Sex and the City (comes up with more witty titles than me)


I’m starting today’s post a little differently than normal.  For one, I’m still half asleep, thus unable to think of a suitable title. Hopefully I can think of something by the time this post ends.

For the past three weeks I’ve been babysitting my friends dogs while she and her husband were in New Zealand living out my Lord of the Rings fantasy.

Now usually I love spending time with the dogs and at their house, but between being in the US for two weeks and now at their house for 3, I will have not had my own personal apartment time for over month.

I do get to take care of some things in the mornings or after work, but feeling displaced combined with the fact that they aren’t as well trained as my Steven Hawking of a dog Logan , is making me restless to getting back to my life.

I did manage to head up to Seoul for the better part if the day on Saturday. My friend’s best friend and now my friend to was visiting from China.  We wandered all around Seoul, stopping in to COEX for her to see the mall and the SM Town building, Insadong but sadly it decided to pour and we got soaked, and finally the VIXX exhibit which was extended.  I also dragged them to Kyobo in hopes of finding the High Cut magazine but the two mega bookstores we went to were both sold out. So I got us soaking wet for nothing.


It was a fun day and reminded me of that freedom I was used to having. Being able to go anywhere I wanted at whatever time I needed to be there. Taking public transportation like a BOSS.

But I did have that nagging feeling inside almost all day that I had to get back to the dogs-not to mention it was the first extended time they had been out of their crates (they ate them previously…yeah).

With living one foot in my own secluded world with the dogs and one foot in the old world I had come to love, it’s made me not really enjoy being back. I don’t entirely feel like I’m in America but I’m not quite in Korea either. I’m hoping that once they come back and I can resettle back into my routine (I also can’t go the gym) I will start feeling a bit better. And with the warmer weather almost pretending it’s on the way, I can start getting back to exploring on my own-along with SPF 50 of course!


As far as the money thing goes, I’m really buckling down on cost. I’m already skipping BAP concert next week. I’d like to see them but I don’t like them enough to spend money on the ticket, and then traveling as well. It’s going to be really hard for me to be cost efficent but I need to get out of my CC debt as well as start to pay off the hospital bill and pay my parents back for the plane ticket.  I also need to save up for the plane ticket back as well as what I want to buy when I’m there.


I decided that I need a new computer. not that mine isn’t horrible, it’s over 2 years old, running much much slower, almost no battery life and it’s just time for a new one. So my costs are really going to add up.


Moving on, I still haven’t quiet yet worked out the formula that I think I want to try and use for the new year. But I am giving myself to the start of March. I would really like something more structured instead of using this simply as a “my diary ramble talk session” but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that.


There are some weeks like this one where this isn’t much going on in my life or in Korea, nor is there anything to really look forward to. So I feel that there might be days where I can’t update on certain topics…because there is simply nothing to day. That being said I also don’t want to overlap with my much more straight forward but much more boring blog on Korean Life.


So I will still think it over as I watch over the dogs and Sex and the City, because you know at 26 I think I”m finally old enough to watch the show. Not only for it’s content but as well as the plot and drama. I think if I had watched this three years ago at 23, I would have found it unrelatable. But now that I’m inching ever closer to 30 and having to deal with age old question ” will I get married?” the show suddenly becomes that much more important and relevant to my own life.


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