Day 7 : Shadow Shadow Shadow


So I missed posting last Friday because I was rushing to get to Seoul in time to see “In the Heights” (there will be a separate post about that later).

Number 7 is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands: Shadow by BEAST.

It’s a slightly gothic MV but manages to fit in kind of creepy things like snakes and spiders and Junhhyung rolling his eyes back….

Beast was one of those groups I had heard about but didn’t get to really pay attention until their hit “Good Luck” came out last summer.  Right after I really got into the song, it blew up and I had no choice but to dive into the Beauty fandom.

There really isn’t a weak link when you look at the group at the whole.  Unlike Big Bang where clearly TOP is not a dancer or Block B where Zico really shouldn’t sing, BEAST members all perform everything pretty well.

A lot of people said they would never be able to top Fiction.  Ironically enough I’m not such a fan of the song myself and found that Shadow was the better song and concept. And “Good Luck” just dominated the summer of 2014.

I was so happy I was able to go their concert, especially if the rumors of them enlisting are true.  I’ve been so dissappointed with the way CUBE has been treating BEAST and all of its artists lately.  Barely any promotion.

I hope CUBE figures out the problem soon, otherwise I fear that groups like BEAST aren’t going to be able to reach their true poentieal and just kind of fade off into obscurity.  With all these rookie groups killing it right now, it’s hard to maintain your power and popularity as you get older, especially when your own company gives you a 1 month promotion for your 1+ year comeback

Anyway, back to the whole reason we are doing this, yes Shadow is on the darker side. While not quite as intense as Hyde or Thriller, it’s its own version…the mellow version…like if Hyde and Thriller got off the steroids.

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