Semi-Charmed City


Due to the violent protests that now have broken out in my home city of Baltimore, MD, and being so far away from it, I haven’t been able to really wrap my head and feelings around it.

Yes when I was living in America I followed the two previous cases, but I never thought that the rioting and violent protesting would happen in Baltimore.

While listening to this rather stirring piece of music I decided to put my thoughts and feelings down into writing.  now I’m not saying i’m a poet or writer of any great magnitude, but it helped me put my head in a place where I no longer feel frazzeled by the events going on. So if it’s helps anyone even a little bit than it’s done it’s job.

It was written to the song “De Wolfe Music Elation 1”


Semi-charmed City


So far from home,

it feels like I can’t control,

the fear and the anger abroad shaking my old world.


A life I once knew,

I never saw the truth,

for it seemed like nothing new, but how it’s changed.


Unable to see.

How could this be?

The same question echoes with no one left to hear.


Here in this life,

can’t sanctify

the pain and sadness of those who now are gone.


Destroying a city, won’t change it.

Hitting your friends, won’t mend it.

Abandoning all hope, will always let fear win.


Those who believe,

please try to see

every life is worth so much more than hate.


Shattered and lost.

Divided and shamed.

Alone and broken apart are who we are.


What can I do, I’m useless?

Too far away to help you.

Stand by your side is all that I could have done


Be strong and survive this time.

We must get past this with help.

Allow healing into your life and try to move on.


Gather together to create

and learn to forgive each other

for the future you want your children to live to see.



But now it’s clear.

And now it’s here.

There’s no use ignoring

What has become….


…of my hometown.

Where those whom I love

still linger in the darkness that will pass.


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