Let It Go


I’ve never been someone who was obsessed with Frozen. I didn’t find it revolutionary or overly original and the songs got on my nerves before I even saw the movie. (My friend forced me to watch it as a goodbye gift).

However, it’s now that I find that the song is one that fits how I feel now.

I spent the day doing the things that I needed: buying what I needed, seeing some friends, packing while watching TV. And I did this all alone.

At first I found this slightly sad and lonely and I felt angry. My mom still playing the victim has now decided that she will “let me do” my thing..whatever that is.

She still doesn’t get it. She is still under the impression that I want to be free and do my own thing and go places alone. Uh hello-if I wanted to do that why the hell would I fly 20 hours and spend 1200$ to do so.

I spend a lot of time alone, without any hugs or anything of the sort, in Korea which is fine and I’m used to it.  So the last thing I would want to do when I’m home is be alone without anyone to offer to come shopping with me or spend time with me.

It’s sad that she still just doesn’t get it. I guess I’m abnormal-if I wasn’t going to see my child or close family member for at least 1 year or possible more than that, I wouldn’t spend the the final few days avoiding them. I would try to spend as much time with them.


Then I realized, that I need to just…let it go.

I’ve always struggled with holding onto grudges. And I used to be slightly vengeful about it. Then I learned in my time in Korea that while I don’t need to hold grudges….I don’t necessarily need to be Ms. Forgive and Forget.

Even though Vanderpump Rules is as about as Trashy as you can get, I did get some valuable advice: “you do you and I’ll do me.”


I take this as, I have no ill will towards you, but don’t expect me to reach out to you. Like with two of my new friends in Korea who haven’t reached out in weeks, I can’t waste my time waiting around for people to get it.

I have to now move forward with my life. If those friends choose to be apart of it, it’s on them to make it right .

It’s always harder with family.

You expect that family is supposed to love you unconditionally and always support you. They are always the ones that are supposed to reassure you and reach out and try. But passive aggressiveness and lack of acknowledging the problem and actively trying to fix it…it’s then that you have to just “let it go”.

My mom despite “hearing” me still doesn’t get it. She still thinks that it’s this “I’m trying to control your life and I’m too much in your life I need to back off”. She has no clue and no amount of talking will she understand. And I can’t make her which is the sad part. Hopefully when she doesn’t see her daughter for 1-3 years or is effectively uninformed of my life, she will finally get it.


I only have 24 hours left in this house with my family and the fact that she chooses to spend it in silence and civil manner with passive aggressive notes just solidifies my belief that I have decided right. If there is any possibility of mending this relationship it really will depend on how she manages it. It’s more than just an apology of any sort. Words don’t mean a thing when there are no actions connected to it. Not only did she ruin my final 5 days here, but  5 days that we could have spent together. And that’s something that as I mentioned before, I can never forgive.  Making up for that will include something that is beyond what I can imagine at the moment.


After much inner turmoil, and agony and pain and unstable emotions, I have come to the decision that I will have to react to this the same as any other failed relationship. It’s the same feeling when my friends bailed on my two weekends in a row and failed to invite me out.

I felt sad and confused and upset. And then I realized why am I relying on someone else to make me happy? I have to do me.  And all the other crap, pain, disgust, hurt….I have to just…let it go.

Somebody that I used to Know


Originally when I thought of using this as a title, I was going to talk about how it’s a shame that with some songs, I love the lyrics but hate the melodies, or vice versa (which is less common for me) however it’s with a heavy heart that this has now turned into something less light and happy and something a little more depressing.


I went back to Maryland for my first visit in a year. I didn’t have the sudden culture shock like everyone kept saying I was going to have. Yes I still have to remember that I swipe my own card, and try to do my best when cashiers try to engage in conversation. But other than a few simple things I’ve adjusted well.

However my first three days here I was bed ridden with the stomach flu I picked up on the way here and even had to go to the hospital. It really ruined a lot of my plans and now I’ll have to figure out what to do with the bill when it comes in.

Then we had a huge snow storm which I usually don’t mind but the plows didn’t come for 3 days and I had things that I needed to do. I never made it to church or the massages I had booked and I had to redo my Philadelphia trip.


