Hey now, Hey Now, Don’t Dream Concert is over


This post is entirely dedicated to the insane KPOP weekend I just had-a full Dream Concert experience, MYNAME concert, as well as travelling to Gangnam to see “pandas” and then learning that what you eat really does affect you skin, stomach- entire condition. If you really don’t care about KPOP I would strongly suggest you skip this post…because it’s about to GDFR ūüôā

I can’t believe it! ¬†After over a month of waiting, Dream concert finally happened on Saturday!

This past weekend has been so crazy that it’s insaneness(pretty sure that’s not a word) has now leaked over into the week. I’ve almost completely adjusted back to normal-I think my 14 hour jet lag wasn’t even this messed up.

So where to begin….let’s begin with the fact that me being me left packing to Friday night. So I was up later than I intended while still needing to catch my train that left at 9, which meant I had to leave my apartment by 820…which meant I had to wake up at 730…..that didn’t happen.

For the first time in a while I had to take a taxi to the station. I like taking the taxi because it drops me off closer to the station and allows me to leave whenever I want-it’s not that much more expensive but I have been pretty frugal lately.

I knew that the train was going to be nuts which is why I bought my ticket a week in advance-with dream concert, jazz festival and buddha’s birthday seoul was crazy busy! But I never thought it would take me 5 minutes to battle people to get to my seat (yes I did enter on the wrong side of the train car and had to basically go from one end to the other) but with my roller suitcase and get well poster present for W I felt like the Hulk-and not in a good way.

But once I finally got to my seat I was so grateful that I made the reservation. I however did not book one for the way home. I had no clue what time I would be leaving on Monday. I couldn’t really focus because I had so much adreniline that I kind of zoned out during the train ride.

Because W was taking the slow train I had an hour or so to kill. So I went to the airport line (it’s so far downstairs-you take like 3 or 4 separate super long escalators) and took it over to Hongdae, put my suitcase in a locker and then headed to the World cup stadium. I was not about to drag my suitcase all over Seoul, despite it being much lighter at the time.

At first I was concerened because I couldn’t get a hold of our friend J and I didn’t know what exit to come out of (see previous posts for the stupidty that is exiting our of Korean metro) but I soon found that all I had to do was follow the hoardes of teenage girls. My fears of getting lost vanished the moment I stepped off the train and witnessed over 100 girls sprinting to the exit.

I knew that it was going to be crazy but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I would see. Lines so long you couldn’t see the end or the beginning, a ton vendors giving out free stuff, so many people, merch everywhere etc.

It was my first time at the World Cup Stadium. I had been trying several times to make it out there only to be reminded by W that we would be going for Dream concert…..duh!

The stadium itself is huge. The sheer size is impressive. But the complex outside is rather large as well so once again the fear of wandering lost hit again.

I must have looked pretty stupid wandering around. But I was already dying. Mornings and evenings are cooler here in Korea, but during the day it’s like the desert. I had worn jeans and a jacket so for sunburn scale I was all covered up…..on a temperature scale I was dying a slow painful death.

Finally I managed to get in line to buy W and myself lightsticks and the slogan towel (which came in super handy and saved my neck from the sun) before heading over to our other friends. They had been there at 7 am. I don’t know if I would ever be that dedicated.

W finally got to the stadium and we got our tickets and headed to our hostel to drop our stuff, check in and then rush back. Our hostel was in Hongdae so it was short ride. We stayed at the Neo Seoul hostel. Apparently it is a “foriengers” only hotel where you need to show your passport and everything.
It was nice-we shared a four person “dorm” with a bathroom. But our “roommate” was barely there and left the next day so it was basically a 2 person room-the beds were hard so I wound up sleeping on top of my comforter.

After dropping off our then light suitcases we headed back to the stadium. At this point she and I had spilt a pain bagel with cream cheese, an orange and a iced coffee. But we were both running on adrendline at that point so hunger wasn’t even on our radar. If i had only known this was the beginning of a messed up eating schduele.

When we got back to the stadium, after having lathered in SPF 50 , we wandered around a little. Because we were in the foreinges sections we were like a giant “tourist” group. We met a guy who had been all around the world and was currently in Korea with his friend. He said Las Vegas was next on his place to go.
W easily spoke with him. We found out that he was a Red Velvet super fan to which W and I both made faces. Just go listen to “Ice cream cake”….you will want to die. But he also loved 2ne1 and called Sandara Park his future ex -wife which cracked us up. Then he revealed that he was probably the only straight red velvet fan there. So much for assuming he was gay. That’s what I get.

Anyway we all ended up waiting for a while in the sun, but W and I were protected thanks to my sunscreen. After burning about a month ago after being in the sun for 2 hours, there was no way in hell I would be caught dead with out sunscreen again. I didn’t need my chest turning a lovely shade of red again. With my new hair, it would clash wonderfully.

Finally we went to our “seats”. Now as many of you I wound up spending a little more than I originally had inteneded to-and way more than any person should feel comfortable with on a concert. However…stepping out of the tunnel onto the field and looking around at the sheer size….I had a mini World Cup fantasy where I was walking out onto the field representing the USA……yeah.

The sheer size of the stadium is enough to make your head spin, but being able to stand on the field and really take in the amount of seats….it was surreal. W was entertatined at my mini soccer fan freak out.
But then things got much worse. When I saw where we were going to be….well let’s just say it was well worth the 100,00 (x3) that it was. Not only were we in the “pit” for standing, but we were surrounded by the stage, meaning we had to step up onto the stage. This also meant if there was a fire we would all die (the only reason I’m bringing this up is because they had a moment where they mentioned what to do in the case of an emergency).

With the sun going down slowly the heat of the day faded and the air become cooler. I knew this concert was going to be long, but hearing the words “3 hour concert” kind of made me wonder if I was going to be awake at the end.

The lesser known groups went first: Red Velvet, Speed, Topp Dogg, CLC-some rookie groups, some who have no yet been able to reach that major fame. Some of them were really good-like Boys Republic.

W is a super fan so she was already going a little insane but when BTS came out her sanity slowly began to unravel and it was really entertaining to watch. BTS was really good-J Hope had a dance battle with someone from GOT7. And then they performed there new song “I NEED U”.

But when BTOB came out, as W puts it “it was the beginning of the end”. BTOB performed “Wow” and “Beep Beep” I had seen them in Busan, but still it was awesome. They were amazing and did the really sweet choreography for “Beep Beep” that they didn’t do in Busan. (seriously watch their dance practice video). W and I both went a little nuts. But nothing compared to what happened next.

