Let It Snow (cherry blossom petals)


Yes. It was snowing on the mid Atlantic coast this past weekend. I don’t how or why considering this is the same area that had the 80 degree weather as well a  few weeks ago.

Korea is not much better. It’s been all over the place. So I’ve had to bring out my winter coat again. But then the sun is so strong…followed by cold wind and shade….I give up.

As for my weekend…it was fun  an 8 hour rehersal that was a little tiring but I made it through.

I also went to the Cherry Blossom Festival On Yeouido!

It was one of the last days of the actual festival and though it was overcast I managed to get some nice pictures. They were so beautiful and the color was such a pretty color. I tried “cherry blossom” soda, my friend bought a cherry blossom hair pin (which I kept safe by wearing) and took so many pictures.

This year the Cherry Blossoms apparently came a little early. Though Yeouido isn’t the only place to see them, it was definetly  a great place to go.

Usually it’s national news so next year around early April or so you can start looking for information about it. It’s a free event but make sure you bring cash so you can look around at the booths.

You get off at the National Assembly Stop and go out of exit 6 and keep walking straight until you come across the main intersection. Then you turn right and continue walking. If you want, you can either turn around or keep walking straight and you will eventually make your way to the Yeouinaru Station.

I stocked up on some music as well -note I still have Block B’s Comeback (which dropped today!!!) and VIXX (which had a teaser that dropped today!!! kill me). I’m very glad I don’t follow that many other groups as some of my friends do.

And the first part of dream concert was announced today as well…which includes exo and vixx and mamamoo so…I guess I got to think about saving up for that.

Regarding my work (yes I do in fact have a job and I don’t just freak out over kpop) it will be a strange schuedule this week. We already have off Wednesday for election day (not president but other positions), Open class, and a bizarre 5th grade assembly that kind of messed up the timing.

My 5- 4 class was so hyped up today that I just went along with it and kind of let it happen.

We only had 30 minutes of class and at first while I thought we could get some stuff done…I soon realized that I would have to just roll with it.

I think this is something I learned from last year. Last year I might have tried to really forced them to focus and get their work done. But this year I realized that they were still hyper from their meeting, and just over all crazy, so we did as much as we could, and I let them kind of take their time as long as they did it.

Even though we barely got to the lesson, I just accepted that 30 minutes before lunch all the kids are going to be hyper anyway so I wound up just being loose with them.

I think last year me would be frustrated and worried about the kids not doing the lesson but this year I am more aware to their situation and factors about how or why they are acting certain ways.

I think I’ve matured as a teacher in this way. I wasn’t even upset or frustrated that much. I was more amused and had a good time joking with the kids. I did tell them they were acting crazy but it was in a joking way.

I also learned that a lot of my students have English names. One student, one of my favorites actually has the English name Andrew and he definitely looks like an Andrew.

5-4 class makes me look forward to Monday’s. I wish I could teach this class everyday.

And even though it’s not Music Wednesday where I will talk about Block B’s comeback single and the album itself, you guys should check out “Toy”-it feels a little different than “harsh” Block B but it’s a good different.




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