Day 11: Crimes, and creepy crawling people


Can you believe it??? It’s the 11th day of this KPOP Halloween Challenge and we are almost finished!

As mentioned last post AKA yesterday, I have decided on adding Honorable mentions because shockingly enough there are just too many dark/Halloween concept videos out there.

So we will kick it off with one that I had planned on using but decided against it.

Block B’s Very Good: Now I know most people would choose to use “Jackpot” instead but I find that Very Good is more of a darker thing. Yes Jackpot has kidnapping, clowns in the opening sequence, slightly crazy carnival theme, but Very Good has clowns robbing a bank, P.O. with red demon horn hair, U-Kwon and his sparkly mask, Zico dressing up with Scary Spice double bun hair and then ….some kind of Marylin Manson (???), Park Kyung’s head on a serving platter, Taeil sharpening his knives like he’s about to eat said Park Kyung head, and BBOMB….in a corset….

The song itself was one of my first favorite KPOP songs, and one that actually got me motivated to get my butt to the gym and work off about 40 lbs.   It’s loud, it’s crazy …it’s Block B so of course it is.

Our official Music Video today is IU’s Lost Child/MIA (미아) Yesterday we did JYJ Jaejoong as only our second solo artist. Today, that is the only thing that is similar about these videos.

The song is much more restrained, and IU’s clear bright voice shines through.  It also is less dark more…weird? I know that’ a horrible word to use (side note I taught this to my Korean friend/tutor last night and now she’s obsessed with using it) but it’s kind of creepy…bizarre?

I read that the story line is that IU travels to the land of the dead in her wedding dress to find her dead husband.  She encounters all these other dead people (?) It’s creepy to see them crawling on the ground and grabbing her…kind of like zombiesque…

While she does find him he hands her their picture and her ring and she returns to the land of the living alone….it’s actually really sad.

However before reading any of that, or seeing the end of the MV I assumed she had walked into this creepy forest and now was about to be kidnapped or attacked by these “people”.

Whatever you find the storyline to be, there is no denying that has a dark quality to it.  I found that I actually enjoy the song as well….so while Jaejoong’s “Mine” failed to really impress me, this is a song I might be adding to my own music collection eventually…if only to be reminded of the weird MV while listening to it.

Only two days left!!!

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