On the second day before christmas…


….I realized that my posts might have been way out of order or I might have skipped a day.


Forgive my confusion due to traveling all over Seoul this past weekend, having my wallet stolen, and then having to travel to Suwon for a new ARC card.


The good news: I applied sucessfully for the ARC in record time thanks to having an F4 status visa.  I’ve heard from my other friends it can take hours.  And when I had to go pay for the card, I had to walk in the waiting room and saw the line.

Sometimes it really does pay to be a gyopo.


I spent more time getting to Suwon than actually being in it.  I thought back to the last time I was there.  Yes it was just as cold.  But that’s about where the similarities stop.

I felt more comfortable, and I was less attached to my phone, worried I was going in the wrong direction. I’ve been all over Seoul, knowing how the subway works, can navaigate my way around Busan, heck I’ve even been to Jeju Do.

I can’t believe that it’s been less than a year.

Bad news: I still have to wait 3 weeks for my ARC.  Hopefully it will get here sooner than that because I will be leaving for American before that.  I would like to have it before then.


Yesterday was also my last class with 5-8.

They were a class I oringally liked a lot.  But then, they got too quiet, and sleepy and our final class was less than exciting.  I had them read the story 3 times.

I don’t think they are at that age yet where they can fully grasp that the longer they delay whether by talking or not doing the work, they waste game time.  I try to explain that to them and even my co does, but they don’t seem to care.

I was happy to see that one student whom I thought must have left for another school (this happens quite often apparently) was in the hospital.  I don’t know quite what happened but his knee had been cut open and then sewn back together.  It was kinda gross but I’m glad that Jaewon is back and healthy.


As for today’s Christmas MV, I’ve finally decided to do….EXO! Yes they have their new Christmas single out “Sing for You” which is really good/ sad and I love how the acoustics make it sound like they are singing right next to you.  But I love “Miracles in December” as well which was their first song.

It’s only the vocal line: though DO and Luhan switch out during the Korean/Mandarian versions.

But because I like the way Korean sounds better, and I’m DO biased, I’ve put the link to the Korean version.  Feel free to watch the Mandarian version as well,though I guess DO has to sing it in Chinese now that …you know Luhan peaced.  Also if you get a chance also listen to the “sing for you” single which really is heartbreaking.

Though I still find the whale kinda strange, and the MV super depressing, I guess I’m glad that they’ve acknowledged all the issue this past year and are starting to either really get used to being 9 and are happy now despite being depressed and upset about it in the past.


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