Take me out to the ball game


So I did it. I bought MLB TV.

There are many things about Baltimore in Summer that sucks.

It’s hot.

It’s humid.


It sucks.

Yep that’s about it.

But there are those small things that make summer in Baltimore the best.

Baseball season.

Longer sun hours (I know this is true around the world)

Escape to the beach or mountains.

Baseball season…at OPACY.

It was strange last year for me to miss watching opening season. It was even harder to not watch one single game. I feel very disconnected from my team which wasn’t a good feeling. I was very unfamilar with the roster and was pretty much in the dark the entire year.

For someone who has the Baltimore “O” logo tattooed on her ankle, this was not something to be proud of.

Being away from Baltimore in the summer is hard. Thankfully summer in Seoul (IMO) is great in it’s own way, but there’s no doubt that I miss GOOD baseball. (I’ve watched Korean baseball…it was like watching single A ball…if single A ball was so stoned it couldn’t catch a ball in LF).

So now with opening day looming I need to catch up on the roster and famailarize myself with the team.

To some this fandom might seem strange or different than what you would assum I’m into. Yes I love KPOP. I love everything about it (side note I feel for you Kair fans, I really do). I’ve always loved music.

There have always been two “loves of my life” growing up and it kind of went in phases-sometimes one at a time or at the same time. It’s like walking a fine line between being a normal fan girl and being a crazy sports fan.

I grew up on two things: sports and music.

I love getting dressed up for musicals and having a lovely night downtown with a fabulous dinner prior.

I also love getting dressed up in my jersey, painting my face and making 10 year old Red Sox fans cry.

Some people I’ve talked to see this as cnfusing-like one side isn’t being true to the other.

Why can’t I be a fan girl who screams at EXO, a lover of classical music in a musica hall, and a loud beer drinking fan who screams along with chants?

Interestingly enough I made a comparison to KPOP and sports that my one friend didn’t understand.

She’s not a sports fan so she didn’t see an issue when BTS fans brought their lightsticks to an Ikon concert. It would be like a Yankee’s fan decked out in gear at a Red Sox home game.

When I tried to explain it to her she simply said “we all love kpop-we are all here for music.” No way could a Yankee fan explain it like that “we all love baseball.”

You’re either looking for trouble, or you’re stupid.

Yes there is always that random person who wear a white sox shirt (seriously, there always seemed to be a person wearing a white sox shirt whenever I watched a game)but with rivals, long time bad blood or popular teams, you know what you are doing.

And with the hype of Ikon and the surging popularity of BTS…not to mention new immature fans on either side (sorry older army-i know you guys are normal and great I’m talking new young immature fans who have smeared your good name) it’s clear these two groups are in “competition”.

Sure when you say it like that. But these groups in a way are competing. You can’t say they aren’t. I mean they even have music shows where groups compete for “wins”. You can’t say that your group is amazing and is “slaying” because they keep wining but say it’s not a competition. Sure friendly competition but competition none the less.

Back to my original point: I miss the sports fan side of me that has had 1 chance of showing itself since coming to Korea. I’m looking forward to having it back!

Anyway moving on.

Today was a sad day. My new cleaning crew had their last day today. They were some of my favorite kids. I loved watching them become more comfortable with me (especially little Min Kyung). But I brought strawberries in today because I forgot I won’t be home this weekend and I bought them last night.

Today was also a happy day.

I saw my “starlight student” Edward briefly. The last years fifth graders are HUGE. I saw another student day and he seemed to be so tall. It makes me wonder how big this years kids will end up being because they are so small.

It’s also April Fool’s day.

I’m not big on playing jokes (though lying to people can be fun). However I became really into April Fool’s jokes one year and have always been.

S has typically bee the victim of my pranks but this year sadly she didn’t buy it. Maybe its the clean China air that made her think better (not). But that didn’t stop be victimizing my other friends including my Co Teacher.

I told her that I was quitting and was going to quit. She was very confused but then started smiling.

She said I said I was unhappy but I started to smile.

That’s why text is so much easier. No emtions.

Now this week has been for the most part better. The weather is really making the kids happier.

But my morning class…a little rough. As usual the kids weren’t able to answer the questions they needed to-and by watching my co teacher interact with them it’s easy to see why.

They also were very loud and many times completely ignoring me or the lesson. Their level isn’t too high but the students who do have high levels are the only ones who will answer. It’s a daily struggle but hopefully the will become even more comfortable with me and my co teacher can say something more effective that “don’t do that”. (seriously, if I hadn’t said anything, she wouldn’t have said anything at all. FRUSTRATING!)