We were already riding a high with BTOB but then when I heard the opening for “Love Equation”…let’s just say my mind when blank because I am having a little trouble remembering it at times. I’ve been waiting to see Vixx since the Utopia concert-one of my biggest regrets (if you want to see how I stupidly ignored the first half of the concert please refer back to previous posts) so now to finally see them again…it was amazing. After “love equation” they performed “error” which isn’t one of my favorite songs by them so I was able to collect my brain and settle down a little. It was over way too soon but I knew we had a “special stage’ with Leo later on which was amazing as well.

Right after Vixx came 4minute. They were amazing! Both W and I thought Sohyun looked amazing-her body is seriously 10x better than Hyuna and we think she’s much prettier.

Other artists were SISTAR-where they did an improved dance remix of ‘Touch my Body” (thank god), EXO-I kind of tuned out during them and their insane fans who performed their newest single and “Growl”, and then the show closed with SHINee who I was pleasently surprised. Their new song was actually really good. And Onew ( I think that’s his name- I can really only tell 2 of them apart) had the cutest blue and orange striped shirt on that made him look like a little kid.

Though it was kind of obvious that EXO fans and SHINee fans were at odds with each other (and they were in the sections right next to each other) the overall reception was amazing.

If I had to categorize it-Super Concert. The line up was incredible and it gave you a mini preview of groups that maybe you didn’t know, or that you would have never bothered to see before (sorry EXO looking at you). If definetely left me looking forward to BTOB’s full length album next month, made me actually interested in SHINee’s newest single, still made me dislike EXO, and just completely made me happy that I got to enjoy VIXX fully. (and made me wish they both would take a break to prevent burnout while at the same time wanting them to make another comeback)

The concert end time: 1040-yep over 4 hours long. We all decided that we would head back to Hongdae and grab something to eat. It seems after concerts we always get chicken. By the time we go to Hongdae and found a place, it was 12 am. I had not had a real meal in over 24 hours. But i wasn’t actually that hungry….I think I was still on adrelinene at this point….until I actually had one bite of chicken…and then I realized how hungry I was. I knew I was going to regret eating fried chicken but at that point…I couldn’t have cared less.

I had been eating extremely well, exercising and drinking a ton of water. My skin had been reacting well and I felt amazing. However…that chicken not only destroyed my diet but my skin and stomach as well.

After showering, and unwinding a little with TV W and I finally fell asleep around 1 am.

The next day I woke up at 730 because my alarm clock went off. I was in and out of sleep until about 10am when I realized I couldn’t sleep anymore. We got ready for the day (it took us both an hour to get ready) and then headed out for “breakfast/lunch”. We found a really nice place in Hongdae where we had pasta and donkatsu. It was followed by much needed coffee and then we headed out to Cheongdam. W had wanted to get the new BTOB lightstick from Cube and I needed to get Hyunseung’s new album (which I have yet to put into my computer). Cube had completely renovated. Also…their drink menu.

I ordered an iced latte to keep me awake….it was about 3x the size a normal iced latte should be. It took me over 1 1/2 hours to drink which anyone who knows me, I am a fast drinker. Needless to say it kept me occupied…and then occupied for the rest of the day in bathroom.

Due to our waking up late we had to head over to Gwangnaru for the MYNAME concert. I hadn’t planned on going but deicded why the hell not. So W got her ticket and I bought mine…which wound up being 6 rows in front of her…and 6 rows from the stage.

We had some time to kill so we went to find a GS25 (like a wawa) and on our way we walked passed by a group of 5 really good looking men. I thought they were staff (they had special tags on) so we passed by them without really paying attention to them. Both W and i noticed they were staring at us as we walked by in slight confusion. Turns out…it was a famous Korean model who was good friends with one of the MYNAME members.Whoops!

I knew nothing about this group (turns out I had seen them before on tv show with VIXX and BTOB but had no clue who they were) but they put on a decent show. They had a few good songs and I learned that they were much bigger in Japan.

I sat next to a girl from Sweden whose English had me completely fooled. I knew she had an accent but I assumed she was from Northern America-Minnestoa or Wisconsin. She was very pleased to hear that I thought her English was amazing. Then she was shocked when she found out I was not a student- I was very pleased at that.

The concert went a little longer than I thought and we got out around 10pm. W and I headed back to Hongdae where we ate mung bean pancake and scorched rice for dinner at around 11ish. It was another night where we ate super late.

We got back to the hostel, both dead from the previous day and the current day’s actitivies. But somehow at 1230 we both got a second wind and were going on youtube, and tumblr and just kind of lost it. It might have been slight deprevation or exhaustion but the both of us cracked up for a solid minute when we started talking about Ravi’s real name (Wonsik…..poor guy). Then we both passed out.

The next day was check out so we had to hurry and get our stuff together by 11 am. We said out goodbyes to the resident dog who was super cute and friendly. Then we headed out to Gangnam to see the paper mache pandas. Apparently it is to raise awareness for pandas so there is one paper mache panda for every real life panda left in the world. It’s sad.

However, it took 40 minutes to reach Gangnam from Hongdae…and I was so tired that I fell asleep on the metro ride there. After we took pictures with the pandas we headed to the Dog Cafe where one of the little dogs completely fell in love with me. He plopped himself down on my lap. And when I tried to give him to W he got upset and wanted to come back to me. And when we had to leave he kept trying to jump up on me. It was so cute and sad at the same time.

But the we ran into the problem of getting back to Hongdae in time to grab our bags and still make it to Seoul station at 5. We got into Hongdae at 430 and then bascially sprinted to our hostel to pick up our bags and then to the station. I got my workout in.

I finally caught the 5 pm train which wasn’t too crowded shockingly and then made it home an hour later.

So that was my entire extended insane weekend. I’ve adjusted back to a normal sleep scheduele however my eating is still a little off. I’m not hungry around dinner so much because I got used to eating at 12 so I’m slowly getting back to eating dinner. Also I had zero energy so I didn’t go to the gym until yesterday. I’m almost 100% back!!

I realize that I had gotten a little behind on the posting mostly due to the business that became prepping, attending and then recovering from dream concert.

So next time on the Real Black and White Dog Archives : heat and the approaching summer, teaching struggles in dealing with the heat, W’s surgery and nerves, my Korean gym and when I realize I’m the only female “going hard” .