Sadly that wasn’t even the worst part of this trip.

Growing up my mom and I would fight and it lasted until I a few years ago when I thought we developed more of an adult relationship. When she came to visit with my dad in Korea it was an amazing week where nothing went wrong.

I guess I was naive thinking that coming back to Maryland was going to be just as great. But once again we got back into old routine. She doesn’t understand I’m joking and then  gets all offended and then says that I am an ungrateful spoiled brat.Then she gets it into her head that she’s trying to control my life (where the fuck did this thought come from??) and that she should just let me do what I want.


This time it stemmed from the fact that my old friend wanted to bring her boyfriend that I never met to our dinner. I was a little annoyed that this would be the first time we’ve seen each other in a year and might not see each other for another year or more. But according to my mom I am being selfish and need to understand that she has a boyfriend whom she wants me to meet. It then blew up from there, where yet again she wasn’t abel to just say “yeah that’s not cool” or ” you shouldn’t have to entertain someone you don’t know in your limited time here” like all my other friends. At first I thought maybe I was being unreasonable but when I talked to all my friends who have no problem being straight with me, it was clear that my mom was wrong.

Sadly this continued to blow up and we spent the 3 hour ride to my grandpa’s house in silence. My grandpa and I don’t really have a loving relationship I guess you could say. Ever since I went to college I feel like I’m a failure to him-anytime I think I’m going to do something that he will be proud of he has to counter it by saying what he did when he was younger and how that was better.

I don’t care at this point anymore and just let him say what he wants to. But apparently this is rude according to my mom. The last time I tried to speak my mind with my grandpa and his wife I was rude…can’t win apparently. I also wanted to listen to them. They’ve been sick and I’ve always been more of a listener.

I don’t mean to sound like a 100% bitch but those who are quiet are listening, allowing people who love to talk make asses out of themselves, and the smart ones don’t.


when we got back in the car, she swore at me, told me she was basically done with me and my life and trying to be the best mom she could be etc. I explained my side and we talked for a little but I knew at that point, the relationship was officially over.

I got yelled at because I chose to sit in silence rather than make things worse with snarky comments. This apparently was rude as hell.

Then I got yelled at because I was ungrateful and never thanked her for driving me. Well the trip hadn’t finished yet and I was planning on buying her lunch and spending time together when we got back. That never happened.

I managed to try to make the best of it. When we were in Philadelphia she abandoned me in the hotel room and I did what I had to do, visited my old school and saw my friends. Then this morning she tried two times to act like things were better.

This goes back to the root of the problem. I’m not a person who likes to pretend or bullshit. I tried it in Korea and it was exhausting and wound up just making me unhappy and friends that I don’t really care about.

When I was civil but short, that caused more problems. I thought being civil was being more than generous to her but clearly it was rude. I told her the day before, the relationship is fractured and I don’t care to fix it. I’m not the parent. I will go on, have a life and a family, and if she wants to be a part of that she has to reach out to me.


It’s a shame that she ruined the last few days of my vacation and our relationship but I read articles that say sometimes when our parents are toxic in our lives it’s best to let them go. I find this is true with my friends in life. It’s just a little different with family.


I understand that time and distance may heal, but I will NEVER forgive her for ruining these last few days here. Not only is she ruining any fun I will try to have with my friends here because this will weigh on my mind, but she is also ruining the last few days we may see each other for a few years. And that’s what I will never forgive her for. It’s not the fact that I’m on vacation or that I am even in my childhood home.

It’s the fact that I don’t know when the next time I will see  her or my dad or Logan -I don’t really want to come back and may not have the money (or want to spend the money and time and vacation days) to come back for a few years. And I know she won’t be coming to Korea any time soon so … I guess I won’t be seeing my family for a few years. And this is how it will end. And that’s what I will always be unable to forgive.

I have one good friend who has a strained relationship with her parents and she came back to America the same time I did but she had been gone for a year and a half. She told me day 1 she knew that she was ready to go back. She only felt happy when she went to visit her grandmother. It’s strange to think that my relationship will be like that from now on.

