To B(lack) or Not to B(londish brown)?


It’s Friday! Friday gotta get down on Friday! Everbody looking forward to  the weekend, weekend!


Yes I went there. Why? Because as annoying as that song was and still is, it does bring up fond memories of the beginnings of college.

Sitting in the basement of CAT: Center for Automation Technology as  Criminal Justice major waiting for my “History of Western Civilization 101”.  Needless to say, obviously “Friday” was great in more ways than one.


I said I would mention my new makeup routine, my lunch and….something else that now I don’t remember..oh that’s right it is in the title of this article!!!


So getting down to business.  I have never been that great at applying makeup. Why? Because I have teeny monolid eyes which is the great nemisis to eye shadow.  I spent most of my days packing on the eye liner.  But then I grew up, saw that I could wear eye shadow and ta da! Now I even have a make up routine in the morning.

For those of you who aren’t aware Korea is a very physical apperacne driven place.  Think high school, but it never ends.  Having a small face, having an even smaller body, and then having large eyes and there you have it.  What every Korean woman strives for and if it is not natural than well you are in the plastic capital of the world.

Now I’m not knocking plastic surgery.  In fact I have plans to even have the double lid surgery.  It would make my life and make up routine a hell of a lot easier.

I’ve always had jobs that require me to be “dirty”.  No not like that you small minded crotch grabbing men.  I have been in the animal business and I loved it.  I got to wear jeans and sneakers and spent so much time physically moving all day.  From kennel cleaning to bathing to walking to feeding, there was no reason to even wear makeup because inevitably it would just sweat off and then I would end up looking like that lady in the painting with the face melting (clearly I am not an art fan and I’m happy to say that).

But for the first time I get to wear nice business casual clothes, wear makeup and the real kicker, have a manicure! To some people this might seem crazy, but to me it’s a miracle.  I don’t have to worry about chipping off my manicure on locking a kennel door or filling my entire left half of a nail off with a dremel.  It’s the small things in life that really do it.


Now onto to lunch.  I’ve always hated packing lunch.  Microwaves are weird and thing just don’t taste right when they come out of there.

But here, not only do I get to have lunch cooked fresh but IT”S ALL KOREAN! It’s always some variety of rice, soup, kimchi, vegetable and fruit or drink.  It’s always good, some days more than others, but you don’t feel heavy or full afterwards.  Yesterday was bibimbap and yes I was in heaven.  It’s nice because my co teacher told me the entire lunch is approved by the government.  If I don’t lost weight eating Korean lunch every week but the weekend, then something must be clearly wrong with me.

Now onto the question of the season: It is officially Spring, should I dye my hair light brown or stay black?

I have heard horror stories of people’s hair turning orange or a weird shade of half blonde.  My friend Sarah reassured me that because I have “korean hair” I should be fine.  I like to change my hair color at least three or four times a year-I know it’s unhealthy.

I was going to wait for warmer weather (and more money to come in) before I make my decision. But warm weather is here today, and I will be getting my first paycheck within the next week.  So I guess I no longer have an excuse?  Knowing me I will debate about it, think about it, and then one random day I will decide to do it.


Next time on The Real Black and White Dog Archives of Korea: diet plans suck, review of the new Cinderella movie, my adventure at the korean bank where I watched the bank teller pull out an english dictionary of bank terms and it was cute.


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