Dumb Dumb


Yes, I happen to be listening to a mash up of Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb and Jessie J/Ariana Grande/Nicky Bang Bang and it’s works a little too well.

But I am also a Dumb Dumb for not posting yesterday. Sadly I was seduced by “Descendants of the Sun”. And because it’s Friday I can review it!

But first yesterday’s post:

Lesson Plan

A lot of the time my kids either are too shy to talk or simply can’t in front of the rest of the class. They also won’t raise their hand to volunteer for answers which earn them points.

So I decided to do a quick warm up that would allow me to gauge if they 1. are struggling with the lessons or 2. just don’t feel comfortable speaking.

Because I learned this week that a lot of my kids are 1 or 2 options.

  1. the kind that can speak but are not able to really read or write/spell
  2. the kind that can write but either won’t or can’t speak

So what I did (we are on lesson 4) is take key phrases/questions from the previous chapters and put them on cards (laminate so you can reuse) and the number oif points they get when they answer. Harder or longer questions are 2 points while simpler questions are 1 point. There is also a “punishment” option and “pass option’. The kids have to line up at the door and pick one card out of the hat before they can enter the classroom.

This was a good warm up because I gained some information about my students by spending some one on one time with them however briefly. I learned that one of my students who I thought was totally illiterate in English confidently answered my question with no problem  which was shocking.

It’s an easy thing to make (about 30 cards for my 30 students) and a bag for the kids to pick out of.


Moving onto Movie/TV Friday! Disclaimer-I won’t be giving away much but if you haven’t finished DotS you might not want to read.

I really got into Hallyu culture through KPOP though I did windup watching dramas not too long after though if I had to choose, KPOP always comes before drama for a few reasons.

The music on OST tend to be over the top cheesy at times, I don’t find the actors as handsome, the take up so much of my time, they get repetitve (aka I usually want to strangle the lead female) and many other reasons.

And because DotS was written by the same person as ‘Heirs’ I was really skeptical. I originally like the writer with Secret Garden but with ‘Heirs’….it has its good points but over all it I wanted to shove bamboo shoots under my nails at the end.

But after the suggestion of my friend and my own interest in it, I started it on Wednesday (I think. I don’t actually remember but it was sometime this week). The first episode was strong. Just about every episode is strong, no real ‘filler’ which I think really makes it a great drama.

Though I do go through periods of hating “Kang Mo Yeon” the main female, overall I can stand her. So let’s take a closer look at why I marathoned through this in a few days.

Characters: Like ‘Heirs’ there is the main couple but with a few other couples in the background. But in DotS the main couple was in front, but the others felt just as important. They were all pretty well developed too. No one was really there for the sake of being there. And when someone’s storyline ended, they didn’t drag it out. Nor was anyone kind of just forgotten about like the thief from the opening episodes. He wasn’t necessarily central to the story but he was brought back at appropriate moments. Same with Jin-the horrible manager. When his storyline was over, he was done.

Love Story: though there was a lot of “love story” story, it wasn’t always the main focus which was nice. There was a lot of issues going (the drama really should be named Descendants of Murphy-anything that can go wrong will) that forced tension and pushed the characters that wasn’t just about love. Also there was no horrible love triangle THANK GOD. That motif needs to die in Kdrama…Heirs was without a doubt the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to reveal too much but the ending for the couples was also very satisfying.

Location: One thing I really like, is the idea that it’s set in another place (a made up place called Uruk-of course me being the LOTR nerd I am keeps thinks Uruk Hai are going to bust out) It allowed us to watch the characters expericne something together that takes place outside of the Korean society. Unlike Heirs where it was all about “social issues” this was more about human issues. And when we do go back to Korea later on, we feel like we’ve been on that journey-we too got used to Uruk so Korea feels a little out of place. And when there is a jack hammering construction moment and the doctors dive under a table thinking it’s another Earthquake, we understand why.

Topics: I was really moved by the scene where Song Joong Ki is killing someone at the same time that “Kang Mo Yeon” is saving someone. This because a legit issue for them. It’s refreshing to see an issue that is more important than money. It’s not just a mom saying to someone “you can’t be with her because she’s poor.” It’s a moral decision on one of the characters mind and it really wreaks havoc on the relationship. On the flip side, it shows the reality that is sending your soldier SO off to war. Do you want to be involved with someone who might not come back? I really think this show resonates more because while it takes place in a fake land, the issues are real.