People thought it was strange that I would talk so much with my mom but I guess now I will be like all my other friends who Skype maybe once ever few months and that’s it.

I guess when I get back to Korea I will ready start focusing on developing my future life there and establishing a solid community. My good friends don’t live so close but we always have events that keep us busy. I have already planned to do some traveling as well that will keep my busy.


So it’s with  a heavy heart that I will be doing all my errands alone, and spending time quietly in my room. I guess if I have to be in a place where I’m going to not talk to anyone , I’d rather be in my apartment where I don’t have to walk on tension filled eggshells.

Saturday cannot get here fast enough.

Korea Nation Army


…ok before you go crazy thinking I”m posting about political crap or Korean Army facts, please know this is from the White Stripes “Seven nation army”.


Seven nation army is a song the Baltimore Ravens play as a “wind up/hype” cheer.

Today for camp I taught my girls a little something about American Football.

Personally I find American Football hard to understand let alone teach, I only taught the girls about 4 teams and the states they come from.

They learned about Denver Broncos, Texas Cowboys, Pittsbugh Steelers and the Batlimore Ravens. I promise it is more exciting than that but at the moment I’m not feeling particuarliy creative.

Then they did this intense maze that even I couldn’t do and finally the activity for the day. I taught them how to throw a football. They were pretty impressive. I didn’t want them to stay outside too long because of the temperature and snow but they asked for the football and proceeded to play outside for an additional 10 minutes.

I think back to when I was their age and would give anything to play outside in the snow.


After that we had a scavenger hunt and then finished the day up with some worksheets. Tomorrow is the last day of camp which I will be sad to see. The girls are great students and kids and I have fun teaching them.  I feel more relaxed with their age group and their abilities than with the 3/4 graders.


I always thought I would want to teach the 3/4 younger kids because they behave better and are cuter but I’m really loving teaching these “pre middle” schoolers. Their at a level where we can talk but they still enjoy some activities.

I’m nervous about having to start all over with new kids and I will so miss my current fifth graders so much. I wish I could keep some of them forever at this age and never let them grow up to become the moody teenagers but to stay cute fifth graders.


As far as getting ready for America goes…I skipped out on the gym to get stuff done yersterday. I wound up having to do my laundry and hang it inside my apartment rahter than my balcony.  When it’s sunny and warm I can hang my laundry out on rack like it’s supposed to be, but when it’s so cold, the balcony is too cold so I have to hang my clothes inside my apartment which makes for an annoying and limited laundry schudele.


Tomorrow will be the intense packing because I still need to pick up some things before I leave on saturday.

Yeah…that’s today’s post. Nothing too exciting going on except rewatching “To the beautiful you” drama at school because it reminds me of summer…and I love summer. I will start Hongbin and Lee Hyun Woo’s drama after I finish out this week when I have time to sit and doing nothing.

Kids better have my money…


As I type this I’m trying to recover from my upper body workout.  Not only did I crush those weights at the gym but I also managed to learn that my gym has another zumba class on tuesdays, thus eliminating that dreaded cardio at the end.

It also helps that my new motivation at the gym happens to be very cute men.

Staying motivated throughout the week, especially when it’s so cold outside is difficult. While I feel crappy when I don’t go and great when I’m there/finished, getting my fat butt there is the hard part.


That’s why the past few weekends instead of boring myself at the gym, I’ve done activities like hiking that have kept me moving but are more engaging than staring at red dots on a treadmill signifying that you are going no where fast.


The next activity I really want to do and have been wanting to do since last spring is go biking along the Han River.  You can rent bikes at many different points along the river, some apparently are even free. I’ve googled other blogs that have maps and locations so I won’t put it here for you-also since I have yet to go I don’t want to act as if I’m reviewing them.


Because I will be heading to the USA for the next few weeks, that activity will have to wait and possibly a little longer as spring time might be a better time.  The weather will be nicer but the yellow dust will be here too…

I like doing activities in the cold that keep your body warm because in summer it’s just too hot. So I think biking will be a good activity that will keep me warm.

After that…I don’t know yet. I will have to research some more. I really want to look more into hiking around Korea. I know that Seorakson National Park in Gangwon Do is supposed to be the Be all end all to hiking in Korea. I read online they even have some trails that are over night. The summit is about 1800m which is more than double what I did for Suwon so maybe I will have to work my way up to that.

