A Few (more than a few )Months later…


What a weekend.


It wasn’t supposed to be as of a busy weekend as it turned out to be.

Just a concert and rehereseal the following day.

Well I guess the insanity started friday night.

I left 50$ worth of makeup/skincare on the bus….I wanted to die.

So I had to go and rebuy that all the following day.

Saturday I went up to Seoul early to check into my guesthouse.

I stayed at the KPOPSTAY guesthouse.

Unlike other guesthouses where you are given a “bunk” (litearlly) this one has something called “pods” where you can kind of close it off and it feels like your own space. It was kind of cool and nice. The only down side was the breakfast in the morning was limited and it was very busy so the lady in charge of giving rooms seem to be unorganized and confused.

It wasn’t as good as TAG but it was very easy to find and had nice facilities.

I went with my friend to Yeouido 여의도 and we saw the Cherry Blossoms (벚꽃). The festival starts today actually and will run until the  10th. They weren’t all in bloom yt but I did get to see enough of them to have a good time. The magnolia trees were in full bloom though and were so beautiful. I might go up early on Saturday before rehersal to take a look at the cherry blossoms but I have a feeling it’s going to be really packed.

After that my friend and I went to Myeongdong so I could replace some of the stuff I had left on the bus the previous day.

It is starting to become that kind of weather again in Korea…so thankfully the Nature Republic lady was giving out fans! Got my D.O. fan!

After shopping around for a bit we headed over to Olympic Park. Sadly we arrived after most of the fan events were finished but we did happen to run into a few and got several stickers and a free Japanese album. Then we wandered around, picked out some merch and talked with a very nice lady.

She was there with her daughter. Her daughter clearly of that age where she was too embarrsed to be seen with her mother-especially when her mother is using her English skills.

I remember that age when anything my mother did was embarrassing especially when she tried to speak Spanish. But now that I’m older I really don’t become embarssed about things like that anymore. ]

The lady’s English was very impressive and she said she enjoyed speaking with foreigners. Korea is really interesting in the way that once they realize you can’t speak Korean they will break out all the stops (for the most part, this applies mostly to the younger generation) to speak English with you.

Then we went in for the Block B concert….WOW!

It’s been more than a few more months since their last comeback…or anything really. And with the way the KPOP industry has been with the past year, comebacks need to be coming out three times a year at least to stay relevant.

But Block B has a different feel because they grew up a lot in the last year-physically, mentally, musically. And with Zico’s popularity …it’s no joke.

The amount of BOYS/MEN …..it was insane. There were men there with their girlfriends but a lot of the guys came with either a group of friends (mixed) or just other male friends…I saw this like 5 times at least. A few times my friend said they looked like trainees.  And it turned out that a few idols went as well including Hansol from Toppdogg (I was told because I know next to nothing about them).

So my mind has been consumed by EXO fo the past few weeks but I forgot how much I loved Block B.

The concert was more relaxed, casual in a way than EXO but it fit them. They all looked much more grown up and the concept felt more mature. I was so glad to have them perform so many songs including my favorite “Tell Them”.

It was very different than the time I saw their showcase in Washington D.C. because it was their hometown. They could freely speak and of course act like the idiots they are known to be.

Park Kyung performed his song with Jaehyo dressed as a girl. Zico performed one of his solo songs with the members coming out dressed in his old clothes.

It felt like a comfortable concert-it wasn’t the insane hype that EXO had nor was the level of screaming the same, but it was great in it’s own way. It made me go back to the time that I first got into Block B.

I’m strange and I associate my favorite groups with seasons. For instance Big BAng will always be winter because that’s the season that I fell in love with them and listented to them all through the winter. Block B was next starting spring and going through until late summer…so it’s about the same time of year that I first fell in love with Block B.

It’s a nice memory. Because it’s not just about the groups or the music even-it’s about the memories associated with those moments.

I remember getting into running outside at Centenniel Park with my friend while listening to Block B. I remember going to the Howard County Korean Festival alone and overcoming the shyness to do so while being a fan of Beast. I remember geting so nervous about where my life was headed and then found out I was going to Korea while loving BTOB. And I of course remember feeling so lost and scared but finding VIXX and realizing that things were going to be okay and work out here.

So it’s about a collection of memories for me, not to mention the added benefits of improving my listening and translation skills. Granted music won’t always give you proper pronounciation or grammar, but it’s a great tool.

So that was a weekend-exciting concert followed by choir rehersal resuming on Sunday. I have an intensive rehersal on Saturday! And then it will only be one more month of rehersal. It makes me sad-I got used to the traveling and time needed and required…and because I won’t be apart of the spring musical, I will need to find something else to fullfill my time and love of music.

To wrap things up, today’s classes were good.

My favorite class 5-4 was very interesting.

With the weather being so nice they were a little hyper and wouldn’t stop talking. So we had to stop a lot to calm them down and ask them to pay attention. I had a particular set of 4  in the back with limited English skills who did not want to stop talking. It wasn’t until I asked two of the girls to write their answers on the board that they started to pay attention. I guess they assumed I wouldn’t give them attention because their English was low. But once I showed them that I would call on them and would help them if needed, the realized they should work in my class and ask for help instead of goofing off. It was a nice feeling.

Another surprise was that one of my shiest students 예진 actually participated today. Today I sought out some of the lower level students and shy students. 예진 reminds me of myself-so embarssed that she was turning red and could barely speak. I so far had assumed she never knew the answer because she never spoke-that her English was just so poor.

Turns out her English, isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than I originally assumed. She does need extra help and time but she wants to learn and is willing to work.

I guess the kids are finally starting to warm up to me. Some took to me right away, others took some time…..some… I’m not quite sure even.

But with the open class coming up in two weeks we shall see.

I hope this week goes by fast like last week. I don’t mind work but I forgo how much I value my rest.


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