Onew played his part beautifully- a green doctor who learns the harsh reality of becoming a “real doctor”. And even when there is the issue of the “parental disapproval” it is not just about money nor is there no solution. It’s much more based in reality despite the obvious drama tension.

One issue that came up was human trafficking. I’m really shocked they touched this topic but glad they did.

OST: LOVE IT! The end.

English: yes…there is a lot of English. I guess because Uruk is a place that speaks English/Arabic/slavic languges? The lack of development about the fake country was a little confusing but at the same time not necessarily an integral part.Though not entirely cringe-worthy, the English wasn’t great. I’m glad they had did bring in a diverse cast for the many different ethnic roles. And I guess they wanted to use basic English but … the wording was very strange at times…something I’ve gotten used to.

Time: Each episode is 1 hour long (no commericals) and there are a total of 16 episodes. Yes of course there are cliffhangers.

My favorite parts: I personally loved the story between Dae Young and MyungJoo more than the main two. Though I really liked the realistic issues they have and their own personal struggles with it, I started becoming annoyed with Mo Yeon who kept going back and forth and Song Joong Ki who was ok with it every time. Also on a personal note, not that I’m beautiful far from it, but the actress who played Mo Yeon had these eyebrows that drove me nuts. (random I know). But I thought the storyline between the other two was more interesting, less annoying and over all better portrayed.  My favorite song was K.Will “Talk Love” -it was light hearted and fun without being typical cheesy. I heard it on the streets and it sounded like a regular release -and it’s everywhere. I also really liked Chen’s “Everytime” which I had heard prior to watching the show because well…it’s EXO’s Jongdae. How could I not listen to it?

Although it didn’t top Pinocchio or My Love From Another Star….it comes really close. As of now it’s definitely within my top 3, though it could possibly usurp My Love.  Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joo still remains my favorite male lead character though because no explaination needed.

So go watch it if you haven’t! (side note, if you’re wondering why I was listening to Red Velvet, it’s because the final episode has a hilarious moment where the soldiers fanboy over Red Velvet singing Dumb Dumb….that alone is worth watching the entire series)


I’m Mr. Heat Miser


Maybe I was so caught up with trying to get my shit together and learn how to live a proper life here in Korea but I don’t remember the weather being this fickle.

It’s been up and down: extreme up and down. We haven’t had any snow but we’ve gone back down to 40 degrees while soaring to 86 yesterday.But today is a high of 65. I don’t understand why the weather is more fickle the EXO Baekhyun’s hair color.

It’s been hard because I’m trying to switch over my winter wardrobe to summer but I can’t quite put all my “winter clothes” away but I can’t continue to live just on sweatshirts. It’s been awkwardly stressful.

Yesterday afternoon I was tempted to break out my fan, but then around 7pm it dropped and it became very cool.

It’s been this nasty overcast color all day without actually raining.

I guess this is just nasty spring weather.

Another issue is the “yellow dust” that is coming from China. For those of you who don’t know what that is: it’s Chinese pollution mixed in with the sand from the Gobi desert that blows over to Korea causing nasty sickness.

Everyone is wearing masks and I probably should be wearing one but last year I did really well without one. And between the nasty pollen allergic reaction, I’m not sure there is much of a difference for me.

I have noticed though that despite being a little bit more humid my hands in paricular have been dry and peeling. I’m wondering if that could be caused by the yellow dust? It’s strange that they are peeling so badly in spring.

Now that’s it’s Wednesday…....Music Wednesday!

I would like to preface with this though: Next week we have a 3 day “spring vacation” meaning I only have Monday and Tuesday . So I will not be updating o next Wednesday-Friday. So I am going to rearrange a few things:

This week will go on as usual but next week:

Monday: I will add music monday

Tuesday: I will delete modern life segement and place my weekend plans (which are actually legit this time) as well as lesson plans.

So to continue on Music Wednesday….where do I begin?

There have been so many comebacks lately as well as BTS putting up a thousand things though their comeback isn’t for another week and a half.

I think it was little dumb that their ‘young forever’ trailer happened to be on the same day and time as VIXX’s comeback but I will ignore it and hope it was just a stupid error on the part of Big Hit Entertainement rather than entertain the idea that Big Hit did it intentionally to take the spotlight away from VIXX.

Another update…I will admit I once again eat my words. The VIXX comeback ….is damn good. I think I was so caught up in wanting to hear that massive epic sounding song that they teased with instead of what actually was put out.

