nothing-no comforter, no TP, nothing.  So she graciously allowed me to spend the night, cooked me dinner and gave me a warm comfy bed.  The next day she took me shopping for all the things I would need.

Of course I can’t not mention her amazing husband Rob.  I was a little hesitant that he might be annoyed that I was invading their home, but he has been so nice and gracious and kind.

They have been like friend/parents-taking care of me and helping me set up my apartment like parents would and feeding me.

You don’t find such lovely and amazing people like this everyday but damn the world would be such an amazing place if you did.

Now its been a week and I’m settled in roughly.  Though some moments are harder than others I’m getting into a routine and I find that school has helped me a lot-getting me out of the apartment and with the weather looking up, jogging may be closer than I thought.

Next week will focus more on school and students but yes this has been my emotion journey of the past week.  I hoped you enjoyed your trip and please come again!!

Next time on: The Real Black and White Dog Archives of Korea (yes I love real housewives get over it) hormonal fifth graders, cute first graders, and the brat that called my dog “delicious” in Korean and thought he could get away with it because I don’t speak Korean.


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