I am 16 going on 17 (‘s fanclub)


So I know that there probably was an easy solution that my tired and disgruntled brain didn’t think of but in short I registered for the kpop group 17’s fanclub by accident.

I was testing out methods of payment on Interpark. If you are using a domestic card you have to download a program that only works in Windows. But if you are using a foreign card you can use a mac. But prior to last night I couldn’t quite remember. So I picked something that was cheap if 1. it went through and took a little while to refund 2. i couldn’t cancel/there was a cancellation fee that I would have to incur.

So I got my answer but didn’t see that I signed up the last day to cancel for SEVENTEEN’s fan club.

So now I’m stuck with it for 1 year. I’m not quite sure what I will do with it because I’m not their fan….but I’ll figure something out. At least it was only 20,000.


As for my complete meltdown yesterday…today was much better for 3 reasons.

1 We had one of our good classes so they rarely ever need to have me be “strict” (you know, moving seats and asking students to be quiet )

2 I only had one class with her

3 It was a lesson we’ve done 5 other times ….thankfully she knew what was going on in this class.


As for the negatives:

1 Because I’m making a concious effort to leave the “discpline” up to her I didn’t say anything more than “please don’t do that” to a kid rocking on the back of his chair legs. Of course …she said nothing to him when he continued to do it…and then he promptly crashed into the cabinets behind him….thankfully he wasn’t hurt.

2 Even though they are a well behaved class they get a little loud and I would like to mention to them to “be quiet” or something in a gentle manner. but I left that up to her today…of course which did nothing. Once again she said nothing more than “pay attention” …I feel like the kids have to find her weak as a teacher. I can already sense that next week 5-3 class will be a zoo…and all the advice I’ve gotten is to let the class become a zoo and then let her handle it

3 Because I only meet with them once a week and she meets with them twice, I would think after having class with her they would be able to formulate sentences or a little on what they were supposed to be learning. But when she asked them “How’s it going?” the lessons they’ve been working on for the past two weeks…even the more advanced students weren’t able to answer her. It wasn’t until we went over it many times and I encouraged the students to speak that they all felt much more comfortable answering the questions out loud. I can only conclude that she doesn’t encourage them to speak, speak loudly. Which is only continuing the negligence their previous English teacher gave.

I will be really interested in seeing how she controls the class next week. I’m not going to speak over these kids and ruin my voice, and I’m not going to try to get them to pay attention. So if these kids aren’t learning what they need to because there is no one to keep them in line and try to focus at least 75% of the time , I hope that it won’t reflect badly upon me. I’ve done what I can, then told it was too strict, so from now on, she’s on her own.


As for Thursday’s lesson plan topic…I really wasn’t in the mood so if anyone is reading this, then you will have to wait until next week! Sorry! But I will do two to make it up.

Because of the hellish day that was yesterday that ended with my cracking my phone , I’ve decided on buying a new phone. I was planning on it anyway but now I know for sure. I’ve pretty  much decided on what I want…but I still have to take some time to once again…eat my words.

Like with many a things, I have been wrong before. The most glaring instance would be my hatred for EXO.


Currently my apartment is starting to look like an EXO shrine with D.O. as the featured saint.

I’ve always said I would never buy an iphone and always stay true to Samsung’s galaxy series….but I have pretty much decided on the iphone6s. With the fact it’s soon to be overshadowed by the Galaxy7 and eventually iphone7  the price is the best for the product at this point and I don’t have to worry about the damn unlocking crap CDMA vs…whatever the other format is.

I’m not quite sure when that will happen but probably soon.


As for Friday’s Topic: Movies, TV Shows etc.


Today’s TV Show is no other than….Being Human the BBC Version.

In short Being Human was a 5 season BBC3 show that centered around a Ghost, Vampire and Werewolf all living together in a house “trying to be human”.

Though it sounds really dumb at first glance, it turns out that the supernatural part can be metaphors for real life issues.

The Vampire-an addict. Through the character of Mitchell (and later on Hal) blood is treated like an addiction-drugs/alcohol. The promise to never do it again, the lies to the friends and then the eventual spiral downward. Mitchell we get to see go through all the steps while when we meet Hal, it’s someone who is so OCD and rigid in his lifestyle so that there will never be any temptation to go back.

The Werewolf-anger management? I think people have said or maybe bi polarism. George is a sweet tempered guy and kind of a nerd but when he changes he becomes this uncontrollable beast. It’s a side that he can’t control and only afterwards does he realize the harm he’s done. The other werewolf, Tom we see in later seasons doesn’t really have this problem possibly because 1 he grew up with it as oppose to George who was bitten at a later stage or 2 the show kind of phased out his issues with being a werewolf.

The Ghost-agoraphobia. Annie initially can’t leave the house she died in. And though she does figure out how to be visible to certain people and move objects, she struggles with it through most of the show. I guess what its most relateable about her is the fear that other people move on with their lives while we feel trapped and can’t.

The creator of the show said he loved how Buffy the Vampire (the series) used monsters in high school as metaphors for the reality of high school. And I think that is obvious in the stylistic choices made.

Now the show does start off a little “rough”. It’s more gritter and darker and less polished. But during season 3 the feeling changes a little (we’ve also moved from Bristol to Wales) and by season 4 it’s very apparent the show is different. While some miss the older style of “everything but the kitchen sink” as the creator put it, the polished feeling does feel quite nice as well.

The show also goes through a major line up  change in season 4 and 5. Two of the main characters leave by the beginning of season 4 and they are all gone by the end of it. They are however replaced well I think and in some instances even better.

Though it is gory, and there is nudity and swearing, if you can look past that it’s a pretty enjoyable show to watch. I realize how silly that sounds. Imagine …Buffy the vampire slayer …on ‘roids.  That is Being Human.


Hopefully you have a good weekend as I still try to finalize mine. I’m being persuaded by my friend W to come see BTOB’s Encore concert. After last weekend I don’t know if I have it in me.

They will debut their new comeback song which sounds awesome but getting my butt up to Seoul while still sick from last week while still having EXO brain …who knows. I guess you’ll have to wait until Monday to see if I made it or not.



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