KPOP Halloween : Day 13: Final!! GD vs VIXX


Ok I’m very aware this is super late but due to the fact it was a weekend and my friends dragged me out of my apartment to go to a bar in Suwon….be glad it’s here at all.

Our honorable mention was…..G Dragon Coup D’etat. While not “scary” in the sense of halloween…the creepy factor is a 10. It’s weird, its strange…it’s 50 shades of freaky in a post apocalyptic world. The song itself is a little creepy sounding as well with the continuous mantra “this is my coup d’etat”.  However, for me it was deemed less creepy when my friend Brian decided to add his own soundtrack “this is my coup d’etat….ew” so now I just always think of that.

And our official number 1 Halloween song….VIXX Voodoo Doll.  I had been saving this since the day I decided to do this challenge.  There isn’t really any need as to why this is number one.  It’s gorey, it’s violent, it’s creepy, it sounds evil….there’s math.

It was extremely hard to keep the VIXX MV to two…easily the visually disturbing Error could have made it or the vampire on the mood On and On….but I didn’t think anyone would appreciate a list covered in VIXX…unless you’re a super fan… myself.

Heads up, this is the UNEDITED version, so if you can’t deal with soft horror…than you might want to youtube the clean version.  I mean I’m a scardey cat when it comes to even the slightest horror movie, but I got through this…..but at the same time I can’t watch previews for the walking dead so….watch at your own discretion.

From the beginning where Ken is flung through the air, to the awesome “controlled” dancing and the amazing vocals as usual, this has everything of an amazing VIXX song.

Which brings me to a small minor point-VIXX comeback! Promo’s are out and despite being very upset at Leo’s blond hair (it washes him out badly) I’m ready for this comeback…

Anyway, that concludes our Halloween KPOP challenge….it was fun..I got to watch some MV’s and listen to songs I never would have otherwise.

As for what’s coming next on the blog…I’ve decided to keep doing this once a day video thing.  It keeps me motivated to update everyday.. While it might not always be the focus of the entry or even a “challenge”, I think it will keep my and hopefully any of you sad suckers reading this, entertained.

With my birthday coming up, I’ve decided to do a countdown of my favorite KPOP songs starting today and running through Friday (because I’m not sure if I will remember to update during the weekend). This will be in the following post as well as my weekend visit to Bukchon village.


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