Also it doesn’t look like it’s an any place to get to without a car. But maybe I can convince Emily and Rob to go with me.


Moving on to camp…today was music and money day. The girls learned about popular music in America and listened to/watched songs. They were really intrigued by Tarzan’s Trashin’ The Camp, the trailer for Lion King on Broadway and amused by NSYNC Bye Bye Bye!


After music we did money day which is always a favorite of mine. We did the auction which is funny-some want to spend all their money others want to keep their money despite having 762$ to play with.

In the end I got to sell all my unwanted posters to the girls including BTS, IU and sneaky Sehun.


Then after we did something I never thought I would be able to do-play Monoppoly with the girls. They listen and play so well. While yes I had to be the adult and explain directions and read the cards to them, it was so much fun. We didn’t get too far into the game because of time but they loved to buy up properties and were waiting for money from Pass Go like how I wait for the 17th of the month to come for payday.

Tomorrow is football and scavenger hunt and I hope it will warm up at least a little bit. Yesterday was the coldest day of the year and this morning I woke up to snow on the ground.

On top of that my hands aren’t used to being in this dry weather so my finger pads looking  like a cross between a burn and soaking in water for too long. I used the nature republic hand masks last night which has taken the initial edge off but they are still pretty darn sore.

The dry weather in korea is no joke. I’m of course used to living in ever humid baltimore so even when it’s winter it’s still no necessarily dry.

Between waking up with a throat sealed shut, fingers and palms peeling, lips chapped, and face always needing mist, it’s safe to say I miss the humidity of Korea. At least I could stand that.


I’m now only a Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday away from being back home.

I have a few mixed emotions about it. I know that I am happy to see my family and friends of of course Logie, but I’ve gotten into a comfortable routine here and I will definetly miss it at home. I also won’t have a car which limits what I can and can’t do.

It will be nice to have a hot hot shower (right now mine are a little above luke war)  a warm house and many other things. But I will miss being able to do my own thing in my own place, not having to keep the sink clean, not being able to hop on the bus or subway and easily get somewhere, not being able to walk to get whatever I need.

I think it will an interesting experience for me. But luckily because I live right next to Korea Town in Maryland….I can drive 10 minutes and have access to food, supermarket, coffee shops, fast shippping and mail services.


Fast shipping-thank god I finally got my VIXX seasons greetings. I usually  never had a problem with G market-they are quick and effeienct and one time I ordered something at 3 pm one day and got it at 4pm the following day. Like I said, insane.

But I’ve been battling with Gmarket sending over 10 emails because I never recieved my VIXX seasons greetings from over a month ago. Finally after demanding a refund, the seller reshipped it (I don’t know why he didn’t do this earlier) and I got it the next day.

In short what happened was the delivery man apparently couldn’t read it so he just kept it. Then they kept telling me it was delivered to the administrative office. Clearly it wasn’t. The main issue I was having was that I was having to ask them constantly through email because 1. the phones are only in korean and 2 my co waited over 10 minutes the last time.

But anyway now I have it so all I need to wait for is my VIXX starlight package. Since the bracelet and the lightsticks both took a little while I’m expecting this to take a while too but I want to have it before I go to America for two weeks.

I guess that’s all for now. I don’t know if I will update tomorrow

The hills are alive with the sound of old Korean people passing me on this mountain trail…


So today marks the last week of winter camp.

This week is 5/6 grader-my comfort zone.

I have 4 girls which is small but I really enjoy it. I can give them the attention they need and it feels less formal.

Two of the students I know and two are new but the levels are really good so I expect a good camp.

It helps that we all love KPOP . I have one EXO fan, two BTS fans…and one who likes everything I think.


Now my weekend…where do I begin.

I wanted to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t dwell on packing/getting ready for USA/missing Logan.

I met my friend Ashley who I wanted to see before I left in Hongdae for lunch and then we wound up going to COEX.

I had to buy my one friend EXO Lay stuff so we went to the SM Town store where I bought her and…uh..myself…some stuff.

