Tell Them (my Dad is great!)


With father’s day on Sunday, and summer just about to start, I figured a good dad appreciation post and summer playlist would be a fun idea!

Also the fun contrast between serious dad talk and fun summer music will be enough to keep you interested.

Especially after last posts long Jurassic World Review-sorry i had to get that out.

Father’s day is on June 21-for those of you non americans, its a day to celebrate dad.  Mother’s day is in May.

This will be the first time I do no see my dad on father’s day.  And it will be his first time as a dad not to have me with him on father’s day-25 years…

We are setting up a skype date and I’ve sent him a card as well.  With my dad he doesn’t really ask for much so I always had to be creative when thinking of gifts for him.  I usually got him something Baltimore sports team related. We even went to a ball game one year.  But this Father’s day I wasn’t able to do much.

I don’t really like being able to be with my parents on holidays so I think that will make the bigger holidays later this year hard.

While my dad and I have a pretty good relationship to others, we still have that mutual, I’m going my thing and you’re doing your thing and about 50% of the time it’s the same thing.

Being the only female child, I was kind of raised as a tomboy.  I played competitive soccer and swam until my senior year of high school.  I have really lame teenage boy bathroom humor.

I guess I would say the main bonding point in our relationship would be sports.

We would always go as a family to Baltimore Indoor soccer games together, and I even went to the Ravens first game at M&T bank stadium back in 1996 ( I think). As I got older I found an interest in baseball and I think I might have even reawoken his interest in the O’s. Ever since 2005 my dad and I have really bonded over watching the O’s.  We even used to bet on whether or not the O’s would have a winnning season.  Let’s just say I lost that bet a lot up until recently.  Aside from the O’s I became interested in watching the Ravens games as well.  I even bought him tickets one year as a Christmas present.

Of course being the soccer fanatic he is, we would watch the world cup, and tape all the games we missed. During the olympics, we would sit as a family and watch whatever was on.

I never really thought of myself as a crazy sports person, but I guess I have my dad to thank for that. I even got my best friend into baseball (she is now a die hard O’s fan) and soccer (watching the world cup and taking her to a live game really did the trick).

I remember he used to have this job that would force him to be “on call”- he was almost never home and we even had to rearrange our vacation.  After he left that job he retired…which didn’t go well-he would be up until 3 am and sleep in until 930 am which is late for him.

Thank god he found a job at my old high school and continues to teach there today.

My dad and I don’t really have an “emotional” relationship and feelings are rarely talked about which isn’t a bad thing.  I’m not a super expressive person when dealing with my own feelings so it works.  I think I learned how to be a more reserved and mature person because he has always treated me as such.  Even when I was a kid, apparently he would let me dress myself (which is why I probably still suffer from being a fashion terroist to this day) because he wanted me to be independent.

To all father’s, and especially my own father, I wish you the happiest and healthiest father’s day, and am grateful that there is such a thing as  a father.

My Summer playlist!

So since it’s almost the summer solstice, I figured why share what’s on my summer playlist.  I think most of these will make sense, but I’m sure some might not….but let’s get started!

Touch My Body- SISTAR

despite one of the worst point dances I’ve ever seen ( as my friend D likes to ask-are they trying to shake something out of their asses?) i do love this song.  I love the bright colors and how beautiful does Hyorin look? It’s a fun catchy summer song-and the fact that it was released last summer certainly makes me think of summer.

I want crazy- Hunter Hayes

every summer playlist needs at least one western country song! This one might be a little old, but at my old job, we played a ton of country songs (being out in “rural” maryland)  and my co worker and I became obsessed with this song. Hunter Hayes has a really nice voice, and it’s a cute song.  Definitely a windows down summer drive.

R.ef- Farewell Formula

The very first time I heard this song was last summer.  I was working my shift at PETCO with my unnie J and she was missing summer so we played 90’s korean summer songs. This one popped up-she said it was a very popular song.  It definetly has a summer sound; almost a “Hot Hot Hot” sound.  Even though the vocals are uh…less than impressive it still gets you in the mood for summer!

