Forget You


Though today in daycare it definetly felt more like the unedited version F**k You.

I know, I know. I’m a terrible updater and completely forgot to update yesterday. But I have a damn good reason. My co teacher decided to spring it on me that she would be giving the kids a speaking test and I needed a way to fill about 20 minutes.

Luckily I learned last year that word searches work really well.

I’m still trying to adjust to my new kids this year. It’s hard because compared to my students last year they are just so far behind.

And even though I had some kids act out last year, the ones this year are starting much earlier. As well as the fact that my new co teacher doesn’t seem to want to punish them.

The lack of speaking has really crippled a lot of them. They know the answers and write them but damn….

Luckily I used “Pass the Ball” today to try and get the kids to talk. More on this later…it will be today’s lesson plan.

As for my co worker, it’s almost like she’s my assistant teacher and I have to tell her what to do and when to do it.

As for daycare, it seems many of the teachers just want to give up controlling them.

I actually managed to have  conversation with one of my colleageus the other day regarding children’s behavior in modern Korea. I’ve talked about it in past posts but it was the first time I really have been able to talk with someone who not only grew up in the slightly older generation and can acknowledge that it’s damaging children.

She said that parents of today’s children grew up too strict so now they want their children to be free to do anything. Sadly that transfers over to schools and classrooms where children are supposed to learn how to behave in social and appropriate settings. I mean…do they expect their kids to act like crazies in the professional world?

So the one extreme of being strict has now transferred over to extreme of unmanageable. Today one of the daycare kids was yelling at his teacher in 반말 which is the informal way to talk to someone-something you would never do to your teacher. Another student who should know better than to rudely interrupt two adults when there is no reason to, did so mockingly telling the Korean teacher that she was good at English in Korean.

Another student of mine I was ready to throw him out the window. He’s already caused problems before. And when I was asking the kids before they could leave “how’s it going?” a question they learned to answer for the lesson he completely blew by me and ran out of the classroom-even his more verbally obnoxious classmates (read lout and talkitive) were not that bold.

While one friend said it’s because they want the kids to relax before they get into hard studying, by not caring is doing a diservice to them. They won’t learn conequences of their actions-for example if they don’t do their work in my class they have to stay after-something that really shocked them. They aren’t required to do anything-I learned that they don’t even get graded. And i know that will change in middle school, but if they don’t understand it as young kids, then it’s almost setting some of them up to fail.

I know that American schools aren’t perfect, but the notion that Korean kids are super well behaved and respectful is no longer a reality (the Korean teacher confirmed this for me) and now have been replaced by entitled spoiled children. Yes, while not all of the children are this way, it’s enough to make you want to pull out your hair and shake some of the parents.

Now that that rant is over, moving onto what I missed yesterday.

Yesterday was interesting: aside from one of my more annoying students mocking everything I said (yes he’s in 5th grade and yes my co teacher doesn’t say anything except, “stop it” which the kids don’t care about) the class went better than the previous class. 5-3 still is one of my least favorite classes.

Daycare ironically was good-it seems to be a trade off-daycare is bad, classes are good, classes are bad, daycare is good. which is why I prefer Monday’s and Fridays.

Daycare also really teaches me how grateful that I don’t have to deal with them all day. I see how defeated their teachers are at the end of the day. Daycare always makes me grateful that I teach 5th graders, as annoying and rude as some of them can be. The hugs are nice and they can be cute too. But overall I couldn’t handle more than 5 of them at a time if I had to teach them something.

Now onto MUSIC WEDNESDAY: (which I forgot about….)

So there were many different songs I wanted to do but….since I AM going to the EXO concert on Saturday I figured I have to post an EXO MV.

It was really hard to choose one, but I wound up choosing Promise 2014 off the Love Me Right Repackage, the first EXO album I bought. I. After all the drama with members leaving and everything it just feels so sad when you read the lyrics and listen to it. It’s a really beautiful song anyway you look it. There’s honestly not much more to say about it other than just listen and you’ll understand.


Lesson Planning Thursday:

So this is a game that is always a hit. It’s really simple.

Music starts. Have the students pass the ball around. Music stops. Have the student stand up and answer the question. Of course you can always throw in a “bomb” one and have them do a dance or something.

You can just load it up on power point and if you know how just add the music in. If not I’ve used my phone alarm which made the kids laugh and dance because it was VIXX’s love equation.

It really helps promote speaking as well as makes sure the kids are focusing on what they are doing otherwise they can get “caught”. It also allows you to check students individually-a lot of the times things are in teams which is great but sometimes I like to check for comprehension.

Most likely you’ll have at least one or student who is unable to answer but don’t be afraid to not stop the music on them. Young Jun from last year had the worst English skills out of all my students but after I built up trust with him, I knew that I could stop the music on him and have him stand up. He still wasn’t able to answer without help but he had no problem feeling confident to follow my lead. If I had done that in the beginning of the year he would have not responded at all. So it’s important if you do want to involve lower level students that you make sure they are either comfortable following your prodding or possibly wait until they get to know you a little better and feel comfortable .

I also like to set the rules up before hand: no throwing, no fighting, no putting the ball in your shirt (this has happened before…..). The students tend to really like this game and enjoy it when one of their classmates gets chosen.

I also sometimes do a “1+1” (a common Korean Korean sales promo and the kids know the lingo) if they are both holding the ball or if there is confusion over who is supposed to answer-this also reduces fights.




any kind of ball that’s easy to toss around

So that’s it for today! I will def remember to post tomorrow (if I remember!)


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