If you haven’t been it’s pretty awesome. If you like any SM artist you will enjoy the store or even if you just like KPOP it’s good fun. The different levels have the merch store, KPOP experience, SM cafe, theater.


Chanyeol third wheeling like a boss…everyone wants the D…O… myself included

In the cafe you can buy different drinks (used to be ades but now have changed to juice with larger and better quality bottles) depending on flavor or your favorite group.  They are now bigger and cost a little more but you get to keep the bottle. I bought EXO apple juice which…of all the lines to put on the bottle “Shawty I’m a party to the sun down”….really? One of Sehun’s two lines?



Can I steal Chen and Kai?

We also went into the actual mall itself which stresses me out. It’s too big, too crowded. I’m not someone who usually gets overwhelmed by crowds but COEX is it’s own beast.


Still has the beautiful Christmas decorations up

We got Garrets popcorn and then sat for a while.

On Sunday I had made plans to hike up Gwanggyosan. My one friend backed out the night before. I admit I was a little annoyed because she had a few days notice and still chose to wander around Seoul on Saturday and then text me she had walked too much.

I don’t like to trash people behind their backs-I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t be prepared to say to their face.  But I was annoyed-if you know you are going to go hiking, wouldn’t it make sense not to go wander around for hours in Seoul shopping the day before?

I also know that not everyone can push their bodies (or want to) but as long as I’m not in determinantal physical pain, I  would honor my plans.  Also it was the second week in a row that she bailed on me. The previous week we were supposed to be going to Yongsan to watch Star Wars in 4DX which she said she wanted to go with me so I held off until we could go together.


I’m not mad and I’ve let it go for the most part, but I learned that I can’t rely on some people to do the things I want.

If I want to hike up the mountain, I’m going to do it. You can come along but if not, I’m not going to wait for you.

It might sound selfish but I don’t want to waste my time having to need other people to make me happy or have plans. I don’t  think that’s a healthy way to live. I’m not saying I will be a loner!

I’m just stating that my happiness and plans shouldn’t be affected by if people show up or not. I’m going to do what I want to do and I’m not going to let people hold me back.


Now that part of the rant is over..onto Sunday.


I woke up early because I had read up online that it could take up to 3 hours to climb up to the top which isn’t bad . But I already live about 45 minutes away from suwon (bus to the station, subway both included) if I use the rapid train which I do.

I got to Suwon Station around 1045 and went to ask the same nice man about how to get to Gwanggyosan. He gave me a map all in korean but luckily I read enough to understand. If not, just look for matching letters when you are hiking.

It’s actually very easy.

From Suwon Station take bus 13 and ride it all the way until the end. It puts you at the bottom of trail 4 which is short and good.

But I chose to do a longer one and got off before.  The stop’s name I don’t remember but it’s “Gwanggyosan”…something. But basically it’s about 15 minutes away from the station. It’s also up a hill. There will be the resviour on the left hand side.

Also a lot of hikers get off at this stop to take trail number 1 which is the longest-12ish KM.


I got off at this stop and I will take you through my trail.


After you get off the bus you cross the road and go straight across the bridge. There is an option to turn right which I think it more of a path, and it’s also shorter as well. I chose to go straight.

Just follow the signs that keep you straight on the path. Some signs take you up the hill and I guess if you are looking for a more difficult path you can take that but as I wasn’t sure where I was going I chose to do the easier path. Also I knew what was ahead.

When you reach the end of the trail, there will be a bridge that you cross . I stopped to use the bathroom because who knew where the next bathroom would be (actually they are on the map and the next one wasn’t for a while).





All in all trail 10 took about 45 minutes I think. Now, when that trail ends, you will come to a main road. Turn left and go under the underpass. If you follow along on the map you have to walk a little about 5 minutes. You will pass a cute small town with restaurants, and a bus stop.

When you have reach the edge of the town, there will be a bridge with a “stream” underneath (it was dry ) but it shows you on the map that trail 3 starts there. You cross the street and walk down the path.

Now it seems a little strange because it’s kind of a residential farming area and for a long time I was convinced that I was lost. But you will start to see hikers coming down that path. It’s a bit of a walk before you get to the actual trail. I think there was one fork in the road and you should keep to the left.

