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So I didn’t really have a title in mind of today’s post because today’s post isn’t really a specific update or anything…but I’m listening to Ravi’s single of his mixtape FINALLY!

As anyone who follows this slight kpop obsessed writer, I’m complete VIXX trash…and I’m okay with that.

I guess today kind of turned into a VIXX post…so if you don’t like or don’t care…then skip 🙂

I love Ravi’s raps because while my Korean is improving it’s not at the point where I’m listening for lyrics.  That’s why when people say they don’t like groups lyrics, I can respect that.

I feel that way about songs in English.  It’s one of the reasons why I LOVE John Rzenick’s lyrics.  His writing is ridiculous.

But this is kpop.  It’s pop music.  I’m not looking for something deep or meaningful and I would have to look up the translations which always end up sounding strange.  Just the way Koreans say something or use certain words and phrases…it translates badly.

So I’m just here for tone, ability, and melodies.


I love that Ravi doesn’t have that tone that many other rappers started using a few years ago.  You know, that super high nasally, slightly whiny sound.  I’m not saying I need a TOP or BYG deep ass tone, but at the same time while I love Junhyung from Beast, his tone isn’t my style.  I don’t know if it was people trying to imitating G-Dragon but it got old.

I like more natural sounding tones.  Where people are trying to sound like something their not, it  becomes obvious.

Excluding how much Hyuna’s face has changed, her rapping tone went from one sound in Change, to something completely different now-Red and Roll deep.

Idol rappers like Zico, Minho, and Ravi are more of the tones that I prefer. Which again, it’s all my opinion….but this is my blog so I guess for once, I’m right and I don’t have to apologize for it .

I don’t know what the rest of his mixtape will sound like but it’s Ravi, and I support all of VIXX.


As for Hyuk, I’m interested in seeing him as a leader of a flower boy group, considering he’s a slightly evil makane.


Hongbin’s new drama is teasing the hell out of the trailers.  Like  the part where Lee Hyun Woo (whom I also love) is staring at a shirtless Hongbin…you know typical korean drama bromance stuff right? Idek.


Slight deviation, I’m looking forward to DO’s new movie.  I really like Kim So Hyun, but I can’t help thinking…while they look good together…to me they look good together because he looks like her older brother.


Teen Top is also having a January comeback. I’ve been catching up on their V APP-one episode which included them having part time jobs…yep.


Teen Top is great on reality shows and nope,I’m no where close on choosing a bias. It just might be a group where I never choose one.



Sorry this post turned into a kpop mash up with no point or no sense of direction but my camp students are on their scavenger hunt, I’ve finished next week’s preparations and I want to have something to do next week so I haven’t looked at planning next term yet.


So for now, I will just ramble and digress.


For those of you interested in Ravi’s first single I”ll post it below.  Of course there is Ravi speaking English which is always a “treat” .  It features Microdot as well.










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