Camp (town races) sing this song…


Last summer I had my first “seasonal camp” which was not only an eye opener about how much I love my fifth graders but learning about my own teaching.

Last summer I had 3 and 4 graders who were fairly advanced for their grade and age. I actually had wound up planning lessons that were too easy.

But this winter camp, the levels are clearly different. I have kids who will not speak English, a student who clearly doesn’t want to be there and won’t do his work.

This is a voluntary camp that these kids apply for. Some kids won’t be able to make the cut because these other kids are taking their spots.  I feel slightly annoyed about it.

We’ve already had to change seats because of taking and not doing work and it’s only Day 2.  I wish these kids understood, yes this isn’t a real class and I want it to be fun, but at that same they need to put in effort.

What they put in is what they will get out of it.


Yesterday was the first class and we already had some bad words and talking.

Some of these children are going to be my fifth graders next term so I’m already worried about them.

I’m anxious to get to next week not only because it’s my final week but I will have two of my fifth graders and some new sixth grades that seem like they have a good command of English so I hope the camp will be fun for them.


I can’t believe that I have so much time off now.


So the school year is basically over.


We are currently on a month long break but two weeks of that I’m doing camp.


Then the final two weeks of the month I am going to USA.


Then I come back for the first week of February to have a few days of class before getting off for lunar new year.


Then the school year is over and I have a few weeks where I litearlly having nothing to do.  But luckily I have vacation days when I resigned so I will spend the time babysitting my friend dogs and doing a little work prepping for next term.


As for now, I am sitting at my desk, drinking a ton of water, eating a ton of clementines , and of course catching up on my real housewives trashy television.






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