Be Prepared


This is about my weekend…but my weekend basically was….EXO.


If you are not interested in this….see you tomorrow!


So finally…after spending years hating them, then becoming a fan..I finally got to see EXO (full solo concert-two festivals prior)!

I went to the Saturday concert of their Seoul Exo’lution encore.

And it was the best.

My friends and I did fan events-sadly almost everything was Kai and Sehun…so now I have more Sehun that one could ever want in a lifetime.

5 mascots were outside and they were so cute.

Chanyeol mascot bounced like a puppy when someone was petting his face. Sadly it was only Chanyeol, Lay, Sehun, Chen and Baekhyun. And Baekhyun mascot wouldn’t move…he stayed in front of us most of the time…so like the real Baekhyun, mascot Baekhyun became a camera whore.

We got our goods we wanted. We got our lightsticks which are super bright! And then we were all wondering what the hell a “bromide and name tag was” -it became a topic of conversation for about 5 minutes-until finally I just bought one to see what the hell it was. Turns out the “bromide and name tag set” is one of those super nice posters on sturdy paper of whatever member you wanted plus their “name tag”.

After that we did some more fan events and then it was time to head to the concert. Even though we sat in the last row, it wasn’t too bad and they have a bunch of screens all around.

And during certain parts of the concert they came around on “trains” so we could be really close to them.

Even though it was a no pictures type of deal (like most concerts) some people were still able to get pictures. I was mostly absorbed/comatose/in a trance like state the whole time so I had no motor function.

It’s hard to compare to the VIXX concert because they were so different-VIXX I went unwillingly and until about 3/4 of the way didn’t really care what was happening. Whereas EXO I’ve been waiting and waiting for it. Both were amazing in their own ways. And no…I didn’t cry.

The set list I think changed a little because of their December comeback.

There’s not much more to say otherwise I could go on for the entire day. But 1. I don’t want to bore people and 2. I wound up getting sick on Sunday.

I will say this: if you are looking to stay in Seoul and don’t want to shell out a huge price tag for a hotel room, guesthouses are plentiful and for the most part really well managed. I think I will take more about guesthouses on my other page for those who are interested in what they are how they work and which ones I would recommend.

I will say that I did stay at Trick Art Guesthouse (TAG) this time.

So that’s about it for the EXO post. Sorry it wasn’t too long but I really don’t want to start because there would be no stopping.

I will say :

-the fans were really nice for the most part

-the fan events clearly started earlier and if you are interested go earlier

-they performed “Lucky” in animal Onesies….yep

-LAY was there!!

-but poor Kai was injured so he had his crutches and sat in a chair but it was nice to see them all together

-The intensity was insane-I’ve never seen the venue that full or hype before-and I’ve seen Big Bang there

-It was over too soon (though it was 3 hours long)

-even though I said I wouldn’t , I lost my voice and choir the next day was really fun because I wasn’t sure what notes were even coming out at one point

-I saw reports that yellow dust aka sand/pollution/crap from China that comes over every spring had high levels so I think that might have given me this sinus/cold

-EXO’s comeback has been confirmed for this summer though I wish they got a break

-Kyungsoo in black leather jacket….that’s all.

-Even though they were clearly exhausted from their stupid busy schduele, they were still so enthusiastic and hype!

-we went to ravi’s concert venue on sunday to check out fan events…super nice and organized and wound up with way more ravi stuff i would ever want.

Ok that’s the end. I’m going to take some meds and crash in my bed at home!





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