….that is what my 5-2 class said the entire class…even as they were walking out the door.


Sometimes your students surprise you with just how much they pay attention.

It’s not a secret to my students that I like EXO .

So yesterday and today when the students guessed correctly which subject is my favorite (hint it’s not English) they then proceeded to of course ask “teacher,singer favorite who?”

Then unlike yesterday which was said in a light joking tone, today chaos erupted. Specifically my boy students.

Throughout the entire class the kids kept saying “EXO” or singing their song “XOX” which of course made me laugh.

Then to end the class, I always try to say goodbye to each one as they walk out the door. Today I heard “teacher i like exo too!”  “teacher-exo!” “teacher, exo loves you”. Needless to say, I think they now know my weak spot.

Ironically enough it’s the male students, while last year it was mostly female students who wanted to talk EXO (though I did have two boy students who named themselves  Chanyeol and Baekhyun which was interesting)

But between their teasing and a fun lesson, 5-2 behaved today.

So far this week my classes have been almost perfect. Which makes me fear tomorrow. My worst class. A new lesson. And a co teacher who thinks the most effective way to tell children not to do something is in a quiet voice say in ENGLISH ‘don’t talk.’ Because any 5th grader who is a talker is going to stop at that…yeah right.

We’ll see how tomorow goes and if 5-3 can behave themselves.

As for today’s topic on modern issues: cell phones

Currently I’m in the market for a new cell phone. I’ve been living happily with my SS galaxay s4 even after  I midly cracked the screen…until I really cracked it the other day.

With the current fight between the new galaxay s7 edge and iphone 6 …I have a hard decision on my hands.

I’ve been researching the both of them, and most articles are pitting them against each other with the s7 edge “edging” out the iphone6 (hahaha I’m witty).

But most of the articles also claim that the iphone6 is halfway into it’s peak life span and soon will be replaced by the 7 most likely due out this sepetember.

Well …where do I begin?


I have everything else apple than a phone. Computer, music, ipod-I swear by them.

But I’ve never had the iphone. I think the main reason was when it initially debuted (yes I was alive) it was only through…sprint or at&t….it wasn’t with my carrier which was Verizon. So I never bothered looking at it and never looked back.

But now that I live in Korea I  need a phone that is GSM capable and allows for sim card capability. Before my s4 I was informed that iphone was the best choice, but I was a snob (and didn’t have the money!) so I went with my s4 which I’ve loved.

But I’ve heard so many good reports about the iphone6.

I think it would be easier to have all my product the same and if I were to get the 128 gb, eliminating the ipod I would carry (and buy in August when I go back to US for a break).

Design wise I like it much better-I’m probably one of the few but I love the rose gold color.

And of course the “prestige” that comes with having an iphone.

Because I adpat well to technology and have two other apple products, I don’t believe that changing over to iphone will be too much of a hassle.

However I do have a few concerns:

The lowest amount of storage is 16g the same as my ipod nano and current phone. And at that rate it’s expensive for such a small amount of space.

There is the fear that I will hate it after being programmed so long to android.

The galaxy s7 edge is so pretty and new ….I like new and shiny things (which is probably the reason why I have major KPOP bias issues).

Galaxys7 edge:

I do live in Korea…you know the country in which  Samsung was born.

It also happens to be the country that makes you bankrupt trying to buy a phone.

It would explain why so many Koreans walk around with severely crack

ed phones.

The s7 has so many great qualities -the best description I saw called it “a beast of a smartphone” and has been herald several times as the best smartphone.

It’s pretty, it’s new, it’s an amazing product.

Though I grew up with motorola (the chocolate was still one of my favorite phones) I switched over to LG and eventually Samsung and have been ever since.

I love the phone and have become very programmed on the ins and outs of it.

I don’t like change and while the iphone maybe simple, I could also very much hate it and wish for my galaxy series back.

I heard the s7 fixes a lot of issues the s6 had as well.

Unlike the apple that charges more for storage space, the s7 only has one size, 32g but the price doesn’t become outrageous.

Some things to worry about:

Because it’s brand new, it’s more expensive.

I still would have to carry the ipod around/not having all my electronics of the same programming and brand.

Not as much prestige as the apple iphone name brand…which shouldn’t matter.

Basic as f**k colors.


So that’s it for today.

Nothing earth shattering. Just a teacher having frustrations about which phone to buy-pathetic first world problems.

The world is full of problems and some people would be grateful for this cracked phone. Yet here I am looking for a fast and easy way to get a new one.

It really makes you think how messed up the world is sometimes.

An English teacher looking for a new phone vs. a person looking to leave their war torn home. The irony is real…I guess in a way it’s it’s own version of the hunger games.

Anyway, I need to go back to my apartment and try to finish cleaning for the fith day in a row while looking at finances.

Tomorrow is music wednesday.


Oh and uh….vixx released their conception art trailer….yeah…more on that tomorrow.


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