The nightmare before St. Patrick’s Day


It may be March.

It may be November.

It may be July.

If you ask a Korean student, which American holiday is it today? Chances are, the answer will always be one thing.


I don’t know if kids associate the words “American Holidays” with “Halloween” but that’s the answer I get when I ask about 4th of July, Thanksgiving or even St. Patrick’s day.

But the cute accidental humor did not stop there.

When I asked my 5-5 class this morning, “How’s it going?” showing them a picture of a sun smiling (they learned this as “I’m good.”) one students said “I’m sunny.” which was just so cute and funny and the whole class was amused. He knew better than to think of us as laughing at him and laughing with him.

In my 5-7 class I asked one of my students different ways to say (insert a picture of a person waving to another person in the sense of leaving).

“See you. ”

“Another one.”

“Uh. see you later?”

“Yes, another one.”



“Have a …bye?”  It was so cute. “Have a bye.” Even though I do laugh I always remember to tell them “you are so cute” so they know i’m not laughing at their mistake but at how cute they sound.

Due to the fact that it was St Patrick’s Day yesterday (both here and now in America as well for the most part) and I needed 20 minutes to kill I gave the kids a word search they could do in pairs as well as a small (and I mean minsicule) powerpoint on St. Patrick’s Day. I had to best explain this holiday that isn’t anything more than getting drunk for most people to a bunch of 5th graders.

So I showed them where Ireland was, pictures of parades and Shamrock shakes (how I want! they wanted it too) and then the symbols. My explanations went like this.

“This is a shamrock. It’s a plant with 3 leaves. It’s lucky. This is a leprechaun. He’s a green fairy. This is pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Pot of gold is money.” The end.

Thankfully they understood enough. I’m having to rearrange quite a lot for the kids because of the level discrepancy between last year and this year. Last year I made them sing a song, but this year I thought I would show them something better. I wound up showing them the Lord of the Dance “Lord of the Dance” dance. They seemed really interested in it which was great!

The best part though is no matter what, girl or boy, bad class or well behaved class, they always ask if they can choose their partners for the word search. In our classes the boys always sit next to the girls-this is to help reduce talking. I always tell the boys “trust me you’ll like girls when you’re older”

Today I did have to play “strict” teacher. I had two boys who kept turning around and talking to their friends. The rest of the class actually was pretty well behaved. So I moved the two talkers to the front seats of the class, and gave the class as a whole a warning. Though sometimes it doesn’t work (like when the majority of class is not behaving or caring or is too quiet to stand up  to the others) it can be an effective solution. Though one got past his embarrassment and finished the class successfully, the other was mad and proceeded to have a bit of an attitude for the rest of the class.

I asked them both to stay behind after class and told them to please not talk in my class. I didn’t yell at them or try to humiliate them. I simply said I know you’re a good kid but please don’t talk in my class. The one who had gotten past it took it great, the other one still was either salty or embarrassed and answered me with as limited eye contact as possible.

It’s hard because when you have a co teacher that lets your children walk all over you it means you have to be the bad guy and try to scold, or warn the class. And when their language is low, it becomes very hard to get across what I want.

We  are going into week 3 and hopefully things will be settling down. I’m still working on getting certain classes to be more vocal which improved slightly this week. Pass the ball really got the kids to speak so I think until I can get them to be more open about speaking, this will have to be a major game that will be included in lessons.

I’m also working on rapport. I have kind of forgotten what it was like not to have any because I became so comfortable with the kids from last year. So I’m still struggling with that. Finding out which students are really poor at English.  I’ve gotten the “I’m great at English” students down pat pretty well became they obviously speak up the most.

I also had my classes with my slower students. My 5-2 student seemed much more cogent than what people were telling me. I don’t know if it’s because he loves English but he seemed no slower than any of his classmates.  He might have a lot of trouble in his other classes, I don’t know, but English he does really well.

The one who has more of a struggle I spent some time with on Wednesday. His seat partner is the cutest sweetest girl. Together we both helped him start his worksheet. While I still think he should be a school which would actually have him learn something, it is wonderful to see such a sweet student like Do Eun as his seat partner.

Moving onto Friday!

It’s Movies, TV Shows etc mash up!

So I haven’t really seen any new movies for a while. When movies are released here they tend to be here for a really short period of time. So if I like a movie a lot I will try to see it twice within a week or so. Like Jurassic World.

But through a way that I won’t mention on here, I am still able to keep up with my TV shows that I like in the USA. And today’s TV show is …..Rizzoli and Isles.

The season 6 finale just ended on Tuesday with of course a horrible cliff hanger.

But let’s go back.

Rizzoli and Isles is a show that airs on TNT and will have 7 seasons under it’s belt when it finishes. I read that this is a major feat for a cable show.

I started with the show from pretty much the beginning because I saw the commercials and remembered Angie Harmon from Law and Order.

I had been watching Bones and loved the dynamic between the two but it was getting old and then the new set of the rotating interns started after my favorite character was cut out of the show .

It’s a great strong female show without being too much. Yes you have the more feminine classy Maura and tomboy Jane, but they aren’t stuck in those roles. It’s a nice dynamic. Throw in an overbearing Italian mother, an older grey haired pet obsessed cop, a young detective who always gets sick at crimes scenes ) and it’s a really nice cast.

Though there is always a case, it doesn’t feel over burdened by it like SVU. We really get to know the characters and their families which occasionally intersects. The case never compromises the integrity of the characters relationships with each other.

Now at the end of Season (4 I think) one character does leave the show which was a really sad moment. He was a great part of the cast and due to tragic circumstances, his character was written out. He was “replaced” by another character but she was given a slightly different role so we felt that they didn’t try to force a new person on us.

Though I do feel the writing has become a little weaker within the last season, and the character dynamics aren’t as fleshed out as they used to be, I still love the show and look forward to the final season which will probably air in Summer time.

Each season is about 13 episodes long and season 7 the final one, hopefully will wrap a lot up. I am kind of torn between wanting Jane and Maura to end up happily with respective men (I’m rooting for a Maura/Frankie and Jane/Kent ) but at the same time I don’t think they should.

Because happiness isn’t about finding a husband. And I don’t want the writers to feel like they have to find someone to be happy. Especially if these men happen to be random people they just choose out of no where in season 7. But Maura and Frankie have had  a little tension in the past. And Kent is like Maura but snarky like Jane so I think they would work out.  But if that can’t happen, and the end is just the cast hanging out together that still would be a great ending.

So if you are interested you can probably catch reruns on TNT .

So that’s it for now.

Onto an EXciting weekened. See what I did there? EXO-EXciting? Yes ? No?

I can’t wait I’m so excited! I told my co worker when she asked me if I had plans for the weekend with the weather warming up and so, and I told her that I had tickets for EXO. She laughed and said I was cute like a teenager.

I’ve held off on watching their EXOlution concerr DVD because I want to just see it  live first and not ruin any surprise. AHHH! So excited. My friends and I are going early for “fan events”. So I will have to eat a healthy and strong breakfast tomrrow before braving the events! Here’s to hoping I get something Kyungsoo and Chanyeol and Chen and a ton of Sehun and Baekhyun-my album stalkers.

Also with any luck in 3 more hours I will be starting the process of no longer having black hair! I think this is the longest or close to the longest I’ve had one color hair. About 4 and 1/2 months. I want to go light what with the summer coming as well as the fact that i need a major major haircut.

Ok I guess that’s it! Wish me luck at EXO’s concert tomorrow! And prepare yourselves for a crazy monday post-if you are not interested then I suggest you only briefly read Monday’s post.





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