Kids better have my money…


As I type this I’m trying to recover from my upper body workout.  Not only did I crush those weights at the gym but I also managed to learn that my gym has another zumba class on tuesdays, thus eliminating that dreaded cardio at the end.

It also helps that my new motivation at the gym happens to be very cute men.

Staying motivated throughout the week, especially when it’s so cold outside is difficult. While I feel crappy when I don’t go and great when I’m there/finished, getting my fat butt there is the hard part.


That’s why the past few weekends instead of boring myself at the gym, I’ve done activities like hiking that have kept me moving but are more engaging than staring at red dots on a treadmill signifying that you are going no where fast.


The next activity I really want to do and have been wanting to do since last spring is go biking along the Han River.  You can rent bikes at many different points along the river, some apparently are even free. I’ve googled other blogs that have maps and locations so I won’t put it here for you-also since I have yet to go I don’t want to act as if I’m reviewing them.


Because I will be heading to the USA for the next few weeks, that activity will have to wait and possibly a little longer as spring time might be a better time.  The weather will be nicer but the yellow dust will be here too…

I like doing activities in the cold that keep your body warm because in summer it’s just too hot. So I think biking will be a good activity that will keep me warm.

After that…I don’t know yet. I will have to research some more. I really want to look more into hiking around Korea. I know that Seorakson National Park in Gangwon Do is supposed to be the Be all end all to hiking in Korea. I read online they even have some trails that are over night. The summit is about 1800m which is more than double what I did for Suwon so maybe I will have to work my way up to that.

Also it doesn’t look like it’s an any place to get to without a car. But maybe I can convince Emily and Rob to go with me.


Moving on to camp…today was music and money day. The girls learned about popular music in America and listened to/watched songs. They were really intrigued by Tarzan’s Trashin’ The Camp, the trailer for Lion King on Broadway and amused by NSYNC Bye Bye Bye!


After music we did money day which is always a favorite of mine. We did the auction which is funny-some want to spend all their money others want to keep their money despite having 762$ to play with.

In the end I got to sell all my unwanted posters to the girls including BTS, IU and sneaky Sehun.


Then after we did something I never thought I would be able to do-play Monoppoly with the girls. They listen and play so well. While yes I had to be the adult and explain directions and read the cards to them, it was so much fun. We didn’t get too far into the game because of time but they loved to buy up properties and were waiting for money from Pass Go like how I wait for the 17th of the month to come for payday.

Tomorrow is football and scavenger hunt and I hope it will warm up at least a little bit. Yesterday was the coldest day of the year and this morning I woke up to snow on the ground.

On top of that my hands aren’t used to being in this dry weather so my finger pads looking  like a cross between a burn and soaking in water for too long. I used the nature republic hand masks last night which has taken the initial edge off but they are still pretty darn sore.

The dry weather in korea is no joke. I’m of course used to living in ever humid baltimore so even when it’s winter it’s still no necessarily dry.

Between waking up with a throat sealed shut, fingers and palms peeling, lips chapped, and face always needing mist, it’s safe to say I miss the humidity of Korea. At least I could stand that.


I’m now only a Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday away from being back home.

I have a few mixed emotions about it. I know that I am happy to see my family and friends of of course Logie, but I’ve gotten into a comfortable routine here and I will definetly miss it at home. I also won’t have a car which limits what I can and can’t do.

It will be nice to have a hot hot shower (right now mine are a little above luke war)  a warm house and many other things. But I will miss being able to do my own thing in my own place, not having to keep the sink clean, not being able to hop on the bus or subway and easily get somewhere, not being able to walk to get whatever I need.

I think it will an interesting experience for me. But luckily because I live right next to Korea Town in Maryland….I can drive 10 minutes and have access to food, supermarket, coffee shops, fast shippping and mail services.


Fast shipping-thank god I finally got my VIXX seasons greetings. I usually  never had a problem with G market-they are quick and effeienct and one time I ordered something at 3 pm one day and got it at 4pm the following day. Like I said, insane.

But I’ve been battling with Gmarket sending over 10 emails because I never recieved my VIXX seasons greetings from over a month ago. Finally after demanding a refund, the seller reshipped it (I don’t know why he didn’t do this earlier) and I got it the next day.

In short what happened was the delivery man apparently couldn’t read it so he just kept it. Then they kept telling me it was delivered to the administrative office. Clearly it wasn’t. The main issue I was having was that I was having to ask them constantly through email because 1. the phones are only in korean and 2 my co waited over 10 minutes the last time.

But anyway now I have it so all I need to wait for is my VIXX starlight package. Since the bracelet and the lightsticks both took a little while I’m expecting this to take a while too but I want to have it before I go to America for two weeks.

I guess that’s all for now. I don’t know if I will update tomorrow

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