*This post was exhausting to write and remember so I will add photos later ūüôā

Not a new post


No you are not being treated to an amazingly life changing post. I just wanted to mention that if this personal/pop culture/ watching someone spazz virutally isn’t your thing and you’re looking for more practical information about teaching in Korea, please visit my other blog “House of Lilacs”. I will talk about everything I went through/used/ information on application process and so forth.
Also I think I will eventually delve more into teaching methods I’ve used that aren’t effective/are effective and ….more…stuff.
But for now, if you are interested in learning how to get to Korea, or wondering how I got to Korea, please visit my our blog…or try to find it….because…I’m not even sure how this website entirely works yet. OK!
I might update on Friday if you’re lucky (or unlucky…depending on how you look at it!)

Buddha(ish) adj.


Some monks were dancing, and waving and having a great time...others were more solemn and serious.

Some monks were dancing, and waving and having a great time…others were more solemn and serious.

the dancing dragon-yes they really did make it dance!

the dancing dragon-yes they really did make it dance!

almost looked like it could sail into the sky

almost looked like it could sail into the sky

so pretty

so pretty

in the lotus

in the lotus

So much music

So much music

"King and Queen" opening the parade

“King and Queen” opening the parade

Ever since that seminar trip I was forced to go on and make friends, I feel as if I have been playing catch up. Lesson plans are taking longer, classes have been moved around (or flat out cancelled) so trying to keep up with posting has been almost impossible.
Today for example, both of my classes are not happening because the students have “physical test” day. This of course is coming on the heels of classes being cancelled for “sports day” and the preceeding “practice for sports day”. The amount of classes that have simply been cancelled is staggering.
My co teacher is the one left to teach “supplementry classes”. This has also caused me not to see one of my classes in over a month. To me, that is outrageous and also pretty sad. I don’t remember a single student from that class because it’s been so long.
But that’s how schools here work. Almost nothing is official or set in stone. For example this week, I won’t have class until 1040am tomorrow morning. So now I finally have the time to finish my lesson planning and post.

So the last two posts I believe were about….going to the teaching seminar and music.

Today is about….the Lantern Lotus festival! Well it will be in part-also other things which I have yet to decide.

This past Saturday I went to the Lantern Lotus Festival with Emily and Rob. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in a long long time, but they have been busy with wedding preparations and dealing with Emily’s dog dying.

I will say this-from now on I will only be using public transportation in Seoul. We knew it was going to be crowded but damn. It didn’t take too long to get to Seoul, but I suspect most people had gotten there early on in the day to do all the other activities.

We got there around 330/4 with minimal traffic. I will admit, as strange as this sounds, I have missed being in car. We drove over the bridge into Itaewon which is where the HQ army post is located. Then came the main area-near Gwangju Market. Everyone and their extended family was there.
I had friends who had spent the entire day there, going to cheer rallies and getting lotus lanterns and such. They were also staying for the next day’s activitives.
But with my upcoming weekend in Seoul, and the ever piling laundry, I didn’t want to spend too much time in Seoul.
It took us maybe 45 min to find parking. It was stressful. But once we did, it was in a good spot. We walked to the main drag and found ourselves a second story restrataunt called “Koba”.
We were all starving so we got good old “American food”. It turned out that we ended up having a perfect view of the street and just sat there for the main event: the parade.

I don’t know too much about Buddahism, only a little from my World Religions class in high school, but it was very cool and kind of spiritual watching all the monks walk down the streets. I am guessing this is one of, if not the, holiest day of their year (I could be completely wrong). It was cool to see the full monks, the monks in training, the nuns etc. (Emily explained all of this to me). Buddha’s birthday is techincally next weekend, so I don’t know if this was the “pre” celebration-like kicking off the entrance into a holy time or something (kind of like advent/lent). Like I said, I could be totally wrong, and I’m not trying to offend anyone, but that is my guess. I could google this…..and probably will after I finish this post.
The “king” and “queen” opened the parade and then all of the monks, and lanterns and floats followed.
I think each “temple” had their own monks and then some “parishoners” walking behind them with lanterns. The lanterns were all different, and the people were dressed in traditional garb.
It was a honor and a joy just to sit and watch. It especially got more beautiful as the sun started to go down and the lanterns and floats really started to shine.
After the parade was over, we started to leave the city. Here is where we got so turned around by Emily’s bad GPS. We started out ok, driving past Myeongdong and Namsan (which I finally got to see the N tower at night….so pretty). But then somehow we started making our way over to World Cup area….and then back towards Yeouido….and then towards the olympic park…and then gangnam….basically we did a huge digonal route across Seoul which took at least an hour.
While I generally knew where we were…there wasn’t much I could do because I only knew PT. Driving is a beast in Seoul and I will never do it.
When we finally managed to get out of the city, Route 1 opened up pretty well and we got home at a decent time.

I had not initially wanted to go to Seoul to the festival because I wanted to use the time to relax before next weekend’s craziness (which will posted sometime next week-i have a feeling it might end up really long). But in the end I was really happy I went-next year (hopefully still here and more hopefully in seoul by then) I would like to do the whole day’s activities as well.

I always said, if I wasn’t Chrisitan I’d be Buddhist….or Jewish…

So this weekend coming up….is finally DREAM CONCERT! W and I have been waiting for this for so long. Too long. And too expensive…but once we’re there hopefully…it won’t matter. Saturday is when I will be heading up to Seoul-I’ve already bought my train ticket-knowing how crazy the trains are going to get that weekend. I’m guessing we will be checking into our place (staying in Hongdae this time to be closer to world cup stadium) and then….I have no idea. I do want to try and hit up the dog cafe though! I need me some puppies!
Then that night…..KPOP CONCERT EPICNESS!
The following Sunday-I’m going to try really hard to make it to church-it’s close(ish) so I should be able to do it. And then I think we were going to hit the strawberry festival if we could. If not…I have no idea. Then W is going to the MYNAME concert that night…and I….once again…have no clue.

We will be leaving that monday afternoon-the final day in the three day weekend all thanks to Buddha’s birthday.

It’s actually kind of funny: The final monday in May in America is called “Memorial Day”-it’s where ….acutally i’m not entirely sure but I think it’s suppposed to be in memeorial of all those who have died serving our country (vs vetern’s days who I’m guessing is in honor of those who are still alive). It’s a three day weekend where people can have cookouts because the weather is nice, outdoor pools open up, you can wear white shoes again (the end of that is labor day…i don’t know why), people go to the beach for vacation, there are huge sales, those stores that aren’t having the sale are closed, kids have off of school…basically you could almost say it’s like a celebration of spring/summer.

