Marriage and all that crap


So as many of you know the whole “gay marriage” issue is a big political struggle in the USA.  Ever since the federal government made gay court marriages legal a few months ago,  facebook has been flooded with posts about it.

But ever since the one crazy in Kentucky decided she wanted to be an idiot and say ” My God does not believe it” to get her five minutes of fame it’s caused nothing but problems.

However it’s been very interesting to see people’s real colors show up.

There has been so so so much hate.  Gays feel that Christians are targeting their civil rights.  Christians feel that gays are lumping them all together as bigots. ALL OF THIS IS TRUE.

You can’t sit there as someone in power and not see that this is  civil violation. But you can’t sit there as someone who has spent their life fighting against stereotypes to only stereotype all christians.

Now I’ve considered myself pretty liberal and my best friend’s dad is gay.  It was in fact meeting him that I realized my stances of gay marriage.

I’ve defended gay marriage and adoption to my grandparents and dad  for years.

But now when I make a simple statement in a reaction to his new partner calling all Christians “stupid” and “idiots” whom I’ve stood by DESPITE the fact they were cheating on their previous partners I’m quickly labeled as someone who apparently is defending the crazy kentucky lady.

I’m not someone who is as weak as to be pushed towards the right wing when your “friends” decide that they can’t take responsiblity for what they posted or understand that while they accept you, you can’t accept them.

It’s very frustrating. Yes gays have had a lot of trouble with getting their civil rights noticed.  But you know what? Blacks have had the same problem. And whites. And hispanics. And everyone has has ever been suppresed.  And we’ve all fought stereotypes.  Take my race for example. In the west, all asian men are seen as nerdy and all asian women are festished.

I think what bothers me the most is that I wasn’t able to have a simple conversation and hold someone accountable for their actions and words.  Someone I considered a friend and have done insane amounts of support for.

To see myself simply tossed aside like trash isn’t cool.

There are a lot of thoughts running through my head right now but to leave it as simply as I can: “if you need to be negative about something else to make something you believe in positive, then clearly it was never positive to begin with.”


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