Here, There, Everywhere


So I forgot about the post yesterday because I was trying to get some new lesson planning done.

Yesterday’s class wound up being quiet difficult. The class has some of the lowest level students and it’s extremely frustrating because it’s split between high level and low level.

My co teacher doesn’t seem too worried about it, but I think if they kids can’t even copy down a simple sentence that I put in front of them (literally copy it word for word) there’s an issue.

This goes back to the idea that English here is not treated as a real subject. When I was learning Spanish or French, that class was required. If I couldn’t pass that class, it was like any other subject. Summer school, after school tutoring, bad grades, extra work etc. But here the teachers just pass on the kids-so now 5th graders who should be able to do basic stuff can’t even do that.

It frustrates me to no end because these kids are so far behind that these lessons aren’t doing anything for them. They aren’t learning anything and they aren’t going to unless they get some serious help. Whoever thought it was a good idea just to pass these kids on so they wouldn’t need to deal with them made a big mistake.

That being said, let’s move on to what Thursday’s post should have been…Lesson Planning.

So a lot of the time the kids don’t want to dive right into  English off the bat. They want to talk or fool around for the first few minutes.

So I use warm ups to help them focus. And if they do a good job they get a reward like a sticker for the coupon book or we watch a funny video.

But sometimes you can combine the two.

Next lesson for me is on taste: sour, sweet, salty,spicy.

I would love to have a fun lesson with this but I have 8 classes of 30 students and that can be costly. I bought one Hershey Kiss for each student last year and it proved to be enjoyable but I just don’t have that kind of money.

So I decided this time, I would do a taste test.


-4 paper cups (not clear) Dixie cups

-soy sauce


-lemon juice


I will ask four students to come to the front of the classroom and choose a number between 1-4.

When the students are lined up, I will place the cups in front of them.

1 is filled with coke

1 is filled with soy sauce

1 is filled with water

1 is filled with lemon juice

I will tell the students on the count of three to “one shot” drink the liquid.

Afterwards, the students will show me their face and I will asked them “how is it?” T

They should answer with “It’s salty/sour/sweet/bland.”

Then I will ask “Do you want some more?”
They should answer” Yes please or No thanks.”

Easy warm up, hopefully will make the kids laugh a bit as well.


Since it is FRIDAY: Movies/TV Show

I haven’t been watching too much TV lately and the TV I have been watching acutally has been MLB.

So I’m going to discuss a little about how I got into baseball, why I like it and what it means to me.

A lot of people think girls being into sports means 1 of 2 things: 1. they are manly tomboys who can’t be feminine 2. they are girly girls who just pretend to like it to attract men.

I can tell you both of those statements are BS.

Yes I’m sure there are girls who are one or the other.

But for me and for my baseball loving friends, we are neither. We are people who love the game. We don’t painting our faces or getting a little rowdy at games. We also love to put on a pair of heels and go clubbing (well not me ). We also love to fangirl over KPOP groups.

It’s a small part of who I am. I keep my Orioles jerseys right under my hanging sundresses which are next to my workout leggings.

Of course I went to baseball games as a kid because my parents took me. I went for quite a while through elementary/middle school because our school did a fundrasier of some sort.

But I never grew interest until I was about 16.

I was bored one day and thought to myself that I would watch the O’s game. I thought it might be a conversation starter for my dad. Not that my dad and I aren’t close, but sometimes (when I was younger) I felt like I had no real connection over much.

From that moment, I got really into baseball. Of course I though Brian Roberts was cute and yes I watched at first because of him, but slowly that changed.

I soon was able to name all the teams in each league and which division they were in. I could name all the AL standings and most of the starting players as well. It was a big obsession.

It also allowed my dad and I to grow closer. I always would ask him questions about baseball and soon it became a family event-yes my sports hating mother even will sit and watch while she does her needle point.

Sadly being away from the team for two years has done a lot of damage.

This year I don’t know half of the team and only 2 starting pitchers. But it’s such a part of my summers that I hate being out of the loop which is why I bought myself MLB TV. I hope I can update myself on the roster for each team, and really take a look at the game again. Being away has shown me how much I really missed it.

And so far the O’s are doing great, sweeping Minnesota and at the top of the ALE-though I’m not an idiot-but at least I can be proud of them.

Remember, I got into baseball during the O’s horredous seasons. They didn’t win until 2012. I was a fan in 2006-I had to defend them all the time especially from nasty Nationals fans (UGH) or the newly revived Red Sox fans (calling OPACY southern Fenway is enough to make me make your 7 year old son cry) . I still think back to the 30-3 loss.

So when they had the magical season of 2012 and eventually won the AL EAST later on….it made me so proud.

I’m hoping this season will be better than last year. Joey Rickard seems to be the “new Manny” -bringing his young freshness to the team.

So that’s all for today!

Yes EXO’s anniversary is today! 4 years of EXO though I spent 3 1/2 years HATING them. But they’ve been through so much. 3 members leaving, dating controversy, insane fans, even more insane travel and schedules. As much as I want their comeback, I want them to rest even more. So thank you EXO for 4 amazing years (sorry I didn’t like you for 90% of them) and please take care of your health and happiness!




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