Korea Nation Army


…ok before you go crazy thinking I”m posting about political crap or Korean Army facts, please know this is from the White Stripes “Seven nation army”.


Seven nation army is a song the Baltimore Ravens play as a “wind up/hype” cheer.

Today for camp I taught my girls a little something about American Football.

Personally I find American Football hard to understand let alone teach, I only taught the girls about 4 teams and the states they come from.

They learned about Denver Broncos, Texas Cowboys, Pittsbugh Steelers and the Batlimore Ravens. I promise it is more exciting than that but at the moment I’m not feeling particuarliy creative.

Then they did this intense maze that even I couldn’t do and finally the activity for the day. I taught them how to throw a football. They were pretty impressive. I didn’t want them to stay outside too long because of the temperature and snow but they asked for the football and proceeded to play outside for an additional 10 minutes.

I think back to when I was their age and would give anything to play outside in the snow.


After that we had a scavenger hunt and then finished the day up with some worksheets. Tomorrow is the last day of camp which I will be sad to see. The girls are great students and kids and I have fun teaching them.  I feel more relaxed with their age group and their abilities than with the 3/4 graders.


I always thought I would want to teach the 3/4 younger kids because they behave better and are cuter but I’m really loving teaching these “pre middle” schoolers. Their at a level where we can talk but they still enjoy some activities.

I’m nervous about having to start all over with new kids and I will so miss my current fifth graders so much. I wish I could keep some of them forever at this age and never let them grow up to become the moody teenagers but to stay cute fifth graders.


As far as getting ready for America goes…I skipped out on the gym to get stuff done yersterday. I wound up having to do my laundry and hang it inside my apartment rahter than my balcony.  When it’s sunny and warm I can hang my laundry out on rack like it’s supposed to be, but when it’s so cold, the balcony is too cold so I have to hang my clothes inside my apartment which makes for an annoying and limited laundry schudele.


Tomorrow will be the intense packing because I still need to pick up some things before I leave on saturday.

Yeah…that’s today’s post. Nothing too exciting going on except rewatching “To the beautiful you” drama at school because it reminds me of summer…and I love summer. I will start Hongbin and Lee Hyun Woo’s drama after I finish out this week when I have time to sit and doing nothing.


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