On the ninth day before christmas


My students gave to me…a  relatively easy day.


Last week was the final class for bith 5-1 and 5-9 so we covered it.

Today was word search, coupon candy book and movie (and game for 5-1) who didn’t get to play.

I get a riot watching my students play the Jurassic Park Bomb game.  Not only do I love the dinosaurs but I don’t always rememebr what is going to happen next so their reaction and mine are usually the same.

I don’t like to use too many computer games for my students because they spend all day looking at a TV, and their phone screen, so I want them to be able to move around which is why they and I both love the stick game.

But once in a while, these bomb games are fun.  If you are looking for materials, you can check out waygook which has a ton of course and you’ve probably already visited it.

However if you are like me and you don’t want to go online to do it, I might be able to attach it to this post. Don’t hold your breath over it though.


5-9 surprisingly was good today.  Maybe it was that they didn’t have to do work, or it was candy day, but the students were nice, asking me how my cold was and questions about KPOP. It was the class that I remember in the beginnnig of the year, and I really wondered where they went.


Because there isn’t a review of my classes today, I shall review my office work space and co teachers.

To begin, the co teacher that manages me, and I have come a long way.  At the beginning of the year I felt that I could do no right, and I was constantly being scolded.  Also she was quiet and cold and a little hard on the students.

Now looking back, yes she is harder than I think I would be on them, but for some of them, this might be the first look at discipline they’ve ever had.  And going into sixth grade next year, and then middle school the following, they need at least some form of learning how to behave as an older kid in the classroom.

Also I think because I am not a very outgoing person unless I have to be or I get really excited about something or I’ve known you for as long as dinosaurs ruled the earth, it wasn’t a comfortable situation.  Usually you have one person in a relationship who is the talkitive and loud one, but neither of us were which made for a slightly awkward situation.  While to this day I still feel a little awkward at times, the moments are less and I feel more comfortable talking about things I need to discuss.

Now onto my male co.  Who I miss everyday terribly.  Who I saw this morning and got way to excited about it. Good news: he won’t be leaving until March. Bad news….he’s leaving in March.

At first I was kind of nervous about having a male co teacher , and then when I learned we were both first time teachers I thought this would be a nightmare.  Turns out for most of our classes we were able to work through some intersesting times together: 5-5 descending into madness, 5-2 insane English skills, 5-1’s phoenix journey….it’s been a great learning experience. We has such a great flow and the kids picked up on it.  I’m still really sad about him leaving but I’m trying to do my best to accept the fast pace change that Korea seems to do so well.


Last is my new co teacher.  I feel like with her, she is more of a friend or in Korean I would call her 언니. I felt bad because I got a little frustrated at times because she didn’t understand but then I had to take a step back and think about it.  She was coming into a situation at the end, having to take over elementary school students when she had only ever taught secondary school.  She had to learn how to deal with students crying and saying things like “I hate you ” and the incessent talking.

But she has been so kind to me and she makes me want to do a better job so it won’t be as hard on her.

I am going to miss her so so much when she leaves but hopefully we will keep in touch as she lives in Songtan, a few towns over.


Now onto the Christmas part.  Today’s song will be…..drum roll please…

I am doing my best to space out KPOP and religious songs.  I don’t want to do the same old boring songs that you will hear on the radio, and because in the USA they tend to play the same 100 songs over and over again..so here is some variety…for you.

Today is CUBE christmas feat. BEAST BTOB 4MINTUE, G.NA and a few others that I don’t remember. It’s actually a really cute song and has a pretty good feel for a Christmas song.

I hope you enjoy.



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