Either way, I’m used to “having off” (or working my butt off) and having a nice cookout with my family on the deck. I’m the only one that typically makes it a big deal, and I will miss the grilled broccoli, seafood, and potatoes….so I will do my best to find “american BBQ” in seoul…..i don’t know how that will work out but we’ll see.

May is more than halfway over (barely but still). As I have said before, March dragged on, April went by at a decent pace, and now May has progressed much faster than I could have anticipated. Dream concert is finally here! June is almost here-which means my dad will be finishing up his school year and start his summer vacation…lucky. But that also means August is getting closer..when my parents are coming to visit.

I’m excited about it but also sad that I won’t be able to see Logan. I can’t believe I am going year without seeing him. It is very hard and difficult. I’ve already made the decision to visit home during my January break. It will be a shame that it’s in winter but I hope to visit again August 2016 to see Baltimore in summer (and the O’s)!

I think that should do it for this post.

Next time on the Real Black and White Dog Archives of Korea: finally being able to watch Modern family, heat waves, china bff, exercise and the clean eating diet that is killing me….well actually saving me..but killing me.

HEY JUDE just SLIDE because it’s SUNDAY MORNING and it is FANTASTIC BABY because wow OH WHAT A NIGHT!


Your brain is spinning.¬† Because you have no idea what the hell that title of the post was.¬†I know…it was me trying to be funny…and it might have turned out lame.

As mentioned in the previous post (which was two mintues ago) I wanted to discuss what music actually means to me and my journey through KPOP.

I felt that it didn’t fit in with the teaching and school life and deserved it’s own post.¬† Plus…that post was getting way too long and I didn’t want to bore you to death.¬† So if music isn’t your thing or you really don’t want to hear me talk about it because you think I’m lame or you think KPOP is lame…or you think I’m a pyscho fan girl (I”M NOT!!!) , than feel free to skip over this post.

Though I will warn you, you’re pretty much missing out on a post filled with amazingness and my “priceless insight”.

So let’s see..where were we.

Oh yes, how I was “conned” (not really) into spending way more for Dream concert than I initially had planned on…which …was still a hell of a lot of money.

As I have mentioned before I have seen BTOB, BIG BANG and VIXX so far during my stay in Korea.¬† I know…it’s averaging up to be slightly more than one concert a month….


Most recenlty I was able to see BIG BANG’s Made Seoul concert!¬† It was amazing to finally see them live, not to mention standing so close!

This is going to sound like the most corny thing you have ever heard, but they are indirectly the reason I am sitting at my desk in Korea….and not America….First KPOP LOVE! See…corny?

In September/October of 2013 I had been introduced through a new co worker who at the time I was still getting used to.  Remember last post when i said I had been unhappy with having a loud crazy roommate but it got better?

Well it was kind of the same thing.¬† I was shy…quiet…awkward…..I know, through reading these posts you’re probably like “WTF” but that’s because I’ve always been able to express my feelings and thoughts better through writing…so I don’t have to say them out loud.

I had gotten stuck on the night shift because I was the “newbie” and I got stuck with my co worker D (I don’t want to use real names here and I really don’t want to have to type them out because I’m lazy).

Now¬†we got along well and I wanted to seem “friendly” so I watched a few videos with her when we had no clients (DOG GROOMERS!!!!!) and slowly I would youtube a song here or there.

We watched MV’s (almost all of which I would come to watch later and be all excited about) Lee Joon ripping his pants (please youtube this if you haven’t) and a lot of other stuff I don’t really remember.

But it wasn’t until she and our other co worker who happens to be from Busan said to watch “G Dragon’s Crayon” MV.

What the hell were they thinking?

Not only had I been scarred by SHINEE Lucifier the first time I had ever seen KPOP, but that could have put me off of it altogether.

God only knows how I got past the crack that video is and actually liked the beat of the song.¬† Then I researched further finding out he was in a band…and there were 5 of them.

At that time my BFF and I had been very into 1D (are you seeing a pattern here?).¬† But….things went down hill after I found out that Big Bang had a ton of songs, were huge ,and most importantly were not your stereotypical Asian men.

They weren’t all flower boys, nor nerds….and that was what started everything. They were flat out attractive. Yes, now I can even appreciate Daesung’s “country look”.

Now some introspective shit: language barriers
Having been trained as a classical soprano I was used to not understanding what I was singng: Latin, Italian, French…..RUSSIAN? (that was the worst). But there is something about music where you don’t need to understand what is being said.

Now don’t get me wrong, lyrics can make or break a song for most people, however for me, I am more attuned to the music itself. I think that’s the reason why I am more open to listening to different genres of music and generally liking them than most people.

I had previously gotten into Reggaetone (Spanish rap kinda ) and most of the time I didn’t know what they were saying (i am glad to say my spanish has improved!)¬† but it didn’t really matter.¬† I could have been singing along to a song about monkey butts, but at least it sounded good.

So the jump to KPOP should not have come as the big surprise that it did.

Big Bang was really the catapault for everything else that followed: korean food, language, dramas.

As strange as this sounds, I owe them a lot. Not only opening up to Korean Pop culture, but learning to appreciate and be proud of my own ethnicity-something I have tried to suppress most of my life.

I think my Big Bang kick (what my BFF and I call use instead of obsession because it sounds a lot better a lot less sad) lasted the longest.

After that expericnng I expiernced my first introduction to a new KPOP band.¬† I don’t know if there is a term for it but I would like to label it as exhausting. First you have to learn all fo their names (which if there is move than 7 I automatically say no) and then one of the harder parts, all of their vocal tones (i think I have a decent ear but when the popular vocal tone in korea is nasally and they all seem to have it + autotune) , and then personalites…well it’s a lot.¬† And it happened with BLOCK B.

BLOCK B was also the first KPOP concert I had ever attended..

Block B had a different sound to them-more harsh? When I learned they started out as a hip hop group it all made sense.¬† For me what got me hooked was the song “Tell Them”.¬† While it had that “hip hop” sound, the bridge changed the entire feeling of the song and shifted into the chorus for full on pop. It actually remained my favorite KPOP song up until recently (so almost made it a full year!)

And then… there was the beautiful vocals of the main singer.¬† Big Bang’s Daesung has a nice tone and he’s gotten a lot better than he used to, but he doesn’t have the chance to sing a lot.

