Day 12: Cute Zombies and “scary” wolves


Second to last day of this 13 day KPOP Halloween Challenge!

I can’t believe it!

As today’s subject line says, you can expect cute zombies and “scary” wolves…as anyone who knows me well, these two are backwards.  I am terrified of zombies ( I don’t know when or why this started) and can’t even stand the sight of pictures or previews for the Walking Dead.

But today….that’s all changed.

First up is our honorable mention: SPEED’s Zombie Party.

zombie + party + KPOP = cute nonthreatening zombies.

I know next to nothing about SPEED except that I’ve seen them live at Dream Concert….that’s it. The video itself doesn’t have much to it.  Just them dancing around like zombies, then a girl is randomly in there at one point…I don’t know.  But to me it felt almost satirical-like we weren’t supposed to take them seriously.  I mean the dance …come on.

Also the song while at times had that harsher sounding guitar in it (much like Block B’s Very Good from yesterday’s post) overall it felt like a fun upbeat dance song.  Hence, why I think SPEED as zombies aren’t meant to be scary.

Honestly, the scariest part of the entire song is when they say “we zombie party.”

Official MV: EXO’s Wolf

Here’s the thing…this MV and song is scary…but not for the reasons you think.

  1. The fact that it was a hit.  This song is horrible.  I hated it before I hated EXO. I hated it when I hated EXO.  I still hate it now that I’ve accepted that I “stan” EXO. If I was given the opportunity to unhear a song or unsee a MV….this would probably be #2 right after ikon’s “Rhythm Ta” (sidenote it used to be #1 but ikon’s debut song pisses me off for multiple reasons…beside the fact it basically stole the hook from GDX TY  Good boy)
  2. Fashion Terrorists: Luhan’s fuzzy sleeve collars. Chanyeol in a fedora+  bandanna = painful to look at, D.O. ruffled sleeved shirt (why?), Baekhyun’s blonde perm that makes him look too pretty  which then in turn doesn’t match when you see his armpit hair…. Sehun’s rainbow hair which is bad in and of itself….but when you add in the fact this is supposed to be a slightly darker “wolf ” theme….
  3. The wolf ears choreography I can’t.
  4. The best part about this song is the first 10 seconds with the tree of life…then Chanyeol says : 촉이 와
  5. The translation……if you want to be both amused and slightly horrified….

But the real scariest thing about this entire MV…..

……Kai’s braids.

Ok that concludes my EXO Wolf rant…it’s probably hard to believe that I really do like EXO after that mess…but I just can’t stand that song….my friend suggested I use it and while at first it may not look worthy…but there are many “scary” things in that MV…aside the glowing red eyes wolf sounds.

Tomorrow is the last day! I will do my best because it is not a weekday and as you probably can see I do my best to keep busy on the weekends. But I will try to remember ….hopefully…considering I’ve been waiting to post tomorrow’s since this whole thing started

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