“sick up your life”


It’s music Wednesday! Today’s post is going to be short because I’m going to be leaving work early because I really need rest. Two full teaching days has taken it’s toll and I’m not going to be getting any better by sitting at my desk.

Between being away for the weekend for EXO and now being sick my apartment looks like a hurricane.

But now onto this post.

So I did my best and I will avoid posting about EXO (seriously…it’s difficult-i think it’s just made my obsession with EXO even worse!).

But sadly we aren’t leaving the pop band realm quite yet.

Today is all about the Spice Girls.


They were the first album I ever bought and really the first band I really remember going crazy for. I liked the Backstreet Boys but when I was younger I lived for the Spice Girls. Which is funny now because I prefer male KPOP bands over girls (Mamamoo is an exception).

But for the better part of my younger years, I had merch, albums, dressed up as Sporty Spice for Halloween (my favorite!) and of course had the movie.

It’s crazy to think they actually only put out two albums before Geri left and the group never was the same. But I have so many memories of them. I never went to the concert tour in North America 😦

I don’t know why I love pop music so much either. Some people call it crap and I can understand that. And while I can be at times a music snob (classical upbringing will do that to you) I usually give everything a try, but throughout any phase or age range, I’ve always like pop bands: starting with the spice girls, to Westlife, one direction and now the overhwhelming world that is KPOP.


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