But now that I can listen to it on it’s own I do really really love it. Still not a big fan of the MV or Ken’s blonde perm. But it’s for sure grown on my like a fungus (but less gross).

However, today’s choice is in fact NOT KPOP! Shocked I’m sure.

But the Goo Goo Dolls are prepping to release a new album May 6. It might be one of the few imported albums that I get here in Korea.

Now I grew up listening to a lot of post grunge songs during the 90’s up until the early 2000’s. But I really didn’t become a fan until I was in college.

I had a very tragic experince where my 20 month old Boxer/Dalmatian puppy contracted osteosarcoma in August and died on my birthday 3 months later. It was a traumatic time and I went into a tailspin.

The only thing that really kept my head above water was the Goo Goo Dolls. John Rzeznick’s lyrics really resonated with me on all levels as well as the simplicity of the songs. It was some high produced pop song (though clearly I love those) nor was his voice anything special (I’m super picky) but at that specific time, the Goo Goo Dolls music was what I needed to keep going.

What made me think of this was a post in an online KPOP group I belong to. Someone posted “how has KPOP changed your life” and some were the simple answers like “i’m learning korean” or “I really learned to love music despite knowing the lyrics” but others were more intense. Someone mentioned their husband cheating on them and KPOP helped them find the strength to leave while another had mentioned they were previously suicidal and depressed and KPOP got them through it.

Now KPOP didn’t quite do any of those things for me though VIXX kind of came a little close, but the Goo Goo Dolls would have to be the band that really kind of ‘aved me” if you will.

I don’t listen to them as much any more for a variety of reasons: they haven’t been putting as much out since they are older and their drummer left, I’m in a KPOP phase now which refuses to die, as well as when I do listen to them, it takes me bac to a place and time that yes I’m grateful to them for having them to listen to, but also the reason why I needed to in the first place.  I still consider them one of my favorite bands and while even I admit their music hasn’t been as good in the recent years, I still am loyal.

They also taught me how to listen to lyrics and really have an appreciation for them. Most of my singing as a kid was in church and as much of a Christian as I am (which is probably not at all to some people) I don’t really feel resonance with singing about God or Jesus. I’ve always been more into listening to vocal ability and tone and the melodies rather than what the song is actually about. This is probably a reason that I do like KPOP so much-I don’t really need to know what the song is about as long as it sounds good to me and the singers are talented.

So here is a single from their new album and hopefully I will be able to find it here within a resonable price:



I feel like a woman (who has a man’s voice)


I’m not exactly sure when I really started noticing it but I’ve now accepted the simple truth that if I know you well enough and become comfortable enough my voice will deepen.

So it wasn’t too much of a surprise that the first time I met my choir director he assumed I was an alto.

Today one of the non English speak teachers wanted my help with ordering a dress online on an English website and she brought the 6th grade English teacher and one of the closest colleagues I have .

She told me that the teacher said I look so young my but voice is mature/older sounding/deeper.

I kind of get a sick amusement out of it. I know that I have a baby face and my speaking voice doesn’t quiet match my face sometimes, and it definitely doesn’t match my singing voice.

Moving on, I know that I forgot to post yesterday because I was busy budgeting (my new favorite word NOT) so I can afford a plane ticket to visit home this summer.

My weekend was slightly interesting. Hung out with my friend and we went buy the Myeongdong Music Korea to buy albums to try to get into the VIXX fansign. Didn’t get in-some girls there had bought 100 albums! But it was still fun to enter. Bought my friend some things she wanted as well.

We also checked out the new SUM Market at SM which is kind of cool.

I finally made it to Seoul Forest!

It was a dusty day but it was sunny and the weather was pretty nice. We went to the insect garden area, and the deer corral. Koreans tend to be very afraid of animals larger than toy poodles. But not me!

I got to feed and pet the deer. They were so cute. Then we even saw the bunnies who were also very very cute.

I want a pet so badly but I know the life I’m currently leading doesn’t allow for that. Maybe when I get a little older and start spending the weekends at home.

The butterfly garden has yet to be opened (we think because the butterflies haven’t quite finished hatching yet) but we could look inside and see them.

The Seoul forest is really easy to get to. The station is ‘Seoul Forest’ on the yellow line (Bundang Line) and you got out of exit 3 and just walk straight until you see the big white letters that say it.

The map looks very large and you think how am I ever going to walk there but the map is not really drawn to scale..it’s much bigger than the actual place.

