Hard Month’s Night

Daycare students-very cute!

Daycare students-very cute!

my smartest fifth grade class

my smartest fifth grade class

I hope that people will get the title.  I feel if you are like at least 40 or older, you should, or if you happen to be one of 2010 hipsters still around that needs to learn to GTFO. If not, it is a nod to the timeless Beatles movie “Hard Day’s Night” which I will be honest turned myself a previously Beatle hating lonely person into a “Bought the entire physical collection of albums and movies” kind of person.  Yes I ate my words big time.

Last time, I said I would talk about my hormonal fitth graders, adorable first graders and bad students.

Though it has been longer than a week (I make no apologies) not too much has changed. I have decided that blogging at school is the easiest thing for me to do and starting tomorrow I will blog every Friday morning due to the nature of my classes.

Getting right into the entire reason why I am even in Korea, TEACHING.

One might think it’s natural that a young and beautiful 25 year old single lady would love children.  Clearly that “one” never came in contact with me.

As an only child growing up I was lucky and didn’t have to share my parents or dog with anyone else.  It is probably the reason why I struggled with sharing to be honest.

Children and I have never really connected.  They are messy and loud and act out and you can’t smack them to make them shut up.  I know what you’re all thinking-she’s crazy.  But it’s not just me.  Children for some reason always avoided me and loved my friends.

For instance my best friends Treasure and Savannah are obsessed with kids (well Treasure is NOW).  One year we all went to Universal Studios for Spring Break.  The two of them proceeded to see all the adorable children and say out loud “Oh he’s so cute. I WANT TO STEAL HIM.”  Ladies, do you know where we are??! Needless to say I informed them that saying those words in an amusement park, one of the largest in the country, was not the best thing.

But I digress.  Back to my teaching.

First Day: It didn’t go so well.  I was nervous, and felt out of place.  30 kids stared at me.  I had my co teacher who can seem a little scary and she keeps the kids in line.  Any notions I had about teaching and children went out the window.

As the week progressed and I got more comfortable with the lesson, I began to relax and have fun.  I felt more confident and soon I realized they were still 10 year olds who aren’t completely uninterested in rewards, games and their teacher being funny.

By Thursday I felt pretty good.  I felt as if I had a handle on my lesson.

The following week I began to get a sense of which classes were lower level speaking, which ones had a tendency to talk, which ones were well behaved etc.

I also got to start my daycare class.  I never really  cared for children before.  Until now.  They are so cute and entertained by videos and stickers it’s too cute for words. Yes they have temper tantrums and yes they can act out but for the most part they are cute and much easier to deal with than hormonal pre pubescent fifth graders who want to be anywhere else than English class.


This week has been challenging.  The lesson is rushed due to having a test the last 30 min of class.  For some this isn’t a problem, but those who already are a lower level, it seems to have a negative effect on them and they start talking.

This has been the “talking week from hell” even some of my best classes have talked themselves into taking away poins and “negative” points.  I am attributing it to the nice weather outside.

It is a week like this that even my coteacher Yeong Jun notices and says things like “You seem tired.”  Yes, refraining from stiking some of my students with the inflatable hammer seen in “Weekly Idol” is tiresome.

Despite what many of you think corproal punishment is no longer allowed in Korean Public school.  Though one of my older co workers seems to miss it. We threaten them with “Kkam Ji” which I am guessing is some sort of writing lines.

Now with that out of the way, onto more intersting stuff.

This weekend I am going to hang out with Emily and Rob.  Rob has his softball team and Emily and I are going to get manicures and waxing because, this unibrow and lip hair is not becomming no matter where you are.

We are also going to Osan which is North of where we are to go shopping as well.

Then to continue on we will sit down and have a Hobbit marathon this time.  Excited!!

Now Emily has offered her services to me on her journey to becoming a personal trainer.  She has worked up a diet and exercise plan for me.  But I have to keep a food journal.  Blah.  I tried to keep one of those one time and it didn’t work out so well.  But I was able to lose about 40lbs in 6 months last time I was dedicated so here’s to losing another 40 at least.

Unfortunetly her dog has cancer and there isn’t much she can do while he’s in America.  Having gone through a similar situation with Calvin (Logan’s predecessor) I know how draining and mind consuming something like this can be so I am determined to make sure she has a fun weekend.


The weather was rainy and cold yesterday but it seems to have brought warm and lovely weather today.  I guess because most Koreans have a body fat percentage of 2 everyone is still wearing jackets and long pants while I personally feel like I could wear shorts and a t shirt.  Or…maybe because I was used to such freezing cold tempreatures that I now am a little off kilter when feeling the actual temperature.  That could be it. Let’s hope so.

I realize this blog has been less funny and more boring but now that I got the boring part out of the way next blog will hopefully be more interesting.  Now that I have  a set schduele I have managed to find a time to blog.

So here’s to next time.

Next time on The Real Black and White Dog Archives of Korea: (aka tomorrow) How my lunch is always provided and amazing, my new makeup routine in the morning, the first day of Spring and the ever long debate: should I dye my hair?


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