(I need ) Caffeine


So I made the point of buying coffee last night so I could take it with me to work…sadly I did not remember it. So here I sit at my desk trying not to fall asleep. I have almost 2 hours of “desk warming” to do-it’s not warm, not cold and it’s overcast, giving that fatigued grey feeling that sucks.

It’s going to be a difficult week I expect because it’s my first full week back at work.

It’s hard to think that I once was all “I miss work and this whole vacation this is overrated.” How I miss sleeping in for sure!

Today was also the end of the the hot streak I had been on with the new fifth graders. Today’s classes weren’t bad especially when compared with last years, but compared to their counterparts like week, they were more rowdy. In a way they are more like my last year’s kids.

I’m also still adjusting to the new co teacher.  I have to ask her to translate things, rather than have her automatically do it.  She also seems to just want to sit and let me do everything which i don’t mind, but some things do need explanations.

I know I will just have to get through it and suck it up but it still doesn’t make me miss my old co teacher any less.

He’s shipping out in a week and he will be near Busan for his training for two years in the airforce.  I feel very sad and regretful about it but I wish him the best.

Now moving on to today’s topic-my weekend

Sadly it was actually relatively relaxed…oh wait except for that 6 hour choir rehearsal. Thankfully it was on a Saturday but between the traveling to and from, the rehersal itself (which included a section we must have repeated at least 10 times in a row that started on two high A’s ), and the rain, it’s safe to say that I did infact die when i got home.

The rehersal was difficult but we didn’t really get a chance to warm up so my voice felt tight.  It wasn’t until the middle that I finally felt relaxed.

Even though the traveling and dedication is a lot of work, not to mention trying to get my voice back to a decent shape, it’s worth it. There aren’t really many chances to sing classically. And with Mozart’s Requiem being my favorite piece of all time, it was a no brainer for me.

It’s also something that I can do away from my friends-something that is mine. Though there is the issue of having to “make friends” and once again feeling like I’m back in high school, I’ve come a long way from being completely unsociable. yes I do bring a book, and most of the time try to sit away from others. But when your shyness and insecurity prohibits you from approaching people first, you tend to come off as cold. It’s something that I’ve fought against ever since high school (that’s another story not for today) and still struggle with.

It seems wherever you go, whomever you sing with, directors are always kind of the same. Anyone who has done choral work knows what I speak of. That quiet crazy that can come out at anytime mixed with tangent stories etc. And this director is no different. He’s very nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a feeling that I’ve quite forgotten about due to the fact I haven’t sang in an organized choir since 2011.

And trying to get my vocal chords back in  fighting shape isn’t easy either. As mentioned above, I haven’t sang in a choir (or classical choral pieces) since 2011. Sure I’ve done the karaoke here and there but….it’s definitely not the same.

Then on Sunday I cleaned what I needed to…and relaxed a little before this week which I knew was going to be hell.

So that’s it, my exciting weekend. And next weekend is even more exciting…just kidding. Hopefully after that it will pick up  a little considering the weekend after is the EXO concert!

(and yes, the title is a nod to Yoseob’s Caffeine…)





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