Up and Down


This post is going to be short and simple.

Essientially it’s my OFFICAL last day.  Well for my first year of teaching at least.

And in another two weeks I will have been here a year!

I already did a review of the year last post so I will just do a simple brief recap.

I can’t believe how much this year has really shown me. I’ve learned things about people, myself, Korea and the relationships I hold with people.

While I am happy with my decision to stay with my school for another year I have started to look into possibilities for next year.

I’ve learned that some of the areas/locations that I was looking at in December now have openings including some of the areas that I was really wanting to go to.

While my plan initially was to go back to school, with the ever mounting hospitals bills from my lovely USA hospital stay, I don’t think I will be able to save this year like I had planned and will push it back a year. That being said I am going to really try to move to the areas that I want for next year.

My only fear is no re signing with my school in December, only to have to scramble to find a job. I guess that’s my only option at this point because I have zero interest applying with EPIK again and GEPIK doesn’t allow you to transfer schools-and you have to reapply with them which now means you have to reapply with EPIK.

GEPIK is slowly phasing out and by the time 2018 comes around I think the program will be no longer in existence which sucks for those of us who much prefer the system and the area.

The only other option would be to try for hagwons which have hours I really hate but I am going to talk with my friends about it a little bit more.

Yes I have a lot of time to plan but I really need to start thinking about savings as well.

* So now I will post. This was done two days after I wrote the entire thing but my co teachers dragged me away for lunch and never came back to the school afterwards so…..tada!


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