Day 8: When Rocky Horror meets KPOP….this…..


Day 8!!! What would some KPOP Halloween challenge be without SHINee????

SHINee almost singlehandedly put me off of KPOP for life when some idiot decided that showing a complete rookie “Lucifer” was the best thing.

Needless to say…to this day that MV still scares me.  I do like the song now though.

But with SHINee’s earlier in the year comeback with View I was really shocked and impressed. The entire album was really good despite there being a creepy clown on the front (there’s the SHINee I knew).

But of course…they repackaged it and gave it a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed cover….two months two early.

When you first watch it, you’re not sure whether to be scared or to laugh.   SHINee parts (yes, I heard it) stolen to make…the perfect man? The song itself isn’t bad, I preferred View, but the MV alone is worth watching.

As for why this made the 13 Day Halloween KPOP Challnege…..yeah there aren’t any questions.

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