Like I said if you can’t find where you should go, cars/hikers will be coming down and just kind follow the direction they are coming from.

You will even pass these cool mini trees like on your right.


Cute mini trees

Then you will walk up a little hill where you will see cars parked and a bathroom.  There will be a small lake. Stay to the left and walk down the path.

There will be a path going to the left that starts up the hill. A very nice older man helped me, and pointed me in the right direction. When I told him I wanted to go the summit he clearly was shocked and told me to be careful.

This path…I was told it was the more difficult path because it was mostly trail. Unlike a few other trails, it didn’t have that many stairs or hay paths.


The goal…

It was tiring at times and even a little scary I will admit. I’m not a person who is afraid of heights but there was a section where the path was so narrow that I crouched down and held onto the trees tightly.

Now the path does get steep at times and this is where having those hiking poles I’m sure come in handy. Luckily there are rope handles that I used to help pull myself up as well.


May not look at that bad..but it was never ending…

When you do finally reach the top there will be a bench that you can rest on. There was a ton of clementine peel on the ground so I too ate some I had brought with me and relaxed.



Not even near the top yet…

Now this was a lucky break/I guess I have decent direction-you could choose to go left or right. There isn’t a sign . I gave a guess and chose to go right-and I was correct.

I met a few hikers along the way who I double checked with to make sure I was going in the right direction and asked where I was on the map.

They were very friendly and nice.

I also learned not to ask myself “how much higher can I go” because it was never ending…

After hiking for a little big more I came to an “intersection” which was crowded with people eating and resting. The path/staircase to the left was trail 4 which is the most common one and the shortest one was well.

Then I started on my final ascent. This was one of the hardest parts of the hike. There were many rocks and slightly narrow edges. Hiking up was hard just because it was steep and became tiring -I think there were 2 really big climbs before reaching the top.

I didn’t really take in much of the view because I was tired and wondering about how to get down and get home. Next time I will spend more time.





582 doesn’t sound very tall does it?

Now I almost made the error of going in the wrong direction.I asked a male hiker who asked another male hiker if they best way to get to the bus was to just go back the way I came…which is was. I almost walked down another way, but corrected myself with the help of the two hikers and wound up just retracing my steps.

The hike back to the intersection…sucked. If going up was hard, coming down was just scary. When I got back to the intersection, I went down the never ending staircase and felt more relaxed about not being stranded on the mountain.

If I had more time I might have tried to go back the way I came, but since it was my first long hike (Sunrise peak, the small suwon fortress mountain, namsan don’t really count ) my legs were ready to give out and I wanted to make sure I got down because it became darker-I don’t see well in the dark.

But the initial climb did my legs in. Going down that long staircase had my quads 40 degress of shaky for the better part of 30 minutes. It wasn’t they were tired or sore..it was past that-they just weren’t stable.


This hellish staircase I’m glad I went down instead of up…I would have died…

It was a fast/short hike down. If you’re looking for a short hike this would be a great choice-but if you’re like me and despise stair climbing, then perhaps a different trail. It’s strange, I don’t mind steep hills but stairs just suck.

After you get to the bottom you stay to the left of the pond-I think you can go right across the bridge but I’m not sure where it goes…



Cute pond to end the hike I heard there are huge goldfish…but if it’s frozen…what happens to the fish?

And you will continue to follow the path all the way down to the bus station.

Now the bus was strange because it was numbered 13 but it became another bus number so we had to get off and wait for another bus to take us to the Suwon Station. Luckily two girls sitting next to me said they were going as well so I could just get on the same bus as them.

I grabbed a hot cup of milk tea latte at the station and then even manage to catch the rapid train back to pyeongtaek.

So that was my insane Sunday.  It finished with me sprinting to catch my bus, not caring how much my ondol floor cost and take a 30 minute nap on the warm floor, hanging out with my friend Hye Jung 혜정 for an hour outside.

We usually see each other one a week but right now she is commuting to Yonsei in Sinchon, Seoul M-F….she gets up at 510am and gets back home at 11pm…

She will hopefully get her room soon so she doesn’t have to have such a hard commute.

