Baby got back….pain


So it’s day…something of my 3 week fitness/healthy eating plan and yesterday… I did my first back workout…and man…does it hurt!


Holy crap….I look like an old person with back pain.


That pain coupled with the results of chest/shoulders day…I literally groaned like an grandma bending over to pick up something I dropped on the floor.

Today was the final day of the 3/4 grade winter camp.


Overall…it wasn’t as fun as my summer camp. Most of the students just weren’t as advanced and some wouldn’t not speak English to me.

But that being said, it was too too bad.  I will be seeing 4 of them next term as fifth graders as well.


I’m looking forward to next week though more because I will be reunited with two of my fifth graders, a really sweet sixth grader I know, and overall..just a level I’m more used to teaching.


As for this weekend, I think I will really have to clean…not just say I will clean..which is what i usually do.


And then on Sunday…I’m going to go hiking in Suwon.


I did the fortress last weekend which …I don’t know if i Mentioned before….and if I didn’t…then real quick….


I went to Suwon last Saturday because I was on a long holiday break and I was getting bored and restless and needed to work off the cookies I ate during Christmas break.


I went to Suwon to hike around the fortress. It took 3 hours.


Yeah that’s about it….


Just kidding. I mean it was long but it wasn’t too hard. It’s also easy to get to from Suwon Station. You can find the information you need at the information center outside the station-it’s a big brown sign with a lower case ‘i’.

But what can get a little confusing is what happens when you get off the bus at the Palladan (??? spelling?) the south gate.


You get dropped off on the right hand side of the circle and you need to basically get on the opposite side of the circle.  Then there’s a slightly wide alley way you walk down and then you will see the set  of stairs you have to climb up.  Now I chose to go this way so I would get a workout and feel the calories of the sugar cookies i ate burn off at the same time.


However if you are lame then the other option is to instead of crossing the circle, turn down the main road on the right hand side…really you can’t miss it and keep walking until you see the stream and cross the bridge..then you will find the beginning of the hike.


The entrance is to the park is only 1000won so it’s not like an expensive thing. There are some things along the way you can try out like archery and ringing the bell which cost a little more but I think it’s only like 2000 or 3000 won.


I’m so glad I chose an overcast day because hiking this thing in summer or on a sunny day would have killed me.  After the mountain hike there is no shade. NONE!

So if you choose to do this…choose a cooler day or bring sunscreen and an umbrela-but really who wants to hold an umbrella for 3 hours? Not me.


Then it’s an easy bus ride back. Yeah..that’s it. Not too exciting.


Anyway, I will let you know how it goes hiking up the mountin this weekend!

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