But Taeil had a voice that I hadn’t heard really in KPOP up until that point-a nice full tone with a bit of soul and power.¬† Not to mention his large range. I fell in love with his voice and to this day is one of my favorites.¬† Block B is still one of the bands where I can listen to all of their music and not want to skip over any songs.¬† It’s strange that happens in general for me, but especally for KPOP.

Insightful time: vocals
In general the type of voices that really get to me are full, soulful and powerful voices with a tone that is unique. I think there are a lot of good singers out there but those who have the power to transcend langauge barriers, and bad songs with their emotion are hard to find. It’s amazing what a well written song can do, but when you feel the emotion and heart a singer puts into their music, it really can make you feel like you are living their words/or the melody of the song.
We all like different vocal tones, and what appeals to us. Sometimes when I hear that my friend thinks this person has the most perfect voice, and I don’t get it…it makes me believe that voices are just like personalites and looks (as shallow as that is) and anything else. It’s something that is unique to us. And that’s cool to think about.

From Block B I moved onto BEAST.

Now the situation with BEAST is a funny one, and acutally happens twice.¬† My BFF went through a 2PM phase where we had arguements about Chansung (still think he’s ugly…) so I went back and tried to get into them.¬† I thought I was missing something…but it backfired and I wound up getting into BEAST instead.¬† They were on an episode of running man togheter…and it just didn’t work out how I had planned.

What really impressed me and still does is their ability to not only sing and dance well-I wouldn’t say there aren’t any weak memebers- but they do it live and it’s amazing!¬† Yoseob has one of the most consistent and well controlled voices I think.¬† Now while I do love his unique (weird) tone it is a little thin and slightly nasally.

This might sound weird, but BEAST was kind of another stepping point for KPOP for me.¬† It was the first time that I saw a band perform so well without a track under and all dance well.¬† Not to mention that I had discovered them right as they were promoting “Good Luck” which is just flat out amazing.¬† I think BEAST made me hold KPOP as¬†a whole to a higher standard of performing live and abilites.

Insightfullness time again! : Bonds of Friendship
BFF did not want to get into BEAST. But I forced her and she is now happy I did. Its amazing what the simple power of friendship can do through music. WE’ve always traded back and forth hobbies, likes etc. and even shared some.(Deadliest catch, baseball, soccer, Muse) But the true test of friendship…was getting her into KPOP as whole. Because for a while I didn’t think it was going to happen. Baseball had been hard enough.
But then again..I know her so well all I did was drop a song that had a booming bass and that was the end of it.
Music is something that she and I share and while our tastes might be different, it is something we can give and share with each other. And I think that is a speical thing. Because not only do you get awesome new music, but it’s a speical bond.

Right as I was getting ready to head to Korea, I had decided I should try to like Infinite.¬† I don’t know why, or what made me think I should look into them but I did…..and I wound up fnding BTOB instead.

What was really intersting about finding BTOB was the fact that it was in the same company as BEAST and 4 mintue so I wasn’t moving to another label.¬† And a lot BTOB vidoes had them interacting with BEAST.

As mentioned what I like about BEAST was their ability to perform live and not have an obvious weak member, what I really liked about BTOB was their ability to do that….and even sing together!

I know it sounds bizarre- but you if listen/watch to most KPOP, members usually sing alone. They don’t sing togher…even in the chorus which I found to be strange.¬† But BTOB did so it made them really unique to me-and apprciate that their singers blended well and could actually harmonize.

Unlike with both Block B and BEAST,¬† I loved both the rapping and vocals ¬†of BTOB .¬† Ilhoon has a great tone, though some say he sounds like Junhyung of BEAST , and while Chansub has a really nice , for me Eunkwang has one of those voices that is a stand out. As an entire unit they work really well together…even is Peniel’s Korean is not that great.

Insightfulness: alone

While music can be a wonderful thing when you share it with friends, it can be a little isolating at times. With BTOB I was kind of alone. With the BFF in China I couldn’t force her to watch vidoes like I had been doing prior. *evil*

Have you ever had a song where you are so moved by it but no one else gets why? That’s what BTOB kind of felt like. And it was lonely but at the same time it was something just for me.

I am a huge classical music fan. And most of my friends, while they like it here or there, none of them really are moved and filled with the same joy I am when I listen to it. The sound of the bittersweet cello, or intensity of percussion or historical feeling of the harpsichord (i know i ‘m weird) But it’s something that is mine and I don’t need to share with anyone if I don’t want to.

SO what if people don’t understand my love for The Waltz of the Flowers (serisouly that is no joke!)? I love it and sometimes that’s all that matters.

So that brings me to where I am today. VIXX. And one of the main points of music in general.

I hadn’t been in a great place my first month. I was beyond lonely, friendless, tired, insecure, homesick for my parents and especially my dog. I had nothing really going on and didn’t really care. It could have been really dangerous-I could have gone into a bad place but I forced myself to head up to Seoul for the concert.

That weekend not only did I find out about VIXX but a lot about myself.

I think I am pretty good at public transportaion and I’m not really afraid of it-living 4 years in Philly will do that.
But this is not the simple Philly grid system. And it’s not in English. Sure I was panicking the entire time and was so nervous but making it through the weekend alone with just a metro map (while apps are great there is no substitue for a map) made me realize “I can do this.” and not just the metro but life here in Korea.

Being Seoul seemed to automatically clear up any fears or doubts.
Seeing my friend W was also the best. She had been my biggest supporter the entire applicatoin process aaside from my parents, so to finally see her in Korea was a nice feeling.

As mentioend I had not wanted to go to the cnocert really. But I wanted to see my friend and seoul as well.

This is how it went down:

Before the concert: I don’t really want to be here. I want to go to BTOB next weekend more!

1st Song: this isn’t going to be fun. I know nothing and don’t really like the song.

Middle: this is kind of great. and amazing.

Final song: it’s over? but wait! why didn’t I pay attention earlier?!?!

After: …….*replay the only Vixx song on iPod*

To borrow the amazing show “avatar the last airbenders” opening intro “Beast. BTOB, Block B, Big Bang. Long ago the four bands lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when Vixx attacked and kind of jacked everything up.”

I won’t go into detail about how they are all awesome dancers (even Ken isn’t that bad) and can sing, and do it all live, and sing together-it’s like all the individual things that made the other groups amazing was put into one group…and it was amazing. Being in Seoul had lifted my spirits but the concert really made me realize that there is no use sitting alone in my apartment and not exploring what was around me.

