Day 3: Monster


HELLO! I hope you had an awesome weekend.  Mine was for the first time in about 2 months -unplanned.  Now that is to say it was slow.

After having my hair done (aka dyed black) I went to Seoul to do some shopping.  I had a few things I knew I wanted to buy -expensive Xmas presents for some of my friends while I had the money-as well as some things for myself.

Before we dive into our KPOP MV of the day, I’m going to recap my Saturday…if you don’t care too bad.

Now just within the past month or so I’ve become a fan of EXO ( don’t wanna talk about it) so when W and I have previously gone to SM Town Store in COEX I couldn’t have cared less about it.

Now…that’s a different story.  But the sad thing is a lot of the stuff tends to be sold out-stuff that being said is usually adorning the walls-pillows, bags etc.

So I’ve found that if you go to the other pop up stores they are actually usually in stock.  So I visited Dongdaemun Plaza.  Well..apparently it was Seoul Fashion week and models were all over the place.  I had to take a long route to get to the store, and battle photographers and fans.  When I finally made it to the store, I got (almost) all the things that I wanted. The girls were really helpful and gave me a ton of free stuff-ballon, cards, etc.  Now I have a Chanyeol balloon I’m not sure what to do with, a ton of Super Junior trading cards.

After I went to Myeongdong to pick up music before heading home.  Korea lately has been a little chilly but this past weekend seemed to be the last warm weather.  I had dumbly brought a jacket and scarf….I was sweating by the end of the day.  All in all…success!

Now moving on….DAY 3  of the KPOP Halloween 13 Day Challenge (excluding weekends).

Today is….BIGBANG’s Monster.

BigBang was actually the very first KPOP band I ever really got into.  I first learned of them after being coerced into watching G Dragon’s “Crayon” (shocking it didn’t scare me away right?) and then learned about the band.  After that…it was 6 months of nothing but BigBang.  That was in the fall/winter of 2013.  And now it’s the fall of 2015…Can’t believe it.

Anyway, it’s very obvious why this made the list.  G Dragon with devil horns.  Taeyang with…a humpback? And they all have creepy eyes.  And the name of the song is Monster.  Pretty much a no brainer.

Ever since Big Bang has made their comeback, I just don’t feel the same way about them that I did back in 2013.  It’s for a fair amount of reasons, but a glaring one is : the comeback.

After waiting for 3ish years, I was less than estatic with the songs they chose to release.  Yes “Loser” and “Sober” are great, but “BaeBae” wants me to be able to unhear a song.  With 3 years of nothing, BB puts out MADE series and while I know a lot of their fans (it really seems international fans) are really happy with it, but most of my friends aren’t pleased.  It seems weak, and average.

It felt like another GDXTY album with the rest of the featuring.  Daesung once again is so underused and Seungri is kind of just there.

I think with current popular artists that gained popularity while BB went on a hiatus, they have been able to fill BB gap well to the point where I almost don’t miss BB.

Now they will always have such a special place in my KPOP heart…but they are like a first love. I hope their new album that is supposed to be released following the end of their world tour will have more of the BB that I really fell for at first.

Anyway….after that rant….enjoy Big Bang’s Monster!


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