So it’s very clear what one major point of this post will be……*ahem* ^^^^^^

So quick update I am finally back to school!!! It was a very lonely and boring week I had during the MERS school closures.  I couldn’t really go anywhere because  I didn’t have the funds (thank you dream concert) and as well I was still recovering from the minor loose ends of my very bad cold.

But on Monday schools reopened here in Pyeongtaek, and my cold ceased to exist (at least within this still trying to get in shape body) and I have finally resumed my gym activities after a long break.

I’m slowly getting back into it, trying to recover all the stamina I lost-over the past three days I have managed to finally reach the 30 minute mark again on a decent pace.  Being out for three weeks has really set me back but I’m trying to refocus and not lose motivation.

During this period I also realized how grateful I am for my school.  Even though sometimes I get really annoyed by the classes that talk non stop, or the day care class that loves to pull on my legs and arms, I am happy that  I have a set schudele and I am back on it.  Waking up at 10 am and going to be at 3am is not my style.

I also didn’t realize how much I really missed my kids.

Now moving on….so I think I promised….mosquito death, …..jurassic world review….and something else I don’t remember….ah yes! Why June is dragging on!!

So first mosquitos…..i react badly to their bites.  And since I don’t have an A/C unit (and haven’t felt the super urge yet to buy one) i leave my balcony windows open-which means that sometimes they fly in.

I hate killing things…even bugs….but these mosquitos have no mercy from me.  I usually use my house slipper because…hey it’s always with me, and its more substantial than a fly swatter so they die in one shot.

Once I finally buy my A/C unit I won’t have the need to have my balcony doors open as much so hopefully that will keep them away from me.


Oh June, why would you be so cruel! As previously stated March took forever, April sped up, and finally May blew by so fast! But June…

I think there might be a few combinations as to why it seems to be taking longer than I thought.

1. Being Sick/MERS-Being sick took a lot out of me and was spent laying on my couch.  I had zero energy, I went  no where, and the opening suffering part of the cold lingered for at least a week and a half.

That combined with the fact that school was closed for a week and half ….well  let’s just say the first two weeks of June were unpleasent. It was slow, and uneventful and I hated it.

2. Dream concert – W and I had amped up Dream concert and had so been looking forward to it for over a month.  It was the be all end all of a weekend! so when it was done…it was almost as if…what do we have to look forward to?

Even though we already bought our tickets for Chess it wouldn’t be for another 5ish weeks…a long time.  It was so far off I couldn’t really get too excited about it.  Now that it’s next weekend, I am starting to feel excited!

3. Peaking-maybe because of all the insanity that was May, and because it did go by so fast, May was the peaking point and now I’m back to how March felt.

Though this past week has gone by a lot faster than I though it would, and June is actually almost over, most of June felt like it would never end.  I’m hoping that means July and August pick up as well…especially with the impending heat coming.

and now finally…..my JURASSIC WORLD REVIEW!!!

There is so much I want to say and say it coherently without rambling…..but I’m not 100% sure that will happen.

So where to begin.  Well let me just preface this with the fact that I have seen and own all 3 previous JP movies, am obsessed with dinosaurs (I have a giant book at home that I asked my mom to buy me at Costco with a picture of a Spinosaurous on the front) and have been ever since on my first movies The Land Before time, have dino socks that I don’t want to wear for fear of getting them dirty, used to want to be a paleontologist……I could go on.

So this is not going to be your “oh the CGI was amazing” or “if you like good old action thriller dino movies” review.  We are going to delve a little bit deeper than that.

I think I’m going to have to break it down to get what I want to say out.


1. A worthy sequel? – In the first Jurassic Park movie, we got a small glimpse of what the theme park would have looked liked before it was all destroyed. We saw merch, and food, and the ride itself.  In JW we were actually treated to a full on working park. It was not so different than an actual theme park we see today.

So as a part of the storyline, does it fit in?

I think JW is something that yes, while does feel a little different than the others,fits in with the original storyline.  It makes sense that yes, after the first failed park, and all it’s subsequent problems, that someone would try the idea again.  I mean isn’t that how our world works anyway? someone picks up a failed idea and continues to work and refine and “perfect it”?

But what is interesting about JW is that at sometimes, it feels as if the movie could stand alone, or at least be a sequel to the very first one and the first one alone.  Other than JPI it’s the only movie to take place back on Isla Nublar-the original island.

We see remnents of the old park when the kids find the original main lobby area, including all the original merch, the banner than dramatically fell as T-Rex roared at the end of the movie, and the SUVs as well.

In another scene, one of the tech workers is scolded for wearing an original JPI t shirt.