*side note…if you are a Kpop fan you might recognize this song as VIXX’s last comeback Love Equation…which I think sounds better but doesn’t have the “summer” feel as the original.

Dale pa’lla, pa’ca-Mestizzo

For me this is the ultimate summer song!  My family and I used to vacation to the Carribbean almost every summer with the Resort Iberostar.  This was there “theme song” and every time I hear it, it brings back some of the most memorable moments.  It’s a fun upbeat song that makes you just want to lay out on the beach, have your pina colada and listen to the gentle waves lap up on the sand.  Paradise.

Thank God I’m a country boy- John Denver

Remember how some I said would seem a little strange? Well if you’ve ever been to Camden yards for a ball game you would know that every 7th inning stretch this song fills the stadium.  It’s the iconic O’s game song.  When I hear this song I think of those hot humid ball games where I suck down those amazing lemonades and eat my crab fries and enjoy the beautiful ballpark.  For me this is the perfect hot humid Baltimore summer evening.  It’ don’t get not better than this!

Good Luck-BEAST

This might be another one that seems a little odd.  But this song dominated 2014 summer.  I was introduced to this song and BEAST last summer so whenever I hear this song and think of the band, I remember running around Centennial Lake in the disgusting humidity with this song blaring loudly in my ears.  Other than being an over all amazing song, it’s a song that puts me in a very specific time and place-which happens to be a hot maryland summer.

Live Like We’re Dying-Kris Allen

This song transports me back to my college years.  Kris Allen got a lot of flack for winning American Idol over Adam Lambert (who yes I do agree has an incredible voice) but if you can get past that fact, the boy’s got a unique tone, a skilled musican and puts out good music.

I remember putting this song on while on the nice Air conditioned subway on my way to school in Philadelphia.  What I would give to go back to college.

Long Hot Summer-Girls Aloud

I think it’s pretty clear why this is a summer song.  Thank you amazing (now defunct ) British girl group for putting out some catchy pop songs.

Electric Shock- f(x)

Now this group does have “Hot Summer” but I discovered this group last summer while trying to study for my TESOL certificate interestingly enough.  I think it’s hook and catchy  chorus is a good “lets roll down the windows and blare music from our care stereo and watch as people look at us” song don’t you?

Without You- David Guetta and Usher

My best friend S hates this song…which is a shame because I love this song!! Sure Usher’s vocal runs get a little…uh…intense? But the chorus of this song is incredible and not to mention the fun summer party feeling of the music video.  I have no shame saying I love to put this song on and jump around like an idiot.

I’m Saying-Lee Hongki

Where would be without at least one OST theme song? Not only did ‘Heirs’ air (haha) last summer, but the show started off in L.A. giving it a summer beach feel combined with the fact that Kim Woo Bin went to Australia with Running man and they played this song several times while he was there.

I really like this song beyond a simple OST song- LHK sounds amazing! And I feel it could totally fit a fun beach trip.

Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

What summer playlist would be complete without this gem? I remember the very first time I heard it on the radio I knew it was going to be a hit!

Though less popular but perhaps more “summer” is her song with owl city “Good time” which also I would like to include:

Tell Them (do you recognize this ^^^) -BLOCK B

I would have to say hands down this is my favorite summer song. Not only does the MV make you long for those late summer days, but like with BEAST I really got into BLOCK B last summer.  My friend S and I even went to the D.C. showcase! Also like with Good Luck it puts me back at a very happy place.  I think of my hometown in Maryland in those late summer days, grilling outside for dinner, washing the car-everything that just made home home in the summer.

What Makes you Beautiful- One Direction

On what planet would this not be on everyone’s playlist? One of the ultimate summer songs that everyone knows! I could say a lot about this song-but simply watch the video.

There are a ton of other songs that could be used here, but for now, this is my summer playlist!

Next time on The Real Black and White Dog archives of Korea: wearing dresses in korea, Chess, VIXX Ken single comeback, BTOB comeback!

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