I hate that we won’t be able to meet as often but she did say if I ever need now I have a room in Seoul.

I really love spending time with her. I consider her one of my best friends here in Korea so it sucks that she will be moving to Seoul.

I will say when I woke up this morning I could feel before I even moved that the below the waist…almost everything was sore. I was expecting soreness but my knees and ankles were surprising. My glutes and quads are probably the most sore. It feels like I completed an intense leg day which I kind of did.

I would suggest for someone who maybe isn’t sure of themselves hiking alone or just hiking in general or not in great shape (hey we’ve all been there) that taking the bus to trail 4 is going to be your best bet .

Nothing kills your confidence or what shape you think you’re in as much as when these 70 year old Koreans casually climb up without stopping, with their arms behind their back as if they are strolling along the lake side.  I easily was one of the youngest people I saw. There were a few 30 year old men, some kids but the majority had to be at least 40+. But at least all the old men seemed to like me…which sounds creepier than I mean it to be.

I hope you enjoy it!

I can’t believe I only have 4 more days of camp and then on Saturday I will be leaving for the USA for 2 weeks.

2 weeks where I don’t have to do anything….can’t wait!









Baby got back….pain


So it’s day…something of my 3 week fitness/healthy eating plan and yesterday… I did my first back workout…and man…does it hurt!


Holy crap….I look like an old person with back pain.


That pain coupled with the results of chest/shoulders day…I literally groaned like an grandma bending over to pick up something I dropped on the floor.

Today was the final day of the 3/4 grade winter camp.


Overall…it wasn’t as fun as my summer camp. Most of the students just weren’t as advanced and some wouldn’t not speak English to me.

But that being said, it was too too bad.  I will be seeing 4 of them next term as fifth graders as well.


I’m looking forward to next week though more because I will be reunited with two of my fifth graders, a really sweet sixth grader I know, and overall..just a level I’m more used to teaching.


As for this weekend, I think I will really have to clean…not just say I will clean..which is what i usually do.


And then on Sunday…I’m going to go hiking in Suwon.


I did the fortress last weekend which …I don’t know if i Mentioned before….and if I didn’t…then real quick….


I went to Suwon last Saturday because I was on a long holiday break and I was getting bored and restless and needed to work off the cookies I ate during Christmas break.


I went to Suwon to hike around the fortress. It took 3 hours.


Yeah that’s about it….


Just kidding. I mean it was long but it wasn’t too hard. It’s also easy to get to from Suwon Station. You can find the information you need at the information center outside the station-it’s a big brown sign with a lower case ‘i’.

But what can get a little confusing is what happens when you get off the bus at the Palladan (??? spelling?) the south gate.


You get dropped off on the right hand side of the circle and you need to basically get on the opposite side of the circle.  Then there’s a slightly wide alley way you walk down and then you will see the set  of stairs you have to climb up.  Now I chose to go this way so I would get a workout and feel the calories of the sugar cookies i ate burn off at the same time.


However if you are lame then the other option is to instead of crossing the circle, turn down the main road on the right hand side…really you can’t miss it and keep walking until you see the stream and cross the bridge..then you will find the beginning of the hike.


The entrance is to the park is only 1000won so it’s not like an expensive thing. There are some things along the way you can try out like archery and ringing the bell which cost a little more but I think it’s only like 2000 or 3000 won.


I’m so glad I chose an overcast day because hiking this thing in summer or on a sunny day would have killed me.  After the mountain hike there is no shade. NONE!

So if you choose to do this…choose a cooler day or bring sunscreen and an umbrela-but really who wants to hold an umbrella for 3 hours? Not me.


Then it’s an easy bus ride back. Yeah..that’s it. Not too exciting.


Anyway, I will let you know how it goes hiking up the mountin this weekend!

Where should I go?Home


So I didn’t really have a title in mind of today’s post because today’s post isn’t really a specific update or anything…but I’m listening to Ravi’s single of his mixtape FINALLY!

As anyone who follows this slight kpop obsessed writer, I’m complete VIXX trash…and I’m okay with that.

