I am the Best! (내가잘나가)


There’s not much to change with this title thank you 2Ne1 for putting out such a bad ass song. (PLEASE HAVE A COMEBACK SOON!)

Today was a revelation for me as a teacher. I’ve had a few of these here and there but what I was told today cemented the fact that I AM a teacher.

Doing something for a year doesn’t automatically make you a professional…especially if you suck the entire time.

I guess I still felt like a bit of a fraud, like I wasn’t a real teacher.I didn’t have a concrete way of calculating if my students were absorbing what I was teaching them. I don’t give tests, I don’t give or grade homework.  Other than asking them during class time, which is 90 min./1x week/ 30 students…it’s just not realistic for me to know.

1 The new sixth grade English teacher told me she asked the kids how last year was and they all spoke extremely high of me.  She said it was a fun class and they liked me a lot.


2. My stricter female co teacher who I always felt in the shadow of let me lead the rules of the class, and even asked for a project idea I had for her class. This was the biggest honor in my opinion.


3. My new co teacher said in front of the others at lunch that I was a great teacher.


4. Hearing how well some of my students speak. I was particuarly impressed by my one (former-I had to go back and add “former ” in WAHH!) student named Jenny-I had her in two holiday camps AND she suffered through the infamous 5-9 famous class (which is still talked about to this day…..it’s almost hysterical if I hadn’t had to experience their utmost terror for 30 minutes one day)


I did feel more confident about what I wanted class to be like this year and what needed to be addressed on the first day. But I still felt like I was just “acting” like a teacher.  I guess because in my personal life I’m pretty unapproachable, quioet and as my friend told me earlier this week “you’re like an ice queen and then only melt when you warm up to people” (so I’m Elsa??!?!!)

But then I realized that teaching, especially if you are naturally an introvert like myself, is like acting-you are putting on a role. And once I realized that, everything became much easier.

I still have a long way to go, but at least now I know that for the past year I was doing something right.  Though there are times I miss my old job of taking care of animals that never talk back or decide how far they can push your buttons by dropping the f bomb, and there are times I look towards my future and what I really want to do (hint it’s not teaching) at this specific time I am happy with my position and will be all ready to learn more, develop, and grow as a teacher.  I want to take away what I can from this job. While it’s not my end game career, there is no reason not to enjoy and give it my 100% in it.


Now moving on to the “scheduled” part of today’s post.

 YouTube Videos:

I figured we could use this inaugural post with something light that everyone would enjoy.

I decided to set this up because I use funny videos for my students. Last year I didn’t really give them much motivation in the beginning until the final quarter. But I saw that they responded pretty well. It got the laughs out and let them settle in-it also gave them a reason to be on time to class.

This year I’ve decided to use them as a “reward”. They will do the “warm up” for a few minutes and then if they do a good job they get to watch the video.

Since I will have to find videos (appropriate/not too complicated) every week I figured I might as well post them here as well.

This one is such that it doesn’t require them to necessarily listen to English but watch and describe the emotions they see. It’s also pretty darn funny. So I hope you enjoy it. Though side note-I took a music history class in college where we covered the Beatles in depth (you know, the first time I ate my words after spending 12 long years bashing the beatles only to fall in love with them)and that song playing in the background-they aren’t talking about a girl…something less human and more green …if you get what I mean. It was the 70’s people…..enough said.





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