You can bring you dog or food and have a picnic. There were many people hanging out and sleeping on the little wooden flats or walking with their dog. It was a really nice space though not quite a “forest”.

I find a lot of my transportation station names and exits on english.visitkorea.or.kr

It’s really easy to navigate : it gives you times and possible fees as well as transportation information.

Now …. onto Tuesday: Modern Life

We’ve been covering some really heavy topics lately but that’s what the news has been full of. And I could address the patheticness (my new word) that is Britain having to issue a travel warning to the LGBT citizens about going to specific parts of the USA-aka North Carolina who is going to suffer a great deal with summer coming up, and the idiot state that still has the confederate flag on it’s actual flag.

But in lieu of that, I’ve decided to keep it light and address student bullying. Which in fact it is not a light subject at all.

I am lucky enough not to see any real harsh bullying. I have a few students here or there that may be “picked on” -the student does or says student and all the other students get annoyed by it-but overall they are pretty supportive.

Yesterday for example I have one student who is likes to ask a lot of questions, likes to be very vocal and is very excitable. He’s a good kid and even though he’s loud he’s not disruptive for the most part. He’s very enthusiatic. But some of this classmates become annoyed by him because he is a little bit different.

The fifth graders are really messy so my co teacher had them clean up a bit before they left. Well the one student decided to bring out the brooms and dustpan. Of course it took a little more time but he was doing what he was asked-the other children got frustrated because he was taking up their time to leave.

Well thankfully my co teacher put an end to that.  She reminded them that they needed to respect the classroom and the class which includes other students. i was glad that she mentioned all of this to them.

On the flip side my 5-2 class has one student whose English is very poor (not my special student) and when I had her stand up and read something out loud today she managed to do it. I was so shocked. The whole class was shocked as well and were all really supportive of her.

Or my 5-4 class, Yejin is so shy but her seatmate Myung Ha constantly is talking to her, taking care of her it’s too cute.

I’ve never had any real issues with bullying. But I know that my friend who teacher 3-6 grade has major bullying issues. Higher level students bullying lower leverl students and such-writing curse words about them and everything. So I’m very happy that my kids tease but none of it is malicious.

I know that it might seem too early to look out for signs of bullying but nasty behavior starts at any time for any reason. As a victim of bullying (high school..the worst) I know how hurtful it can be. I do my best to lead by example. I don’t laugh at my students but I do laugh with them. I can occasionally tease gently (asking one my favorite students Min Jong which girl character is his girlfriend) but it’s never nasty.

I’m also trying to teach them to listen to what others have to say. Whether it be reading or sharing. Listening is such a lost art especially here in Korea. Not only should they be paying attention and not talking, but it teaches them listen to what their classmates are saying. Somehow I guess I’m hoping this will improve communication between them as well.

So that’s really it for today. It’s not much because I spent a lot of time with daycare c who wanted to play 3 rounds of bingo today.


DCOM B.C.: Disney Channel Original Movies before they sucked.


After talking with some friends and buying (and eating) some American chocolate I managed to calm down and finish my backwards Rizzoli and Isles DVD marathon (started with season 4 now on season 1).

So today I almost felt comatose as I entered one of my least favorite classes. To start off…the computer was so slow that the internet did not want to work. So I had to improvise. But what was the best before that was the fact my co2 had no idea what lesson we were on despite keeping a calander within her reach.

The class honestly wasn’t that bad but these particular set of students have a few students who fit the lazy, bratty type very well.

One of my students who I found out last week in fact can read and write English well, but can’t speak it, refused to do his worksheet.

I knew some of the kids weren’t doing their work again so I again chose to check their work before they left. The one student stayed behind and had to do it during his break time. I’m hoping he realizes he can leave with everyone else if he does his work. It’s not like I’m making him speak, something that he has a lot of trouble with. I know he can do written work. He just doesn’t like to do it.

Next week I’m really going to start enforcing the “show me your work” before you leave. I tried the “if you all do it you all get a point, but if some people don’t do their work no one gets a point” and I think for a smaller class that would work. But I have too many students not doing it that the others can’t convince them. So I ‘single’ them out. I don’t think it’s a necesarily negative way either. I’m not making fun of them, I’m not belittleing them. I’m simply making them stay behind. Some might find this harsh or that they will be made fun of by their peers.

But I don’t think so. I  think it shows the student the outcome of the choice they had (either do it now, or stay after later) without humiliating them.

