So this isn’t a typical post but after some serious consideration and though I’ve decided that I’m going to rearrange the days and topics a bit.

Monday-my weekend


Wednesday-Music (I will do my best not to let KPOP dominate but I make no promises)

Thursday-Lesson Plans and tips/games -funny videos will move to this section as I use them in my lesson plans

Friday-TV/Movies…whatever is left over

Each posting will also have whatever ramblings I feel I need to get out, or new things that happened to me that day so while it will be more structured , my own personal craziness and incomprehensible chatter will occur first, followed by the scheduled topic.

As I mentioned before this is still a trial run-who knows when I will get bored or run out of ideas. But I will do my best. It also keeps me honest about updating. And with all my lessons practically planned already I will have even less time.


Yeah that’s it.


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