Battle of the Fifth Graders


While not quite as intense nor as dramatic as the final film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy, the new year has brought about some emotions.

The school year opened yesterday and despite not sleeping well the previous night I managed to stay awake the entire day! That is seriously impressive considering I had been going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at 11 for the entire week prior.

I think the nice long vacation did me some good. Last year I started so eager and full of energy but by around October I was starting to fade.  The kids were getting restless and so was I  (as I’m sure you can read in my past blogs).

But now everything is new and fresh.  I have a new co teacher who I’m still torn about. She’s much older than any other co teacher I’ve had and despite us living about 10 miles apart when she lived in the USA I feel more distant from her.  I think it might be the age gap and we are still trying to get used to each other’s teaching style.   I will do my best but I already hate the fact that now I have to use a classroom that isn’t mine- I can’t personalize it even.


That being said, I lack rapport with these children. I know that last year I had the same thing. But at the time I had no other children to compare them to.  I hope I will soon be able to have a good relationship with these new students. Another fear is that I have to relearn all their faces and names.  The good news is instead of 9 classes of 30, I only have 8. Yay.

So far these kids are pretty smart, and decently well behaved.

Then again 5-9 seemed cute and great….now they are famous all over the school for being a nightmare.


I was way too excited about having a “group hug’ with some of my old students today. I think what I will most miss is that unlike my other friends who are teachers, is the fact that I won’t be able to see them grow and keep that relationship.


But moving on to more important things….like the idea that I wanted to make this blog more structured. I’ve come up with this idea:

Monday: My weekend and Politics (this will be dominated by the US election until November 8…my birthday and election day….great)

Wednesday: Music

Friday: Fun Youtube videos

Hopefully I will be able to keep this up thoughout the year. I may change the topic here or there or post on a slightly different day but I will do my best.

Due to the fact that I’ve missed both Monday and Wednesday I will post them today.

My Weekend and Politcs:

Prepare yourself and settle in.

My weekend was pretty boring. I joined the Camarata Choir up in Seoul and we have rehersal on Sundays 3-7.  I really enjoy it though the travel to and fro Seoul can become exhausting. But being able to perform Mozart’s Requiem 10 years later is worth it.

Now…the real beast.

I’m and American citizen. So obviously there is the glaring obvious point.

Donald Trump.

I could go on and on about why I hate him or how scary his numbers are.

But honestly the best argument against Trump I’ve found is John Oliver’s segment. He is honest and uses facts to back up his statements. Oliver admits that he finds Trump funny and at first glance he does seem like a good solution to the crappy politicions. Which is all true and the way I thought at first.

But then Oliver dives deeper and hits on every issue that Trump’s supporters find great. It’s honest, it easy to understand and I fell completely in love with it.

What I love about this is Oliver isn’t just saying Trump is stupid or a bad business man, he uses his research and shows how he is stupid and a bad business man.  Saying vs showing was what my teachers in college would always say is a characteristics of good writing. And Oliver hits it so perfectly.

I wound up  binge watching all his vidoes and found that he is basically my political spirit animal. He’s just enough funny/sarcastic/ridiculous/passionate/serious that it all works perfectly enough.



And if you just want to hear someone rip Donald Trump a new one with insurpassable whit, check out the amazing Danny Zuker’s twitter feud with Trump. I mean this is the man that people want to lead the country-a man who goes to ‘war’ against the writer of the funniest show ever aired. Yeah….that’s a bright future for our country.

Music: Mamamoo You’re the Best

Mamamoo recently had their comeback! I didn’t like the “Taller than You” song that much because the chorus hook became annoying. But “You’re the Best” single is really catchy.  It has the signature Mamamoo sound-slightly retro but upbeat.

I’m in love with the bridge. It has a light and fresh feeling that makes you want summer NOW!

While at first listen, the chorus felt a little disjointed, it grew on me pretty fast after a few listens.  The MV is very cute and like their last major comeback, “Um Ah Oh Yeah” it is a little silly in the best possible way.  The girls all look beautiful and the vocals are insane.

I haven’t been able to buy the album yet, but I did a quick listen and it sounds like its a more smooth feel. I suggest you take a listen.


Tomorrow is Friday so I will update with the “youtube” videos.

I hope this format works out and that I will get better at it, but who knows.



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