Anyway today is Friday and thank god it is because I can’t take anymore of work. Usually I am someone who likes to see my kids and miss them on the weekends. But But this week I’ve been deprived of my favorite classes and stuck with nightmare students instead.


So moving on to movies and tv shows:

As I mentioned above I’ve been watching a lot of Rizzoli and Isles lately so I have not had the chance to really to watch anything new.

I have plans to start Descendents of the Sun soon. (it’s a kdrama). And seeing as I’ve already reviewed Rizzoli and Isles…and I haven’t been to the movies in a while so ….


Well I did see that Disney Channel is going to air 100 of their DCOM (old lingo for Disney Channel Original Movie) soon. Now I really loved the older DCOM’s. Cadet Kelly, Wendy Wu, Motocross, Model Behavoior, Buffalo Dreams…but I kind of feel like after High School Musical came out…the quality content went down. Or I just got older. But I think…the content really became …vanilla.


I mean who remembers how great of a movie “Color of Friendship” was. It was based on the real story of how a white south african girl came to the usa during the apartied and stayed with a black american family. The movie was so well done and not afraid to tackle the issue.

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior can be seen as stereotypical “Asian”. But I wouldn’t say it is. The main characters are all Asian. You have your Asian Americans who have no accent and are apart of the American cultural life and want nothing to do with their heritage. You have the “new” FOB guy with the accent and you have the parents who are kind of caught in the middle. What I really love about this movie is that there isn’t a need for a “white person” to be the central character surrounded by Asians (Last Samurai). It’s a movie with a predomietly Asian cast that yes has the Chinese component but it also has modern American teenage life. It showed that Asians can be cast and carry and entire movie .


Where Wendy Wu really showed that Asian Americans can be cast as leads without needing a white central character, Buffalo Dreams kind of failed. Though the movie at times becomes I think a little stereotypical, it does portray Native Americans in a more modern light. I mean it’s one of my favorite if not favorite DCOM movie and  I am very aware of it’s flaws but it felt fresh and different. And wasn’t afraid to touch on the subject of people not respecting Native Americans traditions, lands and  over all being.

Then of course we all love Motocross and Cadet kelly not for their outstanding meaningful message, but because they are just damn good movies.

I know a lot of late 90’s early 2000’s kids will be watching this marathon AKA a lot of my friends back in the states. Hope they enjoy it for me!

PS I caved. Yes I do like Dynamite by VIXX…I should have just trusted them. I think I was so disappointed because of what I thought was going to happen and when it didn’t it was such a big let down. Also the MV wasn’t super impressive and I don’t like blonde Ken . But yes I dig the song.



You Drive Me Crazy, I just can’t teach


By now you’ve heard it all about my co2. She won’t discpline the kids and tells my other co1 that I shouldn’t either. Then when she realizes the kids are out of control, tries to enforce weak rules that the kids again don’t listen to and gives up. Leaving me with a group of 30 students who talk through my entire lesson.

Well today I had to play “bad teacher” because the kids were unbelieveably noisy. We spent 15 minutes on a section that should have only take about 5. Why?

Because my  co2 has this habit where she likes to wander around the room and help students with trivial problems. Like my one student who fakes sick every class. Or my lazy student who doesn’t do his work. Instead of helping the students that really need it or helping me keep them somewhat quiet (I know silence is not an option) she is worried about getting tissues for one student.

Or when I’m trying to explain something she answer a question unrelated and starts having a conversation in front of me with the student in Korean.

How unaware can you be?

She taught these kids last year and I don’t think going up one grade is going to make much of a difference. If the kids were loud and unruly last year because of her, being with her again isn’t going to help.

Today the students didn’t want to do their work. I told them at the beginning of the year if they didn’t want to do their work during the class they could stay after and do it during their break.

Well I had to reenforce that rule today. Some students couldn’t do it so I helped them finish it. Others just didn’t feel like it and refused to do it during class. Others couldn’t hear the instructions of what I was telling the class to do because there was too much talking.

I don’t know why my co2 thinks it’s ok for the kids to be talking when I’m giving directions. It’s simple directions “Do part a”. And I’m not even asking for silence I’m asking that the majority can hear me at least. But none of them could because of how loud it was-then they ask “what am I supposed to do?” a thousand times because they were talking or couldn’t hear .

In my world I wouldn’t tell them to teach them how to listen…but my co2 of course repeats it in English and then in Korean.