But today’s topic: Movies and TV Shows

Due to the situation where I will be desk warming for the next 2 hours and 40 minutes and have my lessons planned for the next two weeks, I’ve decided to tackle a heavy hitter AKA one of my favorite shows that will take time that I have.

Modern Family:


Oh where do I even begin with this.

Without a doubt, my favorite show of all time.

1st memory: seeing promos for it but not really interested (I wanted to get into Parenthood but that failed miserably when I realized it wasn’t what I wanted and in fact modern family was what I was looking for)

2nd memory: contracting the flu (thankfully not swine flu which was going around at the same time) and having my mom come to my apartment to take care of me while I lay in bed dying. she borrowed my computer and watched the “dance dance revelation” episode in season 2-i briefly remember this during my non delirious moments.

3rd memory: wandering around Target (how I miss you) and seeing season 1 on sale for 15$…and buying it on impluse.

4th memory: marathroning the entire first season in my apartment with S.

5th memory: obsession.

Where to begin?

Let’s start with the characters:


Now being away from your family is hard…however it’s less hard when you can watch Modern Family and basically see your dad being portrayed. It’s scary at times how similar my dad is to Jay Pritchett. The grumpiness, bad jokes, conservative side slightly changing to more liberal ideas -basically my dad is Jay in real life.

Jay also happens to be the reason why my dad started watching Modern Family at all.

Gloria is the best. That’s it really. Beautiful, funny, smart. And though I can’t really speak for the Latin commnuity, it’s awesome that she keeps her Latin roots, while not being portrayed as the stereotypical “maid”. Even though she could be shown off as a trophy wife, especially in the later seasons, she isn’t one. You can tell the two of them really love each other while also having an great relationship with Manny.

I like Manny because he’s different than the other kids. He’s more mature and into more mature things like musicals, and formal dressing. As an only child I felt relateable to Manny. You have to mature at a faster pace as an only child because you have no siblings to hang out with at events or when your parent’s friends come to visit. You become way more comfortable around adults than other children.

This family has everything that would be considered “modern”. Race, age, divorce, solo child. While these things come up in conversation often it’s no the main focus of the family. I think that’s what makes it cool.


The “normal” family which is anything but. Claire is a housewife initially but she clearly is in charge. She’s in control and everyone knows it. Including her husband Phil (perfect future husband!).

What’s really interesting about this unit is on paper, they are the perfect family. But there are a lot of things you see after watching a few episodes.

Claire seemingly is the housewife who does nothing and is a doting wife. In reality, she is the mom we all know. The one who nags her husband, runs the house, keeps the ship from sinking. She makes all the decisions, she really runs her husband. It’s kind of the modern mom we know…or at least I do. My mom nags the hell out of my dad and me and makes all the decision in the house.

Phil is the breadwinner as a real estate agent. But even when he’s working he’s a giant kid. He is submissive to his wife and is more comfortable goofing with his kids than doing anything else. Yes Claire is in charge of domestic like and Phil occasionally can do Mr Fix It Work, but the exchange of power is what really  is entertaining.

The three kids: popular dumb one, unsociable smart one, and the burn out. Watching them grow up and evolve is actually really cool.


No doubt everyone’s favorite family and maybe the most “modern” family. But once you get to watch the show more, the characters really start to show their reality.Mitchell would seem like the “husband” being the breadwinner and feeling more like the man….until you realize he freaks out over birds, hates sports and use to figure skate.

Cam would seem the natural choice for the “wife” as the stay at home parents. But he was a football player in college, isn’t afraid to confront what they think is a home invasion, and grew up on a farm.

The roles between them switch often and just when you think you have them in set roles of the typical family, they switch it up.

I think this shows us that a family isn’t about having set roles. Though the show uses this gay couple to show that, it’s more that their personalities and likes/dislikes show us better.

No to mention they have an adopted Vietnamese (in reality she’s actually Korean)daughter. So I felt another connection with Lily. Growing up with a family that didn’t look like me and no siblings can be hard.

I could go on and on about how much I love this show and why.

My mom always says she knows what show I’m watching (it’s one of two shows) because I actually will laugh out loud. It’s Modern family (or the office which is less now that the reruns on aren’t as much).

So with this season about to come to an end relatively soon, it’s a great time to catch up on the past 7 seasons.

I know the day will come when the show will end, and that will be a day that i cry. But until them let’s enjoy this masterpiece of a show together shall we?

This weekend I have block b concert! While I am excited and I know I will enjoy myself I’m not loving their comeback (see wednesdays post) and have been out of touch with them for so long that I’m having a hard time becoming excited about it.

As for the for which phone did I buy…well I actually went with the iphone6 128g  in gold. So ….I am now a proud owner of an iphone. *nervous!*





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