Thriller (…but not the one you are thinking about)


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Not yet but almost.  Since Halloween in Korea is almost like a novelty (in the sense they know about it and have some events but don’t actually celebrate it) and I love KPOP I’ve decided to do a one a day Kpop Halloween music video post.

I’ve seen some other people do it and I would like to make my own version.  I’m sure a lot of my choices will overlap with others but too bad.

For each post, I will put the MV (some might be “19 rated” ) and talk a little about the group.  Some might be group repeaters ( I can’t help it if a group likes dark concepts *cough* VIXX *cough*) but to help me and YOU get in the Halloween Spirit ….I’m not quite sure where that sentence was going. Oh well.

First up is………drum roll please……really you should have figured it out from the title of this post…..THRILLER!! THRILLER NIGH-

Nope.  Before you scratch your pea size heads as to why I would put a MJ song on a KPOP HALLOWEEN list…remember KPOP likes to use a lot of English….because….I don’t know why.  I think I saw it’s to make them more internationally appealing?

This is BTOB’s Thriller song.  It most def has that Halloween feeling.  Graveyards, skulls, men in fringe shirts, chained to the wall with bleach blonde hair….yep. All the things to make a great KPOP MV.

BTOB is a group of 7 that is with CUBE.  I think they debuted in 2013.  They’ve never really gotten too popular although I don’t know why.  The vocal line is super impressive and so is the rap line.  Sungjae, the “baby” has gotten a lot of attention after his School 2013 role as well a ton of endorsements.  They recently released their new comeback MV “Way Back Home” which is an intense 8 min drama.  If you feel like crying go watch it.  As for the song itself…I need to hear it apart from the MV which kind of delegates it to a backing song role.

Anyway back to Thriller.  I hope you enjoy and enjoy the darker side that is BTOB Thriller!!!  


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