In easiest terms, I wish my co2 would grow a fucking backbone! Don’t be afraid of the kids not liking you. Don’t be afraid of the kids complaining to their parents. Be an adult and a teacher-document if you must but do what you need to do to help educate these children. You’re not benefiting anyone by simply ‘being their friend’ and not instilling classroom manners, education and proper behavior. So what if they don’t use it outside of the classroom-they will use it in your classroom.


I know today is supposed to be lesson planning day: but I will offer a little different spin.

  1. Set the rules you want at the beginning of the year. No matter how “strict” they might seem.
  2. It’s easier to ease up on rules than try to enforce them later as shown by my co2. It won’t work and it’s not fair to them. They have been getting away with something so far-so why all of a sudden does the teacher try to enforce a rule?
  3. Follow through. It shows the kids you are serious about the rules.
  4. Don’t be afraid to hand out consequences. Yes you want to inspire the children but you aren’t their friend. You are their teacher.
  5. Get to know your students. That way you can tell who is not doing work because they can’t and you can help them, or who is not doing work because they don’t want to or think they don’t have to…and hand out consequence accordingly.
  6. Find appropriate solutions. Don’t just hand out detentions or write home to mother’s as the first punishment. Show the levels of degrees of discipline so the children know what will happen
  7. They are children. So there is bound to be noise. I don’t mind a little noise here or there or asking them to be quiet a few times. But it’s when the chidlren become unruly and unresponsive that it becomes a problem.
  8. If you need to change a rule here or there tell them. Don’t just spring it on them. My co2 decided to spring a test on the kids because they were too loud…yeah that’s not going to work.
  9. Find activities that keep them occupied. Sadly for me moving around activities tend to cause chaos whereas worksheets keep them quiet and calm.
  10. Show them what they missed out on. When one of my classes didn’t want to do the warm up, I showed them a few seconds of what they missed. They were very sad about it and wanted to do it the next class.
  11. Don’t be concerned with things that can be taken care of after class or during another activity where the kids are on their own. My co2 does this all the time-and it drives me absolutely crazy and wastes so much time.

That’s it for now. Nothing too extaordinry but simple.


Dynamite? Not quite


So before I dive into VIxx (you know what’s coming) I’ll dive into everything else.

So I adjusted my pillows last night which I think has improved my sleeping and my neck .

I slept a lot better than the past two nights but not as good as I usually do.

As for finally meeting my 5-3 class for the first time in two weeks…well I kind of knew what to expect.

Per usual…they were …loud.

And I guess my co2 finally decided she didn’t want the students disrespecting her like they have been for the entire year so far.

The sad thing is when she tries to enforce them they kids don’t really care because she doesn’t ever give out consequences.

And when she does try to…it’s very awkward and the kids just make fun of her. She also seems to struggle with what to do.

For example if its time to clean up an activity and I’m collecting markers, then maybe you should collect the white boards…not also collect the markers. I really think she just believes the techniques she used for 3rd and 4th grades last year would work . And they don’t .

The only good news: some of my more shy students are now speaking louder and willing to stand up and answer questions in class (though I have to call on them first )


Now moving on to …. Music Wednesday


VIXX’s comeback.

So to begin, I know this is a “triology” so to speak that will be finished by next year. Or something like that.

So when they releaased the trailer it was for the entire concept not just this  comeback.

Let’s start with the initial art concept film and teasers. It felt like this was going to be a heavy and slightly darker feel. It had a really awesome sound to it and looked great.

And then…the pictures dropped. And it was bright and Leo had freckles (…just no) and Ken was blonde…and then the song dropped.

It was upbeat, fun a little Shinee like. And the MV reminded me of Love me Right by EXO as well.

Now I love upbeat VIXX. I actually prefer it. So I’m not disappointed that they chose to do a bright upbeat song. I’m just slightly put off that they tease this darker concept and then completely change what actually comes out.

The MV is also really trippy. I actually think it deters from the song. When I watched the live show version I found the song more enjoyable as oppose to the actual MV itself which was just…meh.

Of course every VIXX song isn’t going to be a favorite and this one clearly won’t be one of mine. But it’s not as bad as I originally thought while still I think less impressive than what everyone is saying.

There are cool moments and the lines are divided up better than what used to happen. But Ravi’s rap for me just kind of felt like it was just there like-normal, nothing speical or new. Overall it’s not want I expected from VIXX. I get they need to change and evolve and grow….so I will try to listen more and not be as disappointed as I am.