I read a quote stating “Jurassic World knows it’s not Jurassic Park and that’s why it works” and I fully agree with it.  You can almost say it’s NOT a sequel, because it feels like it could stand alone.  But at the same time it so beautifully weaves in the past movies (mainly JPI) that it does feel like a satisfying “sequel”.

2. Animals/Zoos/Taming-This one is going to be a doozy and the main hitting point of why I loved it so much.

With the recent events of “Blackfish” and now the Tsibili Zoo in GA, I think JW has the ability actually help the animal welfare cause.

Zoos- even though these animals were reconstructed in labs, they were in fact at one point in  time (like a long long long long time ago) wild animals. They never lived with humans or human threat.  Yet there they are, being things for people to look and gawk over.

There is one scene where we see baby dinos as “rides” for kids-no so different than the camel or elephant rides you see at zoos.

Zoo animals never leave the zoo-they are kept in their areas, and despite how much of an attempt to recreate their “wild”  envioriment, zoos typically fall short. They have never seen anything else outside their walls.

So it was no shocker that when the animals of the Georgia zoo were set loose by the floods, they did what came instinctually to them.  And sadly one man was mauled and killed.  These animals didn’t know better-they were wild animals and despite however ‘tame ‘ they might have been, set them loose for the first time in their lives, they are going to act what comes naturally for them.

In JW we see the main “villian” if you will of the movie early on.  She had been kept in an isolated pen her entire life, only having a “positive relationship” as Chris Pratt says with the crane that feeds her.  When she breaks out of her she is seeing the “real world” for the first time.  And like those tigers, she acts instinctually.

Bryce Howard’s character calls the dinos “assets” throughout the movie.  Using this term explains her complete detachement from these animals.  To her they are numbers on a chart, not living things with feelings and needs.  It isn’t until we see her watch an Apatasouraus (my spelling is atrocious) die in Chris Pratt’s arms, that we start to see her character change.  They are no longer “assets”.

Sadly, almost all of the large predators were killed by floods or shootings in the Georgia zoo.  In JW the Indominis Rex also is killed at the end (though by 3 different animals) but this was of course after many attempts to kill her.

It just says so much about us humans-we put wild animals in a cage, out of the natural habitat and then when we expose them to what’s outside of captivity, we “punish” them for acting on their instincts.

which leads me to my next point

3. Taming vs. bonding.

Christ Pratt’s character is considered a “raptor tamer”.  But what he so clearly states is that these are not tame animals and he does not control them.  Even though it’s clear the raptors do listen and respond to him, it also becomes very apparent that he does not have control over them.

He does not “tame” the raptors because they are wild animals. He understands and respects that.  He doesn’t try to make them like dogs and he understands the danger they pose.

Though he calls himself the Alpha, and seems to have a special relationship with the beta, it is clear from Pratt’s opening sequence that he doesn’t 100% trust them, and they aren’t 100% willing to go after him. Pratt’s co worker, whose name I don’t believe we ever get, also understands these are wild animals, and while they need to be respected, they also aren’t tame.

On the flip side, the guy from Criminal Intent’s character (Vince d’ something or other) believes that Pratt has tamed them.  He wants to use them to help in combat.  He talks about bloodlines-only breeding those loyal and putting down the ones that are “rouges”.  He wants to breed them similar to dogs but forgets one simple thing-they aren’t tame.

In the ending scene, after the raptors join IR ( she is part raptor HELLO!) and surround Pratt and his friends, we see a pivotal moment between Pratt and Blue. Pratt mentions that he had raised her since she was born.  So what is thought to be control and taming is actually bonding and relationships.

She doesn’t attack him because of their relationship.  Respect and bonding is worth more than control.  Eventually Blue and her fellow raptors turn on the IR and all but Blue die (pretty horrible deaths).  After they defeat the IR (with the help of T-Rex and the mossalors (SP???) ) Blue looks at Pratt as if almost to respond to him.  But he shakes his head and she runs off without a thought.

I really loved how we got to see a nurture vs nature aspect. Even though Pratt had raised her and connected with her, she still chose to go with her kinds (IR) but when she was reunited with Pratt, saw how he treated her (he put his gun down and removed the camera Criminal Intent guy put on her head) she defended him against the IR.  It just goes to show that animals do create bonds with humans.

You could look at it with dogs and humans.  Though dogs are tame, you see them defend their humans all the time against other dogs, wolves, humans.  There is a bond there that goes beyond species.

There are other various themes and parallels-corporate greed, kids and technology, but what made me enjoy they film so much was how it did respect the past of JP1 and it’s tough on animal welfare.

Now that the super long review is done….that’s it.

Next time on the Real Black and White dog Archives: since summer and father’s day are right around the corner, I think a mini dad appreciation post and summer playlist would be appropriate!


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