(5th grade drives me ) Crazy! I just can’t see (the light at the end of the tunnel)


Wow…so the last post was Father’s Day.  That shows just how much work I’ve been doing since then.  To recap as best as I can the past month as been slightly uneventful unless you count a ton of summer camp work.

At the end of June W and I went to Seoul because we had plans to see “Chess The Musical”.  But we wound up heading over to the 2pm concert the night before.  Needless to say it was one of the most interesting concerts I’ve been to.

1. we hadn’t planned on it and bought the ticket at the box office (110,000 won….)

2. because we hadn’t planned on it we were 30 mintues late…..

3. Despite strong performances by woo young, junho, jun K….the other three were kind of a mess-taecyeon couldn’t keep time, nickkhun’s singing…..year…..and either Chansung must have been sick or had a mircrophone problem because he was so far behind the beat….

4. It was the first time I was “star struck” at seeing them up close…maybe it’s because i’m not a huge fan?

All in all even being that late, I would have rather not gone.

The next day after some shopping around in Myeongdong we headed to the musical.  As uninspiring as the 2pm concert was, that’s how amazing Chess was.  Yes, not going to lie, we mainly wanted to see VIXX’s Ken, but it turned out to be much more entertaining that we thought.  At first the language barrier seemed a little distracting (especially since there were no subtitles like dramafever scrolling beneath) but about halfway through the first act it became irrelevant.  The acting and singing was all amazing and the storyline and songs were much more enjoyable that I originally thought (especially when i heard the composer was from ABBA…kill me).

Ken’s “Anthem” of course was the highlight of the show.

And that concludes a very boring month of June except for Chess.

Onto an even more boring month of July.  For the first time W and I had nothing planned for the month of July. No concerts…nothing.

This month has been…lacking.  Yes I ate real crab cakes and grilled corn at E’s house for fourth of july and went to see fireworks.  But other than that…it’s been mostly this damn summer camp planning.

Summer camp planning….the death of first time English teachers.

I have been using the book I was given to teach this entire semester.  Yes sometimes it’s annoying and unmotivating, but at least I have a lesson layed out as far as vocab and a theme.

Then i was told for my English camp…free reign.  As someone who has been so rigid with a book you might think I’d be happy.

I was. For a hot second.

Then came the fear…I had no book which meant I would have to make powerpoints from scratch.  I would have to teach a lesson and make it up all on my own…..and 7 of them!

Suddenly I missed my book.  Making 50 slide powerpoints for 7 days is just as much of a pain as it sound like.  One day’s lesson will take me 1 day to make it and 1/2 a day to edit and fine tune it.

Currently I am almost finished with the editing for day 6 while in the middle of day 7.  I also have to make the orientation power point as well….Stress has gone through the roof.

I’m staying super late at work, loss of appeitite, tired….while my co teachers get to take lovely little naps at their desks.

I’m thankful I’m almost finished because then I have to plan my parents visit to Korea, my weekend in Seoul for Teen Top, babysitting my friends dogs and do a good clean of my apartment.

Of course that is under the presumption I finish this week without going crazy.

For most of this semester my male co teacher and I have worked well together.  Our classes except for 1 really are pretty good.  But the past few weeks, in particular this final week, the kids are acting up and he’s catering to them.

I understand-they are kids.  They are in school for long periods of time.  Their parents don’t discipline them at home.  They are encouraged to run around before they get to the age where they have to work nonstop.  They aren’t impressed by Native Foreign Teacher.  They don’t want to do work because their English levels might be low.


It is become very apparent that the lack of disicpline in the school and at home is negatively affecting productive classwork.

The male students in particular.

But when I try to enforce rules we agreed upon at the beginnng of term he backtracks and voids my authority in front of them.  I don’t know if he’s trying to all of a sudden to be in control because he’s the man, but it’s starting to irritate.

I think having two new teaches manage 5 classes was probably not the best idea.

Clearly, this post has become a little bit of a venting station.

But it’s been building up and with so few people who understand the difficulties of teaching as a NET that i am comfortable talking with, it has exploded here.

But with a busy August approaching and the end of the semester I’m trying to put a pretty crappy July away.

With a Teen Top concert, summer camp, parents visit, relaxing Busan hotel, seoul fun, and to end Block B, Sistar and VIXX!! Here’s to hoping that August will be better and my room A/C will be fixed so weren’t not the only room without a/c

fourth of july fireworks on post

fourth of july fireworks on post

E's two new jindo rescue puppies! I get to babysit!!

E’s two new jindo rescue puppies! I get to babysit!!

2pm concert

2pm concert

At SMTown with W

At SMTown with W

everything about it was amazing!

everything about it was amazing!

despite a stagnate July, the amount of music bought during this month has increased my collection

despite a stagnate July, the amount of music bought during this month has increased my collection