On another note….VIXX fans and BTS fans are fighting! Starlights have always been calm and sweet so to see the two fandoms fighting is shocking. BTS fans say VIXX  stole the triology concept and VIXX fans are mad that BTS randomly dropped their MV the same night VIXX did when BTS comeback isn’t for another two weeks.

I can understand both sides. The multiple part concept though has been around for a while and many groups are doing it now it seems. But BTS fans might feel that it was something special to them.

I also understand the VIXX side because at first I was kind of like “why did they release their MV at the same time as VIXX comeback?” It felt a little off and fishy and some people claim that BTS agency is doing it to prevent any momentum gathering for VIXX. Like yes they could have picked a better time to drop the MV honestly but BTS does release crap out of nowhere and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Besides, I actually think Eunji had the best song out of any of the recent comebacks. Her album is really good and feels sweet and her voice is insane!

Not to mention 17, UNIQ, TWICE, LOVELYZ and others are about to drop their new stuff as well.

Let’s just hope fans don’t act cray and ruin it for the rest of us.



I’m an insomniac, insomniac!


I don’t know if I’ve been so tired I haven’t been able to fall asleep or budget stress or what but I have not slept well in the past two days. In the last 42 hours I’ve slept maybe a collective of 10 1/2 hours.

And my headaches are back too -_-

In short the past two days have been very challenging for me. Luckily one of my classes went on a field trip today and I teach only one class on Wednesday and Thursday.

To those who suggest I take a nap…I tried yesterday and failed miserably.

I mean yes it was my fault for wanting to stay up to watch VIXX’s new MV (Which by the way did NOT air on the date it said it would, rather it will debut tonight at 12….screw you Jellyfish).

But even so it has been a struggle the past few days.

Combined with the return of my neck tension headaches and a loss of a dinner appetite Monday and today haven’t been too kind to me.

Now onto Tuesday’s topic:Modern Life Issues.

Now I’ve already covered abortion which is a hot topic of debate with Alabama trying to pass a bill that makes abortion illegal under ANY circumstance to include rape and mother’s health. so I won’t address the pure ludicrousness of that.

But I wanted to talk about another issue that is prevalent in Alabama: racism

This is a huge issue that has been brewing in America for the past few years in a way it didn’t when I was growing up.

Now we all know America has it’s major history snafoo’s of racism: slavery (duh), internment camps (duh) and now terrorists (…..).

But what doesn’t seem to be happening is people willing to address it in a healthy manner.

Now you might be thinking if this is such an issue why all of a sudden do I want to talk about it?

Well I am going to specifically address racism in movies/TV or what people call white washing.

Well on my way to Seoul this weekend I stumbled across an article that says Scarlett Johansson is going to be a Japanese manga character. Yes, white Scar Jo.

Did the media learn nothing from casting Emma Stone as a half chinese girl in Aloha?

There are so many things aggravating about it where do I even begin?

Let’s start with the fact that they are casting 100% white people to play people of different colors.

In the case of Aloha Emma Stone’s last name was even Chinese.

Yes I understand that people with specific race features can have completely different names. I am a prime example.

But then again, asian features dominate over white features so….why is a basica white girl (sorry Emma Stone I actaully really like you!) playing someone who is supposed to look half asian?

So we have terrible casting in this case because Emma Stone brings in revenue with her name along with other non Hawaiian actors.

Ok so let’s move on to the topic of bringing in revenue. In the case of “Exodus (I grew up in a Catholic school knowing all about both parts of the bible and yet all I think of now is EXO…..kpop you destroyed my life) the movie about Moses …you know the Egyptian who led the Hebrews out of slavery, well he was played by Christian Bale. And his Egyptian adopted brother…a very white Australian. Now I know that Egypt is one of the African countries that has people with lighter color skin…ok.

But I’m pretty sure Christian Bale isn’t Jewish nor was any Egyptian THAT white. Once again the names are the big draw here ….except that the guy playing Ramses isn’t a big name. Now I know his name and can name a few movies he’s been in because I’m a freak, but that’s beside the point.

Shall I continue?

What about when movies try to make white people look like a different race? In the case of Scar Jo’s new movie Ghost in the Shell , there were attempts made to make the actors look Asian. Where do I start with this?