From that weekend on, I have yet to spend one full weekend in my apartment or small town. And I love that.

It’s amazing how a song can bring back a feeling or memory-painful or happy. They say smell is the strongest trigger of memory-for me its songs or sounds. If I hear a melody and I can’t place it I usually will go crazy and even look for it until I find it.

Goo Goo Dolls came to me in one of the darkest moments of my life. When my 20 month old puppy died of cancer (on my birthday….yeah) they got me through it. John Rzeznik’s genuis lyrics and melodies were able to heal me and while when I do hear those songs and think of the painful time I’m also able to remember how I got through it.

The Beatles remind me of my college years-how much I did love them and all the friends I’ve made, my two bff’s in particular- before my bff S had not been as close to my other bff T at the time, but the three of us bonded over the beatles to the point we all took a midweek spontanious road trip to NYC for the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Even though we are in different countires, seperated by time zones, we are still able to have those memories though those songs.

I think the reason I got into VIXX so quick was because it was during that time, both the weekend and the concert itself, that I was able to get back on track, and fully appreciate being in Korea, and starting this new chapter away from home. Also, the distraction helped out with homesickness. While I do get homesick occationally and cry at night, it is not frequent. This a band that somehow pulled me away from what could have been a very very dangerous place, and in a weird way I do owe it to my friend W and Vixx as stupid as that might sound.

W and I were having this conversation via text: KPOP is like any other music. it doesn’t matter if the lyrics are stupid, or if the MV is over the top (which most of them are)-if it means something to you than that is all that matters. If it helped you out during a bad time or reminds you of happier times, than you shouldn’t be concered about anyone elses opinion.

And this goes for all music. Not just the negative KPOP sterotype (which is stupid). If that an aria in madam butterfuly is speical to you, or you are hooked on aerosmith’s don’t want to miss a thing (looking at you S bff) or if you love teen top because they make you cry (sorry W) then music did it’s job. It transcended words, language, and got into your soul-and after all isn’t that what music is all about?

Get by with a little help from my new found aquaintences


I don’t know if I would consider the people I met at the GEPIK teachers seminar “friends” but I would consider the possibility.¬† Now before you think I sound like a complete heartless loser, let us define what a friend is.¬† Someone you talk to on a daily basis, hang out with, share you issues and secrets.¬† So no, I don’t think I am a heartless tin man…woman..person.


Moving on. The seminar was good. I did learn some things about teaching, my personal situation, and myself.

First we had 4 classes a day all 50 mins.  Topics included writing, art, communication and issues.  I found while these were helpful, everything felt very rushed.  I had hoped we would have spent more time in class.


There was an “elective” that we chose which lasted over an hour and a half…after our regular classes.¬† Needless to say I don’t think I was being unreasonable when my lack of participation in group work was noticed.¬† I hate group work anyway.¬† Always have.


Aside from learning helpful techinicuqes and activities, the seminar gave me the biggest piece of helpful advice by simply turning me into a student once more.

It’s been over a half a year since I last had my Spanish class, and even those were not your typical structured classes.¬† I suspect most of the teachers have been out of school even longer than me.

By becoming a student once more and having a teacher lead the classroom, I was able to remember and understand the perspective of being a student once more.  I wanted my teachers approval.  I wanted to get all the answers right.  I got competitive with the other students.  I think realizing the dynamic of the classroom, not as a teacher, but as a student , was the thing that I took back with me, conciously planning to implement it in my teaching. (I realize that was one long ass sentence and full of fragments but whatever).

I think putting yourself back in a student mindset is something a lot of teachers forget.  They forget the students needs and struggles.

Now getting down to my living and group situtation.

Most dorms had 3-4 people.  I had one other who happened to be the loudest/leader/most outgoing of the entire group.  I wanted to shoot myself.  By nature, upon meeting new people, I am more reserved, wanting to get a feel for their personalites by watching and listening.

While some people get the hint and back off…others refuse to leave! Constant “Roomie!” and “My roommate is the best!” and the “My roommate loves me.” Silence…That was all I asked for at night….thank you Beats by Dr Dre with your noise cancelling feature.

But after spending some time alone with my “roomie” I came to the realization that she could be relatively normal.¬† In a weird way she reminded me a lot of my best friend (currently in China) back when we were in college.¬† We wound up spending the last night talking with her other friend.¬† I came to the conclusion that my groupmates weren’t completely scary and the final day turned out to be rather enjoyable.

Though..I will say…I was called “cute” by my younger classmates….my “dongsaengs”…that will never go away will it? I finally understand Baby Spice’s little breakdown in “Spice World” “I’m going to cute even when I’m 30.” which…is now scarily not that far off…..ugh.

Now during my stay it was my “25th” anniversary of leaving Korea for America…..weird.¬† It passed without much fanfare i’m sad to say because I was busy with “school.”¬† I will make some time for this soon though.

After my 3 day seminar I had a 4 day vacation that was “spring break/children’s day” so I had over a week off from work.¬† It was hard getting back into the swing of things.

You know how after the initial two days of being happy you have no school, is slowly followed by 3rd and 4th day where you kind of are bored and want to go back to school, is quickly replaced at day 5 and 6 where you are content to no have work? Well that’s where I was.¬† I had even gotten accustomed to going to bed later.

It’s now Friday and I’ve only had two classes this week, due to “sports day” being the wednesday that I returned to school.¬† I was glad I got to see my 1st, 3rd, and especially 5th graders compete, despite that only being in the sun for an hour or so on a cloudy mild day, I GOT SUNBURNED! Now the top of my chest is red-this does not happen to people like me.

While yes i no longer can tan and look like N from Vixx, I sure as hell have never burned the first week in May…..except…I do now…..dammit. Maybe the sun is stronger here?

But Maryland is pretty damn hot.¬† Speaking of Maryland, Sunday is mother’s day and my first one away from my mom.¬† I sent off “cards” which was an easy and cheap thing to do-so i will def be doing it more often.¬† But it will still be strange.¬† I guess we will have to skype that day.¬† She still gets confused thinking i’m a full 24hours a head of her, not just 12.¬† It’s very funny and cute.

Now regarding some teaching life/customs because I feel like i need to make this some how informational…that is so not a word….is it?¬† I swear since I had my hair “dyed” (bleached people, bleached) from the dark dark dark dark brown (aka the shade above black) I have said/done more dumb things that I have ever done before.

