On the sixth Day before christmas…


….I had the most bipolar weekend.

First. I will preface: this is Sunday’s posting that I didn’t post on Sunday because I was in Seoul dealing with the fact someone stole my wallet from my bag.


I’ve always believed that Seoul was relatively safe.

But with the amount of people shopping, it’s not too surprising that Myeongdong would be a hot spot for crime.


I had a great Saturday-meeting my one friend, and going to see the Nutcracker with the other.

But when we went shopping in Myeongdong, after I had withdrawn 90,000 Won, my entire wallet was stolen out of my bag.


Luckily other than money and an expired driver’s lisscene, all that was in there of importance was my ARC card.


I will have to go to Suwon tomrrow to reapply for a new one which will set me back 30,000 won. So between the stolen money and having to apply for a new ARC card, I will be out 110,000 of a budget that I had so carefully put together.


The nutcracker was wonderful and we had amazing seats for such a good price. Sometimes it pays to be a foreigner and sadly sometimes it  doesn’t.


When I went to the police station located in an area where there are not only a lot of foreingers, but  a lot of shops with sales associates who speak multiple languages, the police station not only was of no help, but when an English speaker tried to help me, they completely ignored us and only said to get my passport and bring it to them.


Like, hello we said that I live in Gyeonggi-do like 2 hours away.  How the hell am I supposed to do that?


It was sad that something as important as the police station did not have the necessary skills to help me with a stolen wallet, but down the street I could have help buying soap at Nature Republic in three different langauges.  I’m not saying the police should be required to speak English. But in a forienger shopping district where sales associates speak many languages, obivoulsy catering to foreingers, how is it your police station doesnt’?


Anyway this post will end here with today’s Christmas post because I’m too tired and annoyed from this weekend.

Clearly I won’t be home for Christmas though.


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