Day 1~Happy Early Birthday to Meeee!!!


It’s the last day of my favorite song Birthday countdown!

It also happens to be 4 days until VIXX’s comeback…but must…control…the feels.

Luckily this morning I had no 1st period class so I could watch the latest VIXX trailer for Chained Up…..10 times…in a row.

The beat is the same one as was in the (nosebleed causing) choreography trailer. It sounded so “unVIXX” like but with it being in both trailers I guess that’s it. It has a slower beat which isn’t typically not VIXX style but…at the same time this is VIXX…so not only will they pull this style off flawlessly but they will kill every Starlight in the process…myself included.

Yesterday I mentioned that I did want to give 3 songs Honorable mentions because while I felt they weren’t quite up to par with the others, they still are very important,

1 Circle of Life- One of my favorite movies of all time is The Lion King.  And while I do love the soundtrack and the music, I don’t think I would say one song in particuarly is my favorite.  I love the movie as a whole: the music, the story, the characters. The music is just a small part of it.  But it adds so much to the story.  Circle of Life is my favorite song not only because it really is the theme of the entire movie but because it’s such a full and rich sound.  All Disney movies have amazing soundtracks.  That’s probably why I own so many.

2 Golden Oldies-This is such a large  broad group and the reason why it couldn’t be included. I don’t have a particular song, but songs from 1940’s to the 1970’s I love it all. I love crooners, mo-town-the whole mix.  I grew up listening to my parents music because well…I had no other choice. But then I really grew to appreciate it in a way that  I never did as a child. I have Frank Sinatra on CD as well as Big Band Hits (Yes I totally initially wrote big bang and wondered why it looked funny). I have Mo-town hits and the temptations. It’s a whole mess of music.  That’s why when people say what music do you like to listen to and I reply with “just about anything” I really do mean it. I have such a wide range of interests as probably visible from these posts. It’s not a bragging thing because I know what it’s like to get a look when you say you love jamming out in the car to Vivaldi.

Though I’m not as openly vocal about liking different types of music as I am with KPOP it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

3. EXO Don’t Go- As of right now, this is one of the songs that i have on repeat on my ipod.  There isn’t much of significance to the song other than that it was the song that made me realize that yeah…EXO actually can sing and yeah…D.O.’s voice is like warm honey sliding down hot toast.

Even though “Angel” was their first song I liked and listened to without wanting to kill myself, “Don’t Go” was the song that not got me into their music as a whole, but also made me want to learn more about them.

And as much as I really really really like EXO (now) I’m still really new to them, Thus honorable mention.

(This is the Korean Version from their XOXO album- I really like this version a lot better because In live versions with the addition of EXO M Chen and Lay take over a lot of D.O. and Baekhyun’s lines which…I’m not such a fan of because their voices don’t fit the song as well in my opinion )

And let’s get to the final two songs on the Birthday Song Countdown list thing.

#2 is – G.R.8.U. 대.다.나.다.너. – VIXX

This song….this group actually. I will always equate VIXX with first arriving in Korea.  And I will always remember this as the song that I knew I could make it here.

Even though I went to their concert, enjoyed the show and the music, it wasn’t until I was riding a 4 hour to Busan that I realized that this song and that band had come into my life at that point in time for a reason.

It’s a little hard to explain but let me try. It was a frigid March. I had like 2 friends in all of Korea. I was in an apartment that had no bed frame (and still doesn’t). My Korean (while still not great) was even worse back then. I was at a job I had never done before with children. I felt like I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

And then, I went to the VIXX concert. And it gave me something to focus on. The band gave me something to be interested in. It took my negative attention of what I didn’t have, and gave me positive thinking towards all the new things I was going to learn. VIXX through their music and just the timing they came into my life really helped me get through the first few months I was here.

It distracted me from thinking of what I was missing.

GR8U while not a groundbreaking song by any means, sound wise or lyrically, for some reason was the song I latched onto.  It’s a pretty upbeat song, and one of their less “dark” concepts. But I think the idea that it felt like it could make any day better was what really got to me. To this day, if I feel sad, or distracted, or I just need something happy I put the song on. And it takes me back to rememebing that everything would be ok.

You know how people say smell is the strongest form of memory? Well in my case, songs come right after that. It takes me back to whenever I first heart it/fell in love with it. And it’s a happy time.

GR8U isn’t meant to be a sad song at all but for some reason I get a mildly bittersweet feel.  Maybe because I know that it’s the calm before the storm-the “prequel” to Hyde (which…came out before hand but they rewound…it’s hard to explain just google it).

Not to mention that the MV itself is SUPER white and colorful and bright…and backwards. They had to memorize the song backwards. There are clips of them learning how to sing it’s impressive.

Not to mention they all look great! Even N’s RED hair.

It’s not hard to wonder why VIXX closed out their Utopia tour with this song. It’s the one song from that night that I knew I really liked and I spent the entire week searching for it.

GR8U is most likely the only song where I don’t want to change a single thing about it. It’s perfect in every aspect for me.

So without further ado, my favorite KPOP song…

……. and #1 : Waltz  Of  the Flowers -Nutcracker (I don’t want to bother spelling Pytor T’s last name)

Shocking right? LOL If you know me maybe not too much. Before musicals, before KPOP, before anything else I listened to classical music. It was everywhere.

Because I sang a lot in church it was usually classical music. And as I got older, singing in choirs in catholic schools and college choirs usually equates to classical songs.

One of the first movies I remember is Fantasia-a compilation of classical songs put to animation.  A lot of people I know don’t like it but I love it.

I didn’t mind one bit. I was trained as a classical soprano and it’s where my voice is more comfortable.

Classical music is timeless. You have your originals like Beethoven or Mozart (my personal favorite-seriously, I have a 4 disc set of his). You have your vocal chorales like Rutter. You have modern composers like Morten Lauridsen (Check out his O magnum mysterium).  There were will always be strings and woodwinds and horns and percussion. And there will always be people playing them. And there will always be people singing.

What I love about a piece like Waltz of the Flowers is that it has no vocals/words and it still can make you feel something. It can move you without having to be told why. Like Fantasia it paints any picture you want. You get to feel however you want to it. You can imagine it however you want to.  It’s listening freedom.

It also is only enhanced when listening to it while watching the beautiful Nutcracker Ballet.

Classical music is something deeply rooted in my own musical history, so when people look at me like I’m crazy for loving hundreds of years old music written by dead white guys, I don’t bother to explain. So I wasn’t brought up on rap or funk or disco. Classical music is “my style” And it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

And that’s the end of this birthday song countdown.

Next week, I will be moving on to my favorite TV series. Although I will say that November 10th, there might be a slight detour due to the fact that VIXX’s comeback is that day. Like…even though I was in the country for Love Equation comeback, I had no clue and didn’t bother picking up a copy until the promotions were over.

This time-all signed up for Starlight, VIXX Lightstick, all physical albums..ready for this comeback.

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