1. It’s a F**king insult that you think with black hair dye, contacts, and eye crap that you can make someone look Asian? Does that mean if I get major double eye lids, a big nose, dye my hair blonde that I can look like a white person? Black face was a disgusting rendition of this . That if you paint your face and make your lips huge, you’re suddenly “black”? Here’s the answer, no it doesn’t. Even while it’s not as drastic as that…can someone please explain to me how Angelina Jolie qualifies as an Afro-Cuban ?????

You haven’t had to live your life labelled as an “asian” or receive all the negative stereotypes that go along with it.  You’re just playing dress up with someone else’s race. And it’s not cool.

2. CAST AN ASIAN ACTOR! I’m sure  any director could find one in L.A. That speak the “English” you want as well. Some movies (while still having the white person as the central character ) have had casts with talented Asian actors.  Sure Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu don’t have the pull they used to but the white washing of Hollywood has really made it impossible to even find a new one. I mean I could name a few actors that I think could fit the role. Because Asian actors are stereotyped into roles , it severely limits the options. Do you take a racist side kick role….or do you not advance in Hollywood? Catch 22.

Which brings us to another issue-if all girls like myself see in movie are white women and white men…we don’t feel a connection to any…or even worse just start to think we should be white.

My BFF who I know is not racist just can be oblivious once said to me “I identify with Bella” (this was over Twilight characters….yeah we were in college in the mid 2000’s don’t judge). And when I said I didn’t ….I identified more with one of the Native American girls, she was shocked. And I simply answered “I’m not white.”

Growing up Lucy Liu was pretty popular. But she was one person. And Chinese American at that (not that I’m racist against Chinese people despite living in korea for a year). Shocking I know but just because someone kinda looks like you doesn’t mean too much. Now a days….there really isn’t anyone. Sure there is the girl in Teen Wolf and the guy from the Maze Runner but on average….the Asian/Asian American community is severely underrepresented especially in non racist or “cultural roles”. So where are these young girls supposed to look for?

But let’s suppose that some movies recognize that times are changing. Like Star Wars. Sure at the heart of the first 6 movies was a white dude. But there have been representation albeit small, of POC in non stereotyped roles. Landu and Mace Windu weren’t “black”….they just were. Bail Oranga wasn’t “Latino”…he was just himself.

So it was really cool to see a female lead with a black male as her …..friend? I wouldn’t call him a sidekick because Finn is more than that. And then there is Poe who is latino.

Finn was easily the most identifiable character. Someone who can from a bad background and didn’t question things until they grew up. Decided they wanted out  and maybe was a little selfish about it…and didn’t really understand what they could do or be. And it wasn’t because he was ‘black’.

But then there are idiost who think this is an attack on white people. It’s “reverse racism”. OMG that term irks me to no end. It’s not reverse…it’s just racism. And Racism can happen to white people just as much as it can happen to anyone. Racism at the root of the word is “race”….not “white”. But by using that in the way that some white people use it it becomes it.

Like white is the majority so racism just means “white people who hate other races”….which it’s not. Sorry to quote (someone…i don’t remember don’t kill me!) “asians aren’t a minority….there are literally billions of us.” Whites don’t hold power over the word and then can use it to say “reverse racism”.  It’s not reverse…it’s just racism. And by the way….what you’re experiencing is not racism…you’re experiencing not feeling like your a majority which…sorry welcome to every “minority”‘s  world.

What I love about star wars is that it lives out of race and while it could do more and have more diversity, it did a good job addressing the “issue” of a black man taking on a traditionally white role.

And that might be the entire problem. A “traditionally white role” like Fantastic 4. Yes in some cases, namely historic events, some roles might need to be based on color but these modern movies should be full of color. I won’t say color blind because it’s stupid ” not to see color”. It’s obvious..and to push it under the rug and act like a person isn’t racist just because they don’t see race (which unless you are in fact blind everyone does)  is kind of the root of the problem in America.

I’m not going to tackle that because ….that is a whole other issue .

So for now…that’s it.

Tomorrow is music wednesday and if VIXX is done trolling and put out their damn MV and song then I will review it. I will admit I’m not too excied about this comeback as I had been. Turns out all the dark concepts were for the overall album (it’s a 3 set piece) and this first part is a bright and funky sound…that sounds way too close to SHINee “queen of new york”. I’m all for bright and happy VIXX but there is a reason Im not a SHINEE Shawol…their music is something I don’t overly care for. I have a few of their songs and their ODD album.

Also…the hair colors and styling….yeah no. So hopefully I won’t be disappointed .