Day 6: “Because your body goes boom bara boom.”


Day 6 of the KPOP Halloween Challenge: I kid you not, this is the opening line of our song today.

Boyfriend’s Witch has many a problems, that line being one of them.  The other fact is that despite being called a witch, the MV lacks one, and the lyrics don’t really feel like anything spell binding.

Nevertheless is has the Halloween feel-they are vampires, and the hook does have a slightly “spooky” feel to it.

This was a song I hadn’t paid attention to.  I knew it was released because my friend likes Boyfriend and has the album and poster of it.

They do have another song out that features an Alice in Wonderland MV that is better and cooler, but Witch definetly fits the Halloween mold better.  Even if there aren’t any witches….and I’m being told that my body goes boom bara boom.


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