Monday Monday


I’m probably the only person who works a M-F job that enjoys Mondays…and prefers it to any other work day (well…maybe Friday).

I have 1 of my favorite classes on Monday. They are energetic, overall eager to learn and smart.

Even when 1/3 of them were sick today they still pay attention, participate and follow directions better than my 5-3 class all healthy.

They give me energy for the rest of the week but sadly they also set a standard that other classes don’t always meet.


As for the topic of today: My Weekend.

This won’t be too interesting -though it is hard to top EXO weekend.

Rather this kind of will be a more informative piece.

So for a health condition that I won’t disclose (unlike some people I know I don’t like to advertise my health problems nor constantly talk about it) I need to take birth control and have been on it for about 10 years now. In short I have very low amounts of estrogen in my body so I use the pill to help cope with symptoms.

Before I came to Korea I was able to get a year supply of US Brand birth control. But once that ran out in February of this month, I began to look for other options.

I know some people choose to have their parents send them from US which can be expensive but also most of the time it requires you to visit the doctor first.

But in Korea you are able to get over the counter pills. They won’t be covered by insurance but for the most part they are about 9000 won. Not as cheap as I was used to but not too bad.

Now the brand my my friends recommended to me and a seemingly popular brand here is called “mercilon”. It comes in a pink box.

What should have tipped me off was the size of the pill itself (very small) but I didn’t think too much of it. But soon negative side effects like bloating, cramping etc. started to show up and by the time my cycle should have appeared it never did.

So I did my research on the pill. Turns out, this over the counter brand is like a 3rd generation generic brand of the usual one I used. The dosage was so low it wasn’t really doing what I needed it to. I don’t know if that is the way it is because Korean women in general are much smaller and don’t need such a high dosage or what, but it was clearly something I would have to change.

I got very nervous but I had to go to the hospital-I live in Pyeongtaek, within walking distance to the Good Morning hospital which is where a lot of soldiers go to get their tests done. It even has a English speaking staff that will go around with you. I had a very nice lady name Olivia help me out.

The exams: From what I hear, it’s not as common to find female doctors here, and that was true. Both my chest ultra sound (to check for breast cancer) and the female doctor were males. Though I fought through flaming red cheeks, it was less horrible than I imagined (thankfully because I didn’t need a pap smear-I might have died). But if you are someone like me who couldn’t deal, you might want to do your research on finding female gynocologists.

Pricing: While my insurance did cover the visit itself, it didn’t cover the ultra sound or any part of the medication. So the ultra sound cost 120, and the medication was 237. Yes, birth control was 237. I was expecting to get a perscription and have it filled once a month for a year, but it turns out they gave me 12 boxes instead! So at 20 a box, it’s not TOO bad, but lumped together it was a nightmare.

Overall: Because my body seems to be sensitive to things, I knew that it was possibly dangerous to just double up on dosages for the Korean Brand. So I had to cave and see a doctor which in the long run is probably the best anyway. If you are someone like me who needs the stronger US brand, be prepared for paying a higher fee as well as needing to visit a hospital for a perscription. But if you can handle the korean brands fine, it will be easy and cheap. They will give you 1 box at a time though, so you will have to remember to visit the pharmacy once a month-any pharmacy really. But if you are like me and live near your school, you might want to think of going to the next town over or something just in case-I’ve heard negative reactions to birth control before.

Sorry this wasn’t a fun post, but with Block B coming up, and choir rehersal starting again (missed it so much!) hopefully I will have something more interesting next Monday.

As for this weekend, the best parts were seeing my friend Hye Jung 헤정. Ever since she moved to Seoul for school i never see her and I hate it so much! It was awesome to see her last night. The second part was going to starbucks to get the Cherry Blossom Frappe. It was really sweet and tasted…I don’t know how to explain. But it was so pretty. And all the cups are the cherry blossom pink color. So hopefully I will be able to see some real cherry blossoms this weekend.


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