I won’t say what they are because…well thats just too embarssasing.

So as I mentiond I had been on break. When I left, I was told to go and talk with the principal.  I was given a specific saying on a post it.

Now I have no problem doings things asked of me if it’s not a normal custom for me.¬† I understand that.

However, when I came back from break, I was not told that I needed to see the principal again and greet him AND give him a gift.

I was not told of this at all until of course after the principal had mentioned something to my co teacher about recieving a gift from the other foreign teacher who has been teachnig in korean for about 6 years.¬† So i was given a “passive aggressive” note saying that I need to learn Korean style.

I would have had no problem buying the principal something small, or going in to say hello to him had I been told BEFORE. In this situtaion, I was the “scapegoat”¬† because I was the foreinger.

Those who say that “oh you’re korean¬† they probably just assumed you knew what to say and do.”¬† I have this to say: they’ve known me for over two months.¬† They still think I can’t read hangul and romanize everything for me.¬† So they clearly knew I would have no clue what to say to the principal.

After talking (VENTING) to my friends I calmed down a bit, took the passive aggressive letter with a grain of salt, and continued on.  This is Korean custom as well-not wanting conflict to save face where in America this is considered rude, cowardly and one of the things most people consider their biggest pet peeve.

So today, I continued on with my normal day, did my business and have kept to myself a little more than usual.¬† My friend told me that there is a time when your co teachers no longer treat you as a guest, and you are considered part of the staff-and will be treated like so. She said most teachers decide during this time to leave or stay a year. I am guessing this is the “light switch” but it was so bizarre-I don’t know if they thought that the GEPIK seminar (run by mostly westerns) would suddenly make me a korean teacher…..I don’t know but they signed me up for it so I think they would know.

March went by like a slug. April was a bit faster.¬† Here’s to hoping May will progress fast as well…which judging my calander sitting on my desk, it has-since it’s already May 8…and I totally just realized it’s my half birthday….which now means I’m closer to 26 than 25…..which in turn means i’m closer to 30 than 20…..ok I can’t deal with that head trauma¬†right now.

Luckily this month I have “Dream Concert” to look forward to on the 23rd.¬† Like I’m way more excited than I should be.¬† For those of you who don’t know what that is, which yes I used to be you like…a month ago …..it’s bascially a giant kpop concert with different artists.

This year 4mintue, BTOB, Shinee, Sistar, topp dogg, BTS, EXO (what’s left of them anyway ….not sorry) and Vixx are some of the names as well as a bunch of others.¬† I am sad that I will miss out n Beast who was there last year.¬† But I’m totally excited!

I also spent more than I’ve ever spent before on a concert.¬† Let’s just say the inital price was 200 for reserved sitting …..and we got standing so….I don’t want to reveal the price because I’m not that gaudy…and I’m also slightly unable to wrap my head around it still.


I do want to talk about a conversation my friend and I had about music and KPOP in general because it could seem that I’m a pyscho fangirl ….which I’m really not. But that would invovle going on a tangent and it would be unrelated to this post.¬† So check out my next post which I will start now!

Next time on the real black and white dog archives: my introduction and journey through KPOP, how music is beyond normal thinking and reason and feeling, and¬† why it’s more than a simple song. Prepare yourself…or simply skip over it.

Big Bang (in theory)


Yes. today’s title is a spin off of¬† both kpop group “Big Bang” and the amazing show “Big Bang Theory”.¬† I’ve decided to make some changes to posting.¬† Since I have a life on the weekends I figured maybe culture/sight seeing/kpop etc updates would be on mondays and then teaching/GEPIK applications/specitfic information on Fridays.


So my weekend….was amazing!

I decided to make the decison to stay in Seoul for the weekend.  It gets tiring having to go back and forth and then spend all day on your feet only to have an hour and a half commute home.

Choosing hotels….

I’ve had this dream to stay at the Ritz Carlton in NYC for a long time.¬† Turns out there is one in Seoul! For cheap(ish)!¬†For one night it was around 200$ for a standard deluxe room.¬† However I needed it for two nights which rounded out at a whooping 500$.¬† I had just dropped 170$ on clothes….so that was a big NO!¬† Sigh, I will have to save up.¬† One day….one day.


I wound up booking a room at the “Grammos Hotel” located in the southern part of Gangnam right off of Yeoksam Station.¬† It is a bit south and more of a fincial district but for two nights I was able to spend only 300$.¬† It worked out well.¬† The room was big, there shower was nice, there was a SMART TOLIET!!!¬† (my mom is obsessed with these) and the bed was super comfy.

The room was also a “smart” room.¬† Everything was controlled with the panel on the wall or the remote control.¬† So i could turn lights, tv, ac on and off from my remote.¬† It was pretty sweet! It is located right near the Rennasaince Hotel, and is walking distance to a lot of restaraunts and coffee shops as well as an easy walk to Yeoksam Station


But how did I get there?

I usually take the train in to Seoul Station.¬† It takes about an hour, and it’s not too bad-5$.¬† But I needed to be on the other side (the eastern side) and there aren’t really any trains that go there.¬† So I wound up taking a bus to nambu terminal-my first time on a korean city to city bus….was surprsingly easy!

Trains and metro leave AK plaza which is the main transportation hub in pyeongtaek. The bus terminal is literally right down the road-facing AK Plaza turn left down the main road and you will see the bus terminal.

Now we did get stuck in traffic because silly me I took it the one that left at 530 so it took longer than normal which I used up sleeping and drinking the really good iced latte I had gotten from ToPresso-a fave coffee shop of mine. They are one of the only places that puts enough ice in my iced latte.

At first I was super hesistant about taking the bus-it was a spur of the moment thing for me (which if you know me, I like things super planned out) and unlike subway and trains, there aren’t any screens scrolling by in English.

So I had blind faith-but as it turns out the route that my bus takes leaves every 20 mintues.¬† So not only was it the main platform number (1-1) but it was empty so my suitcase and me had an entire row to ourselves! Yay us!¬† Now I will say this-about any transportation-the seats here are def smaller.¬† I fit fine but i’m sure for some people it could become uncomfortable.

As I said the bus ride was about an hour and a half long so I was thankful that I thought to buy that oatmeal and rasin cookie!

I had to hop on the subway line when I got to the bus terminal and then it was a simple transfer and a walk and then there I was at the hotel!

