School is a battlefield


There are those weeks when nothing seems to go right no matter how many adjustments you make.

Warning: this is going to turn into a rant.

This is one of those weeks. I’ve done my best to be patient and tolerate and understanding but the fact that my classes with Co Teacher #2 haven’t improved is a sign that something needed to change.

Where do I even begin.  Seriously. There are so many things wrong with our classes.

Typically Korean teachers are in charge of discpline. But CT2 doesn’t want to hand it out. She simply tells the children “don’t talk”, “pay attention” and probably doesn’t understand why she has to repeat herself several times.

I’ll tell you. Telling students who typically are rude enough to talk during lessons are sure enough the same students who aren’t going to stop talking simply because a teacher told them not to.

So I’ve had to crack down. I had to deal with 5-9 hell last year and I sure as hell won’t be dealing with that again. So I’ve moved seats, talked to them several times about their poor behavior, not done games. I haven’t yelled at them, made them do punishments but CT2 still told CT1 that I’m too strict.

So to solve that problem, I’ll let her deal with it. She can wonder why all of a sudden her students are acting out even more, not paying attention or answering the questions. And I assure you, it will turn into a zoo and she will wonder “how did it get like this?” Simple. You didn’t enforce the rules that I set in the beginning of the year, wouldn’t let me enforce them either. Game. Set. Match.

Another issue is that despite me telling her exactly what I need her to do in class, she still doesn’t understand. So she’s requested (through CT1 of course) that I make up lesson plans for her in advance.

So I’m literally making movie scripts and blocking so she knows EXACTLY what to say and when. I mean come on! If you notice that in class I look at you expectantly then you should probably do what we talked about before.

This is the person who still in our second lesson and 4h week of class, doesn’t know what she is supposed to do despite me literally going over everything with her. I honestly don’t know how she became a teacher and was a homeroom teacher last year-maybe that’s why this years 5th graders are a mess-because she was their 4th grade homeroom teacher.

So now i’m stuck doing lesson plans for the next 3 lessons.

I’ve never been so frustrated with a co worker before. And I’ve had some damn frustrating co workers before.

I have taken a look at my teaching style and have done a lot to readjust lessons for the lower levels. I’ve added translations at the bottom of slides and have let certain things slide.

But what drives me crazy is that she knows they are low level, tells me this all the time, but after I speak, she will just stand there….not translating any of it.

And when I ask her to translate, she just asks in Korean “do you understand?” I can even do that…and that’s not the point. Of course they don’t understand. Half of them don’t even understand the word “pencil”…..and the fact that she knows this…I’m starting to really wonder how the hell she is going to do an open class.

So clearly today’s topic of lesson planning will sadly be pushed back a week because I’m too busy covering my own ass, aka doing all the extra leg work because I know she won’t.

If I wasn’t tied to a contract. I would be handing in my two weeks notice as of now.




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