Boys over everything (including health)


While not quite the intriguing title as Boys over Flowers, today’s topic is more of a concern for women of a certain age.

Now before we dive into our “modern life” topic of the day, let’s recap my day shall we?

Now in Korea you do get to use your sick days. But you have to go through about 3 different levels of approval before you can either 1(leave school early) or 2 (not come in at all).

I’ve never done the second because I’ve heard many stories that cause issues. Like your co teacher will come to your apartment, or you still have to come into school to get the paper work. And if you do that you might as well stay home.

Or on the worst case scenario, you aren’t able to contact anymore before school and you’re not approved for sick leave.

Luckily, I have an amazing school (90% of the time) so I do my best to come in. There have been times where I leave after my main classes are finished at 12pm. So even if I’m dying I always come in. And typically your co teacher will suggest that you sleep at your desk and they teach the class instead. I’ve been lucky. But other places…I’ve heard no such luck.

But then there are days like today where I’m not quite dying but I feel like I’m on the verge of it. So I got through all of my classes (with little to partial hearing in one ear-gives me a reason to make the kids speak even more loudly) and evn daycare which wound up being my favorite part of the day.

Now my Daycare Class A can be challenging at times, but today for some reason they were all good. They finished their worksheets and put them in the proper file ane even came to me for their sticker. Plus it was cute when one of the girls asked me to help her erase the pencil marks on her maze.

That was followed by seeing two of my favorite students from last year. Dion’s hair was still “ash blonde” and it was so great seeing them.

Though to some it may not seem like a consolation to a rowdy 5-2 class (my first period class was as always perfect) and having my head feel like a balloon, cute 1st graders and old students really does make it worth it.

Now moving onto Tuesday’s Topic:  Modern Life Issues:

I grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s so I was of course way to young to watch Sex and the City. But even when I got older into college and then some I still felt like a show about 30+ year old women really had nothing to do with me.

And then I finally watched it at 26-and even though I’m a good ten years or so younger then when the age of Carrie Bradshaw in season 1, it still is starting to feel relateable.

However if you are looking for a more “friendly” version (aka without the porn part) I would suggest “The Woman who still wants to marry”-it’s a Kdrama and while I haven’t started it yet, the explanation from my friend makes it sound similar.

Now why would this be a modern issue?

A long time ago women were getting married at a younger age and popping out babies as well. But as the years progressed and women in the workfield became more prevalent as well as the idea of feminism (in the sense of women being independent) really emerged, women started getting married later or in some cases not at all. And then the notion that women didn’t want children became more common as well.

Whether or not someone gets married is a personal reason and shouldn’t really be anyone’s business. But it seems some parents don’t understand that at 26/27 years old, women aren’t ready to settle down and start a family. They are in their 20’s-the years of independence really.

I have friends that are married/having babies but the majority of my friends are in a similar boat-we’ve grown up really believing in our career and being independent. And for some of us, like myself, my parents support that. They are willing to wait a little before I settle down and have a family. Which is good because they will be waiting for at least another 4-6 years.

I am still trying to “find myself” as lame as that sounds. I think because of the horrible job market (see my previous modern life post) in the USA I really wasnt able to have independence and be on my own because I still lived with my parents. But being in Korea it’s really taught me how to be self reliant.

As a person in their mid -late (you know when you have to check the box that says 26-40 instead of 18-25….) 20’s this is something that is important.

But what if your parent’s don’t accept it? I have a friend whose parents seem to be pushing the “why don’t you have someone in your life? I want grandchildren.” mantra.

But it’s not the parents life. It’s not like my friend is making poor choices and doing illegal things. She’s just living her life and enjoying it and has much bigger issues to worry about than finding a husband.

This isn’t a Jane Austen novel where the heroine’s only choice in life is to marry well. My friend has a stable job (as stable as EPIK can be), friends, and is doing her best to experience this life in Korea. She is making a life for her here but for whatever reason her parents want her to find someone.

I can understand that our parents want us to be happy and want us to have someone to take care of us. But we modern women in out 20’s. We are experiencing a new country and our happiness shouldn’t have to rely upon finding a man. That takes us way back to the 50’s. I wish that her parents understood that she has way more important things to focus on in her life. As long as she’s happy, healthy, and in a overall good state I don’t know why they can’t just be happy for her.

Parent’s want you to be happy, but it’s worth noting, more often than not you know what makes you truly happy….and it’s not parents expectations.

I will end on that note.

Tomorrow is music Wednesday. Because I’m still recovering from my EXO concert brain …I will do my best to pick something non EXO…but….that concert…makes it hard to think about anything else.




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