Can’t Say


Now that things are finally settling down a bit I’m going to try to get into the habit of at least posting once  a week again.

Today’s title is from VIXX’s Japenese single-which was also recorded in Korean and put on their latest album. If you can’t guess….today is going to be major VIXX themed. If you don’t like…bye bye.

I’m down to just 1 more lesson (2 for some classes) and then I can let the kids watch a movie.

Luckily I was told that I can reuse some of the summer camp themes because the students will be completely different…but I also had to come up with 5 more topics.

Because of MERS camp was moved to a 7 day period where I only taught for 80 mintues  per grade level.  But this time I am going to be teaching 2 80 minute segemetns instead for 2 weeks.  I will be dying to sleep on that plane.


This past weekend was actually just what I needed. As previously mentioned, I had to deal with a death in the office, attending my first korean funeral, trying to fight not getting sick (here’s a spoiler, I lose) and getting ready for the end of the semester/finishing my winter camp plans.


I woke up Saturday tired and much sicker but I was able to pull my (sick) self out of bed and go to Seoul. Whitney and I both were wanting to go to the VIXX exhibit and there was no way I was passing that up.

I was able to sleep on the bus….until I realized just like Air Con in summer, Koreans don’t understand that you don’t have to keep the system on the whole time.  I started to sweat about an 1 into the ride.  As my friends know I’m not someone who complains about heat much.

It didn’t help that we got stuck in major traffic due the the city hall protests. I was so thankful to get the hell off of the bus.

From there it was an easy subway ride to the exhibit. Anyone looking to go (I was told it ends sometime mid January??? I don’t know but hurry and go!) it’s at the Gangnam Tourist center which is located directly outside of exit 6 at the Apgujeong Stop (not rodeo) .


We wound up taking much longer but I should have expected that.  e immedietly got distracted upon entering. There is a large standup of all of them covered in sticky notes.  So we decided to do our own sticky note.  However between us not knowing what to write and talking like we hadn’t seen each other since the last coming of Christ, we took about 15 minutes just to make two sticky notes.  Sad.


After that the exhibit was on the second floor with a few pictures and 1 display on the way leading up.

It had the Voodoo Suits, the “cane”, different size voodoo dolls.  Both Whitney and I were shocked by how much bigger Leo’s suit was than everyone else’s-especially in the shoulder area.

After we managed to tear outselves away from that…we stumbled upon a group of starlights staring at the big screen that was showing all their MV in order and other behind the scenes videos.  Though the actual area isn’t huge, it was really nice.  There weren’t so many people that it was bothersome or that you couldn’t get pictures of what you wanted.

The main display area had the white version of the “On and On” navy suits, Vixx TV microphones, individual memebers things, pictures, slogans, the new bracelet (which mine came on friday!!!), and a lot more that my brain is now remembering. There will be pictures below.

There was also a lot of cute poloroids on the walls.

The piano from VIXX LR was there and signed and you could totally sit on it. Whitney said she had to touch where Ravi touched. Yeah. 🙂

There was also the stand ups that you could take a picture with which of course we had to do  Luckily real VIXX is taller because Whitney wound up being the same height as Hongbin and taller than N…which I don’t think is true.

EXO previously had been there and they had their handprints on the wall .

After tearing ourselves away we went in search of jellyfish entertainment. However we came from a different way than the instructions and wound up walking in the opposite direction.

Eventually we found it. It is so close to the main road that when you look down the street you see the giant Chained Up Poster.  It’s really close to the Apgujeong Station (I’m not sure which exit -sorry!) but I remember there is an Innisfree near the outside…and it’s not as far away as some maps say it is.

We went home on the bus and then had this really intense flavored honey garlic chicken from BBQ Chicken and then of course we wanted Baskin Robbins afterwards.


We exchanged our gifts. I got her the Suho paper toy pillow she wanted and then printed out the Ravi user guide.  But the highlight of course was my wonderfully written story that involved her many “horse faced” suitors. It’s one of those “how drunk  were you when you wrote this” kind of story. But I think it was pulizter work myself.


She gave me a ton of 2PM stuff, photocards from BAP and TEEN TOP fan meets and events, new mugs ( I sadly recently broke two mugs including the Leo mug….not happy) and the Beautiful Liar Leo poster she had had but didn’t want. So all in all it was a good gift exchange.


We then somehow wound up watching EXO’s first and second box (well parts of it).  She’s not a real big EXO fan outside of listening to their music, knowing 3 members and seeing them in concert.  But now she told me she thinks she can name at least a few more by name and face.


She had her BTS exhibition the next day and I wound up meeting my two friends here in Pyeongtaek where we  ate Indian and had “productive day” Sadly I was distracting and didn’t want to do any work and wound up budgeting for my next two paychecks which sucks because I am going to have to send the majority of that money back to the USA to pay of credit card bills.


With only a few more weeks left of actual school, and then winter camp, I should have more time to up date.

This coming weekend won’t be to exciting luckily so I can completely get rid of this cold but the following weekend is major Christmas shopping time and THe Nutcracker ballet as well.

I might start a twelve day Christmas song countdown to keep myself committed to blogging but that wouldn’t be starting until the 14th of December…so an entire week. It would be a mix of winter themed songs, religious songs (not pushing christianity on anyone here! I just happen to like these songs) KPOP christmas songs…and others.


As for today’s post I think that’s about it.



Voodoo Doll display


The cane they stabbed each other with.


Cute Polaroids ….sadly Ravi at the bottom got the glare


N from Eternity and Leo from…his single with Lyn (I think)


More Voodoo Doll Display


Ken’s suit





Handsome Leo… or the man without a shirt as my mom called him


I wanted N’s earmuffs so badly!


Leo’s illegible signature


Outside Jellyfish Entertainment


N looking so fly in that hat


It’s always bothered me that Jellyfish logo is in fact …a goldfish…but it houses so many great artists…can’t complain


Wound up a little blurry because it was so high up and i’m not by survey standards an average height for a woman


I wanted those mugs…especially after breaking Leo mug


Ravi’s loopy signature


The infamous piano..


VIXX TV microphones….dying of laughter at the Leo TV that clearly never happened


EXO Love! Kyungsoo!


More EXO love because…how cute does DO look here




Voodoo Doll Display


Why so cute Ken?


Last year’s seasons greetings calendar …and I just ordered my 2016 so excited!



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