I guess today kind of turned into a VIXX post…so if you don’t like or don’t care…then skip 🙂

I love Ravi’s raps because while my Korean is improving it’s not at the point where I’m listening for lyrics.  That’s why when people say they don’t like groups lyrics, I can respect that.

I feel that way about songs in English.  It’s one of the reasons why I LOVE John Rzenick’s lyrics.  His writing is ridiculous.

But this is kpop.  It’s pop music.  I’m not looking for something deep or meaningful and I would have to look up the translations which always end up sounding strange.  Just the way Koreans say something or use certain words and phrases…it translates badly.

So I’m just here for tone, ability, and melodies.


I love that Ravi doesn’t have that tone that many other rappers started using a few years ago.  You know, that super high nasally, slightly whiny sound.  I’m not saying I need a TOP or BYG deep ass tone, but at the same time while I love Junhyung from Beast, his tone isn’t my style.  I don’t know if it was people trying to imitating G-Dragon but it got old.

I like more natural sounding tones.  Where people are trying to sound like something their not, it  becomes obvious.

Excluding how much Hyuna’s face has changed, her rapping tone went from one sound in Change, to something completely different now-Red and Roll deep.

Idol rappers like Zico, Minho, and Ravi are more of the tones that I prefer. Which again, it’s all my opinion….but this is my blog so I guess for once, I’m right and I don’t have to apologize for it .

I don’t know what the rest of his mixtape will sound like but it’s Ravi, and I support all of VIXX.


As for Hyuk, I’m interested in seeing him as a leader of a flower boy group, considering he’s a slightly evil makane.


Hongbin’s new drama is teasing the hell out of the trailers.  Like  the part where Lee Hyun Woo (whom I also love) is staring at a shirtless Hongbin…you know typical korean drama bromance stuff right? Idek.


Slight deviation, I’m looking forward to DO’s new movie.  I really like Kim So Hyun, but I can’t help thinking…while they look good together…to me they look good together because he looks like her older brother.


Teen Top is also having a January comeback. I’ve been catching up on their V APP-one episode which included them having part time jobs…yep.


Teen Top is great on reality shows and nope,I’m no where close on choosing a bias. It just might be a group where I never choose one.



Sorry this post turned into a kpop mash up with no point or no sense of direction but my camp students are on their scavenger hunt, I’ve finished next week’s preparations and I want to have something to do next week so I haven’t looked at planning next term yet.


So for now, I will just ramble and digress.


For those of you interested in Ravi’s first single I”ll post it below.  Of course there is Ravi speaking English which is always a “treat” .  It features Microdot as well.










Camp (town races) sing this song…


Last summer I had my first “seasonal camp” which was not only an eye opener about how much I love my fifth graders but learning about my own teaching.

Last summer I had 3 and 4 graders who were fairly advanced for their grade and age. I actually had wound up planning lessons that were too easy.

But this winter camp, the levels are clearly different. I have kids who will not speak English, a student who clearly doesn’t want to be there and won’t do his work.

This is a voluntary camp that these kids apply for. Some kids won’t be able to make the cut because these other kids are taking their spots.  I feel slightly annoyed about it.

We’ve already had to change seats because of taking and not doing work and it’s only Day 2.  I wish these kids understood, yes this isn’t a real class and I want it to be fun, but at that same they need to put in effort.

What they put in is what they will get out of it.


Yesterday was the first class and we already had some bad words and talking.

Some of these children are going to be my fifth graders next term so I’m already worried about them.

I’m anxious to get to next week not only because it’s my final week but I will have two of my fifth graders and some new sixth grades that seem like they have a good command of English so I hope the camp will be fun for them.


I can’t believe that I have so much time off now.


So the school year is basically over.


We are currently on a month long break but two weeks of that I’m doing camp.


Then the final two weeks of the month I am going to USA.


Then I come back for the first week of February to have a few days of class before getting off for lunar new year.


Then the school year is over and I have a few weeks where I litearlly having nothing to do.  But luckily I have vacation days when I resigned so I will spend the time babysitting my friend dogs and doing a little work prepping for next term.


As for now, I am sitting at my desk, drinking a ton of water, eating a ton of clementines , and of course catching up on my real housewives trashy television.