Now I had not gone out to eat by myself yet.  In America there is nothing strange or unusal about it.  You just bring a book or play on your phone and sit at the bar or something.

In Korea, no one eats alone out.

But I was starving and I needed something more than simply the banana milk I had bought at the GS25 (local convenice store).¬†So after wandering for about 20 mintues and recieving strange looks I braved a restaraunt and walked in.¬† It was small and nice and surprsingly not too uncomfrotable.¬† For 6$ I got amazing bibimbap, and the spiciest kimchi I’ve ever had.¬† This stuff not only was¬†paramore hayley williams red hair red, but you could smell the spice coming off of it.¬† I tried three bites and had to put it down.

I sat with my book (Twilight…don’t judge) and happily watched some baseball game on the tv.¬† All in all…it wasn’t the scary experience I thought it was going to be.

That night after shifting though about 100 channels I settled on a marathon of House M.D.

I had forgotten house good of a show it was.

I had not set an alarm but wound up waking up at 6 am like I’ve been doing for over a week now.¬† But I forced myself to fall back alseep until about 930 when I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I got dressed and headed out for a fun day of shopping in Itaewon, puppy playing in Gangnam, and exploring Gwanghwamun area.

But…I was not dressed for this adventure.¬†The weather here has been difficult-in the morning, evenings, and shade, it is cold.¬† Like you need more than “a light jacket in April” cold.¬† But in the sun….you want to melt and die faster than Elphaba.

I had long light weight work out leggings, sneakers, a camisole and a light coat.  And by the end of the day I was roasting.  I even saw some people sunburned!

After checking out the US Embassy, Gwanghwamun gate, and buying some “imported” music at Kyobo (Hobbit part 3 soundtrack finally!) I headed over to Itaewon for some clothes shopping.¬† Because everyone here is a size 2 it’s hard to find clothes.¬† But itaewon has shopping that caters to “big size” anything over a size 4.¬† However…these stores tend to be…so big.¬† Most of the clothes I tried on were huge!¬† Good thing my friend told me that oversized clothing is a trend.

I left with a few shirts and a new pair of white shorts which I had to utilize the following day.

After Itaewon and a nice lunch at a “french bistro” I headed back to gangnam to play with puppies at the Cafe pawz cafe.

It was cute and the staff made sure everything was clean.  These dogs were a lot smaller than the others in Hongdae but still sweet. I had a particuarly chunky one park himself next to me.
It is located off of Gangnam station (not gangnam-gu office) and you need to make sure you leave out of the correct exit-this is another one of those super underground shopping malls- I have completely forgotten which one it is but if i remember or find it again I will edit this post.

Now it is a bit of a walk to get cafe but not unreasonable.

It was nice and relaxing and something I could see myself do every eveing after work if I lived around there.

I had the dliema of eating alone again for dinner so I found a “mexican” taco place in the basement of the Gangnam financial center.¬† It was interesting-the chilie was not bad but the ground up the beef so much that it was almost more of a soup that a chilie.¬† And the chips and salsa…were oddly sweet.

But while it was no Chipolte…it could have been much worse.

I went back to my amazing hotel and packed.¬† I didn’t want to leave.¬† It had acted as my amazing home for two days and that bed….so comfy.¬† I watched After School Club with had the one kpop star that I swear is stalking me through TV-Niel from Teen Top.

My friend Danielle is so offended by him and his lips and hair that I use his pictures to terrorize her.¬† Now I’m terrifed of his face as well.

Our friend Whitney however loves him and¬† his lips and calls us “mean”.¬†¬† The good news was, his new song and personality were good-but getting past his face and those lips…it’s not an easy thing.

I ended up falling asleep to SVU marathon.  Oh how i miss my american tv shows.

The next day…I knew was going to be hectic:¬† With Big Bang concert on one side of the city and trains and shopping on the other side Whitney and I ran ourselves ragged.

I checked out of my hotel after a really good breakfast from Paris Baguttee and headed over to Apgujeong where she was staying.¬† Then we both went to seoul station to store out luggage for the day.¬† However Seoul station was full so we went to the next stop over-Hoekhyeon and dropped out suitcases off there.¬† Now Hoekhyeon sounds like Hakyeon-Vixx’s N’s real name…so…i’ve come to refer to the station as Hakyeon…probably not the best idea.

After storing suitcases it was time to do what I’ve become really good at here in Seoul…shopping! Whitney wanted this jacket she had seen in Hongdae the weeks prior but we couldn’t find it.¬† So we ate pizza, she bought a thing, I bought some stuff and then we headed back to Olympic park for Big bang.


We had planned on getting there an hour or so early but we ended up only having 20 minutes to spare…and we had standing!¬† So we quickly bought merch and then went inside.¬† Now when we walked in our standing section was packed….like people spilling out over the top…

I thought to myself…shit…we waited too long….


Only come to find they were putting the overflow from section C standing into seciont A so we wound up being closer and in a better poition!!  Who knew being late would pay off?!?!


The concert was amazing and we were so close! They had sections that moved over us and fireworks and fire and two new songs!¬†It was a fun concert despite the fact they did not play my favorite song “Love Song”.

But Whitney came to the same conclusion I did-even though we had super close standing, and though I knew more of Big bang’s songs…..Vixx was a better concert.

Due to the travel time and chaos of people leaving we did’t get to the train station until 930pm and our trains left at 1020pm.¬† So we had ice cream and sat before saying goodbye and leaving.


I got home at 1130.  She got to her houe at 130.  It was a long night and 730 am looked horrible.

Even though it was so tiring and long and hot and I spent more money that I intended…it was a pretty awesome weekend.

1. I got to see bigbang

2. I got to stay at a nice comfortabl hotel

3. I got to shop!

4. i got to see and hang out with whitney

5. I conquered my fear of eating out alone

6. the weather-though hot-was nice.

I did not unpack when I got home only to realize that I have a 3 day business trip staring on Tuesday -tomrrow.¬† So i have to unpack when I get home, clean and repack for three days. it also is my only work day of the week until next wednesday due to “spring break” and “childrens day” so a super long weekend.¬† A very very weird week.

I will not see some classes for over 3 weeks.  So it will be hard and intersting to see where everyone is lesson wise come the week of may 10.


As for now, I have to plan the rest of my week, and try to stay awake at my desk.  Because sleep looks really really good.

Next time on the real archines of black and white dog Korea: business trip, long weekend, and looking forward to the progression of may