On the 10th day (before) Christmas …


…my students gave to me…exhaustion and too much talking.

Today was the final class for 5-5 and 5-3: the two classes I still to this day have troubling telling apart (by number).


Oh 5-5….for a few weeks they made me want to throw the lot of them out the window.

Yes while there are quite a few smart students who pay attention, as a class they tend to get rowdy and talkative.

Originally I liked this class.  It wasn’t a bad class-it was just a class. Then somewhere in the middle of the year they became super loud and obnoxious, finally culminating in one student throwing a paper ball at my head and his friend trying to climb out of a 5th story window.

After that, I cracked down on them, with a little help from their homeroom teacher, and surprsingly they settled down a little.  With the teacher change, they got even better.  I don’t know what happened but I guess when I stopped disliking them so much, they began to act better.

I learned 1 very important lesson from this class.  You may really dislike a class or some of your students, but you can’t let that show or affect how you interact with them.  If they know you don’t like them,  they are not going to want to like you or bother with class.

Once I realized this, things began to look up.

While our final class today was extremely loud and they wasted a lot of time talking so their game was very short, they have come a far way from where they were.

This class has my student Edward in it who likes to stay after class so we talk about KPOP-specifically VIXX and EXO.  He is a big Starlight and we both fan”peopled” (?) over their recent Chained up Comeback and EXO’s Sing for You comeback. He is one of my favorite students and I will miss him a lot next year.


This class has had an interesting year.  Even though they tend or be a little bit loud, they were good throughout the entire year.  They are a very smart class despite having a few students who are poor English Skills.

They were always the “open class” class but they never let it affect them.

They really like to come to class and participate (sometimes too much). One student in particular has a low level of English and always asks for me to help him. He tries very hard despite not knowing too much but I’m proud of him for trying instead of staring at his book like some other students.

I will miss this class a lot because they always gave me energy.

Ohio (he lived in Ohio for a few years) and his English will hopefully get better.  I don’t want him to lose it.

Taemin -Sadly I remember his name easy because well….SHINee….funny kid who will go places with his smart brain.

Lena is a bright student as well who I think will be able to do great things.

Over all I will miss them on Wednesdays.


Moving on: Today’s MV is….All I Want For Christmas!

Because what kind of Christmas countdown would this be without it!

Everyone loves this song (sometimes a little too much) and everyone tries to make covers.  Sadly I don’t think this song is meant for everyone.  I heard Michael Buble cover it and while yes he has a lovely tone and power to support….it was just not good.

I loved the version in Love Actually but I will post the oringal M.C. version and hope you guys enjoy it!



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